Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!
Chapter 241: Roy vs. Draconian Statue! (1/2)


Tevenlor's feet pressed against the floor with such force that it literally exploded, clouds of dust rising in the air, coloring it brown, and spider cobwebs-like cracks spreading towards Roy. He was planning something big. Roy could feel it.

"Here he comes," Roy smirked, looking at a barely discernible figure in the dusty clouds lunging forward like a beast.


The cracks haven't reached Roy when Tevenlor shot forth, waves of explosive aura gushing out of his feet, propelling him towards Roy at an incredible speed.

In the split of a second, he burst out of the cloud of dust and appeared next to Roy, who stood nonchalantly. Tevenlor's towering figure shadowed Roy, but it did nothing to earn a response from him, much less make him anxious. He was like an ancient and still lake. Nothing could cause ripples in his heart.

Tevenlor made his move before the spectator could blink his draconian eyes, clenching his left hand and swinging it at Roy with the force of the mountain.

Watching it close in on him, Roy's eyes narrowed, black electric lights crackling around them.

Just as it was about to connect with him, Roy vanished, disappearing into thin air.


Tevenlor's punch, meant for Roy, hit empty space with such force that the air shook, shockwaves thundering out.

"Huh?" Tevenlor was taken aback by the suddenness of his disappeared.

"Where did he vanish to?"

Roy had disappeared too suddenly before his eyes, making him so confused that he gawked.

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However, he was a skillful warrior, and he immediately composed himself, looking around in search of Roy.

His eyes swept across the chamber, scanning it.

"Mind Eye!"

Colorless Aura pulsated out of his chest, surging forward like a high rising wave, splashing on half the chamber.

It was like a piece of his body.

Thus, everything it touched was felt by him, and the shape of everything it covered was related back to him.

"There's a famous technique in the Thousand Great Worlds. It's known for being the best counter against assassins. With it, one can discover the positions of assassins shrouded in shadows easily. Unless your hiding skills are better than an assassin's, you would be forced to show yourself soon." Yulran Tragon excitedly swished his tail.

Even he himself didn't know where Roy had disappeared to, but he knew that a person couldn't escape the detection of Mind Eye if they didn't have a separate dimension to hide themselves in, and Roy was too weak to create a subspace that could house living beings.

Thus, he was certain that Tevenlor would discover Roy pretty soon now that he had used Mind Eye.

What he didn't know was that he was going to be proven wrong pretty soon!

The thing is, Roy was hiding in his own shadow.

And this shadow of his has snuck into Tevenlor's shadow, merging with it.

They couldn't be differentiated from one another.

To Tevenlor's senses, his shadow hasn't changed even a bit.

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But the ghost-like Roy was hiding in it, waiting for a chance to strike.

Even though he used his best detection skill, Tevenlor failed to find him. Thus, he couldn't help but praise Roy, "He's pretty good at hiding. I can't even sense him with my third eye. If he becomes an assassin, he would be the nightmare of his targets!"

Tevenlor wasn't wrong. Roy's hiding skill was top-notch, better than Gold-ranked assassins. Even platinum-ranked assassins might not hold a candle to him. He could easily assassinate those stronger than him without leaving behind evidence. That's the advantage he gained for having a ghastly form.

Tevenlor didn't notice, but the shadow behind him wiggled, and Roy jumped out of it. In each of his hands was a sword. The left one held Reflection, and the right one held Ghost Chaser.

"Got you!" Roy brought them over his own head before swinging them down at Tevenlor, lightning thundering out of them.

As they came down the air like maddened red bulls charging at a person, their shadows fell on Tevenlor, covering much of his 4-meter tall body.

Tevenlor's soul trembled.

He knew he was being sneak-attacked, but he found that out too late, and before he could even react to Roy's attacks, he was struck hard and heavily twice.

Thud! Roy smacked Tevenlor's head with the two thick and meaty swords. As a result, cracks appeared in it. Not to mention, he was struck so hard that he was almost forced to kneel.

Tevenlor's eyes reddened.

Ever since his birth, the only person he had kneeled to was his creator.

The idea of kneeling to someone other than Yulran was enough to boil his blood and anger him throughly.

"How dare you try to bend my knees?!"

Energy burst out of Tevenlor.

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The two swords pressing down on it heavily were deflected as he whipped his mighty self around to destroy Roy's smug face.

Buzzst! Thud! Bam! Bam!

However, just as he turned to face Roy, bolts of lightning, the punch, and the glaive of the righteous knight struck him with such ridiculous forces that his 5-ton body was lifted off its feet and blasted away.

Tevenlor did a flip in mid-air and planted his feet in the ground, not coming to a stop even after skidding back for ten meters, and then his eyes widened.

Reflected in them was a barrage of all types of different spells.

"Holy shit!'


Tevenlor was thrown across the chamber like a ragdoll, but it didn't end with just Roy manhandling him.

Roy went on to blast him with all kinds of spells, including greater and lesser fireballs, lightning bolts, and volleys of mana bullets and bombs.


Struck by so many spells, Tevenlor was blasted into a wall, and his body made of divine gold showed signs of breaking down.


Tevenlor roared, pushing himself out of the wall, only to see something that dimmed the crimson glow in his ruby eyes.

Another rain of magic spells closing in on him rapidly!

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"Fuck! This kid doesn't know how to hold back." Yulran uttered.

Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System! Chapter 241: Roy vs. Draconian Statue! (1/2)
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