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Last Wish System novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Alemillach. 644 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In a universe where the great experts can reincarnate, Yale Roanmad reincarnated with almost no memories of his past life and didn't know who he was.

Despite the problem with his memories, Yale had obtained a strange legacy from his own past life the Last Wish System.

Yale, who remembered the pain of dying, decided to turn strong to avoid suffering the same pain again. Moreover, he also decided to investigate his own past life to remember who he was.

However, he didn't know that a Mysterious Expert, who knew a lot about him and his past life, was looking at him from the shadows.
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This novel has been completed. I will still go back to edit old chapters whenever I have time. The prequel will be released soon!

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Latest Release: Chapter 644: Epilogue

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The description of places and worlds is too shallow but the plot is deep and subtle, I like it.
The ending was well thought, I didn't expect it. I hope there is a follow up related to visiting other multiverses.

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