Legend of the Great Sage

Legend of the Great Sage

Legend of the Great Saint

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Legend of the Great Sage novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Dream Teller. 637 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The paramount existences among daemons are known as ‘Great Sages’.

A young man leaves the mountain village and wanders the world, entering the legends step by step, becoming a part of mythology itself.

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  • Kelnichi23
    Feb 16, 2021

    By far the best novel that I've read(so far chapter 600) right next to reverend insanity. Everything is so detailed. The cultivation, world building, abilities, and even the characters are amazing. People keep saying the cultivation is slow, but it's just the amount of information we get is so overwhelming and not in a bad way. The best part is that because cultivation actually feels real, the MC's progress actually feels satisfying as he grows stronger. The translator is amazing so please go support him.

    • hamuzaluza
      Jan 27, 2021

      Yeah saw that, no comments but has 50,000+ views, not sure how they calculate that... Maybe only the bookmarked are the people who act read it, that means like a little over 100. Anyway, is this any good - don't want to read typical MC with cultivation.

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I would to say that the relationship with Xiao An and Li Qingshan is one of the main reason if not the main one and im not complaining, its really goddamn amazing

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This sight seems to be missing the last paragraph for tge first 60ish chapters (so far) and it's pppppppppppprrrrrrreeeeeettttttttyyyyyyy dumb

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