Lady Su’s Revenge
Chapter 616: What a Good Girl

“I am not kidding.”

The tiger-eyed old man gave a solemn look, “After this matter, I will discuss with you in detail.”

The tiger-eyed old man waved his sleeve, “Wenren Bi, you violate the sect’s discipline today. Since you are a first offender and did not have a murderous intention, you will be just expelled from the sect today!”

Elder Wenren was shocked when he heard this. He gave a complicated expression which contained remorse and delight. He opened his mouth but did not argue finally. Then he leaned over and kowtowed, “Thank you for giving me a way out, First Elder.”

“Su Qingshui, are you satisfied with this punishment?”

Su Li only said, “This is an internal matter of your sect. It’s none of my business. However, Elder Wenren, I have to tell you that being greedy is not wrong. But if you are not familiar with your opponent, you would better put away your bad thoughts so as not to flop.”

Wenren Bi sighed, “The wages of sin are death. I’ve learned this lesson.”

As he said, he took off the token from his waist with his trembling hands. Then he turned around and left.

Su Li raised her brows. Wenren Bi’s enlightenment had nothing on that of her. However, if there was one more dutiful person in the cultivation circle, it would be a good thing.

After that, Su Li followed the tiger-eyed elder to the sect, and he introduced himself to Su Li.

“I’m the First Elder of Fenglei Holy Sect. My surname is Zheng.”

In the hall, after the assistants served the drinks and left, the tiger-eyed old man who looked dignified gave a kind smile, “Originally, I didn’t want to intervene in the matters of the sect. However, the Lord’s injury has not healed for many years and he is unable to work too hard. If the Grand Elder doesn’t end his practice in isolation, I would have to take care of all the affairs of the sect including trivia.”

Elder Zheng looked at Su Li seriously, “Fellow Practitioner Su, can I take a look at your authenticating object?”

“Yes, of course. Elder Zheng, please check it out.”

Su Li nodded and threw the authenticating object out. Then it fell onto Elder Zheng’s palm by itself. She didn’t worry that Elder Zheng would snatch the authenticating object, because his cultivation was only in the peak of the nature’s test which was indeed enough for the First Elder of a holy sect. But with such low cultivation, it was impossible for him to snatch her thing.

Seeing the marks on both sides of the authenticating object, Elder Zheng calmed down and smiled, “The authenticating object is indeed made by our Ancestor Lei in person. Su Qingshui, do you know what it means to possess this authenticating object?”

Light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. She didn’t mention what the First Elder of Ling Family said, and said vaguely, “I only know that it is related to the Ancestral Thunder of your sect.”

“You are right.”

Elder Zheng looked at Su Li with a smile, “Ancestor Lei once passed down his instruction which is only known by me and the Lord of the sect, apart from the lineal Grand Elder. After the gap in the history of Qingshui Circle, if anyone can hold this authenticating object and come to our sect, we must cultivate the person without reservation and even pass the Ancestral Thunder of the sect on to the person!”

“I see!”

Su Li’s face changed slightly. She was faintly swayed by considerations of gains and losses. Although she had known it from the First Elder of Ling Family long time ago, but…in order to obtain the Ancestral Thunder easily, she had to put on an act.

Elder Zheng smiled broadly. Obviously, he was very satisfied with Su Li’s reaction.

“Don’t feel stressed. We have to abide by the instruction of Ancestor Lei, but our Fenglei Holy Sect is not pedantic. If the person who holds the authenticating object doesn’t deserve to be trained, we will take back the authenticating object and give the person another reward as compensation.”

Su Li looked seriously slightly and pondered for a moment. Then she asked, “What is the test?”

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“Hahaha, it seems that we don’t need to test your intelligence.”

Elder Zheng laughed out loud, and he became more and more satisfied with Su Li. Then he got up and walked outside the hall, “Follow me.”

Su Li narrowed her eyes slightly and followed.

“I will take you to the Testing Hall of the sect. As long as your temperament and talent can meet the minimum standard, you can meet the Grand Elder with me and we will hold the grand ceremony of the holy girl.”

Su Li frowned and said, “Does it take a long time? I don’t want to go in for ostentation and extravagance. I just want to improve my power.”

Elder Zheng stopped laughing and shook his head when he heard that, “Ordinary disciples don’t have a chance to get this kind of honor. But you don’t want to hold the grand ceremony of the holy girl. Okey, you can discuss with the Grand Elder about this matter after you pass the test. Now Qingshui Circle is in the troubled times. Our Fenglei Holy Sect don’t want to do something high-profile.”


Su Li responded and stopped speaking.

She was concerned about the threat of Fate Ancestor, and she didn’t want to waste every second. But…she still had the necessary patience to get the Divine Thunder.

Elder Zheng nodded slightly when he saw her reaction.

“The authenticating object has a spirit. Su Qingshui’s power is extraordinary. Although Wenren’s power is not strong, he is in Huashen Realm. However, Wei Qing said that Wenren Bi was subdued by one move of her. It is evident that she is much stronger.

Not arrogant or impetuous, she has a calm temperament, and it can be seen from the incident of Wenren that this girl does not look like a ruthless and unrighteous person.”

Thinking of this, he had already decided that as long as Su Qingshui’s talent was passable, he would definitely take her in the sect and regard her as his disciple.

Walls had ears, let alone there were more than 20 elders present at that time, and the news that Su Qingshui would take the test of joining the sect was rapidly spread.

At the Mount of Holy Boy—

Ban Qian was considering the options that Su Jiuzhou gave him in the room. Su Jiuzhou asked him to choose one side that day, but he didn’t understand what she meant at that time. Now he finally understood it.

Although he was a Great Holy Boy, he didn’t have the superb combat power and unparalleled talent. On the contrary, he was the weakest Great Holy Boy in the history of Fenglei Holy Sect!

He didn’t even know if he could maintain his position. How could he decide the camp of Fenglei Holy Sect? Fenglei Holy Sect had always been at odds with Fate Palace and there were a lot of friction between them. But no one ever thought about the head-on battle between those two sects.

If the war between Ni Sect and Fate Palace was launched, there would be…wholesale slaughter! Would the Lord and Grand Elders give up peaceful lives and shed blood and tears with Ni Sect?

He had no idea.

“Great Holy Boy, Great Holy Boy, there is important news!”


The door was knocked open suddenly, and a fat girl with braided hair wearing a maid’s costume broke in with a stick of sugar-coated haws in her hand.

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Ban Qian rubbed his temples and said with a wry smile, “Xiaoya, you are spoiled by me. Even if you know that I won’t be angry, you should at least show some respect for me, a Great Holy Boy!”

“Now, I don’t know if you can be the Great Holy Boy anymore! I have no time to think about it.”

The fat girl directly threw the stick of sugar-coated haws on Ban Qian’s table. She jumped on a low stool, standing on her tiptoes and pointing to Ben Qian’s nose,

“Hey! You are in big trouble! There is about to be an extra holy girl in the sect today, and that holy girl is enigmatic. She holds the ancient authenticating object, bearing down menacingly! I heard that the First Elder is taking her to the Testing Hall in person. I think after she passes the test, we have to move house.”

“A new holy girl?”

Ban Qian frowned, “What’s happening? What a seismic shift! Why didn’t I hear about that before?”

“I have no idea then.”

The fat girl climbed onto the futon next to her and sat down, “I am your little maid, and I can’t get much news. You always stay in the house. Don’t you want to go outside?”


Ban Qian stood up. When he stretched out his hand, the costume of Great Holy Boy on the hanger fell onto his hand automatically. He thought since Su Jiuzhou didn’t come to see him, he needed to check out what was happening in the sect.

When the fat girl saw him put on the robe of Great Holy Boy, she immediately braced herself up and stretched out her small fist, “That’s right! Great Holy Boy, cheer up!”

After speaking, she lay down again.

“You go alone. I’m going to sleep for a while.”

Ban Qian saw her sprawling on the futon and shook his head helplessly. Then he walked away.

“Nice to see you, Great Holy Boy!”

“Great Holy Boy…”

As Ban Qian went down the mount, the disciples who met him all saluted him, and Ban Gan nodded in response. It was one of the reasons why he was reluctant to go out.

Too troublesome.

“If that holy girl really wants to be charged with important tasks of the sect, I will give her my position. It is still good for me to be an ordinary disciple.”

As Ban Gan thought about it, he couldn’t help but recall the scene of scrambling for the position of the Great Holy Boy in those days.

At the beginning, he was only ranked third among several candidates. He didn’t want to contend for the position. The reason why he participated was that he didn’t want to shame his master.

But the first one and second one thought too much, and they intrigued against each other. Regardless of the sect’s discipline, they took the risk to secretly seize the Divine Thunder. Finally, the Grand Elder became furious at them after he discovered their secrets, and then he expelled them from the sect. Moreover, their masters were also involved in the case and were dispatched into the distance. They hadn’t returned to the sect so far.

Then he inexplicably became the Great Holy Boy.

“The weakest one in the sect’s history…”

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Light flashed through Ban Qian’s eyes. When he raised his head, he found that he had arrived at the Testing Hall.

At this moment, the Testing Hall was already overcrowded. Many junior holy boys and junior holy girls had come here, and the core disciples and elite disciples even encircled the entire Testing Hall.

“Great Holy Boy is here!”

Someone yelled. Su Li turned around and saw Ban Qian step into the hall. His face looked a lot more drawn than it was in the Tianjiao Battle.

“Su Qingshui, I suppose you know this thing. It’s the Bone Growth Testing Ring.”

Elder Zheng nodded to Ban Qian, and then took Su Li to a black stone which looked like a tree stump, “The increase of people’s age will be reflected on the bone age. This thing can roughly measure your age. A circle of the ring represents a hundred years. Your cultivation is in the Yuanying Realm. If there are less than 15 rings, you will be considered qualified.”

Light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. If it only showed one ring… Less than a hundred years old. It was easy to make people associate her with her another identity, Su Jiuzhou.

This was not in line with her original intention.

“Why doesn’t Su Qingshui move?”

“Could it be…she is very old? So, she doesn’t want to try?”

There were many discussions. Ban Qian looked at Su Li’s back. He felt that she was a familiar figure. But looking at her closely, he felt that she looked like no one.

“Recently, Su Jiuzhou has really made me delirious. I feel everyone looks like her.”

Ban Qian closed his eyes helplessly. He thought if he didn’t see her, he would be sober.

“Qingshui, why are you hesitating?”

Elder Zheng was also puzzled and couldn’t help asking.

“Elder Zheng, with all due respect, I haven’t seen this thing before, so…”

Su Li showed a look of embarrassment, delaying time. She was thinking quickly to seek a solution.

Elder Zheng suddenly realized something, “I see. You don’t have to worry about any traps. Although the Bone Growth Testing Ring is an ancient treasure, it is just a common curb that was popular in ancient times. If you are not at ease, I will even unlock its appearance for you.”


Su Li blinked, and the dark color appeared in her eyes. Sure enough, she saw the simple curb running under the black stone surface.

It was really simple.

She raised her head and smiled apologetically, “Elder Zheng, since you say that, it would be unreasonable if I don’t take the test.”

Then Su Li stepped forward and covered the ice-cold stone with her palm.

In an instant, countless ancient curb runes poured onto the stone surface from her palm…

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Behind her, Elder Zheng nodded with satisfaction.

What a good girl.

Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 616: What a Good Girl
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