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Chapter 182: Surprise Attack

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Chapter 182: Surprise Attack

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54 Surprise Attack

Minhyuk listened as closely and as quietly as he could to his father’s story.

“Are you alright, Chairman-nim?”

“I’m fine. I just don’t know what to do about it. Hohoho!”

He could hear his father’s laughter through the door but he could still sense the bitterness hidden underneath it.

“It’s a relief that I had acquired the ice fragment from Callame’s Island. And I was also able to keep it safe.”

‘Callame’s Island?’

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Minhyuk chewed over the words Callame’s Island.

Callame’s Island was an island that was surrounded by hellish coldness that other users dare not even challenge it. Most of the users who had tried to challenge the island had been frozen to their deaths. What was worse was that there were difficult trials that awaited the users in their path. There was even one user who said this about the island……

‘It’s already crazy even if it’s just a little bit colder than the real world but you can even die of frostbite there. Do you know how terrible it is?’

The thought of freezing to death even if it was just in the game was too scary.

But my dad went to Callame’s Island?

‘He’s probably at a much higher level than what I initially thought?’

Kang Minhoo and Park Munsoo’s conversation continued on.

“But it’s still a relief. I started the game when that brat started playing the game too but now I can finally feed him this delicious ‘Neolbing’.”


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Park Munsoo’s voice trailed off but Minhyuk’s eyes sank and turned cold. He could tell that when he started this treatment his father also started playing the game and he worked hard to become strong all by himself. And he worked hard only for one goal…… and that was to feed him delicious and good food.

Minhyuk’s fists clenched tightly.

Bachran Guild.

Javin and Buckle, the people who had entered Ructo’s tomb with him before, were also from Bachran Guild. In addition, while they were riding on Penrus before, Kaistra had told him that the Bachran Guild were preparing an ambush and were targeting his millstone.

Minhyuk quickly searched for Bachran Guild’s information. The guild was a notorious rude-mannered guild. However, large guilds did not touch them unless they had conflicts with them.

Are they afraid of shit? Is it because they’re dirty so they try to avoid them?

He turned around and walked back to his room as he accessed the game via the capsule. Meanwhile, Park Munsoo just sighed ruefully as he watched Kang Minhoo laugh happily thinking about the good side of things.

“Well, it seems like our young friends could really be like that huh? Hoho! Ah, I need to get some rest. I feel so tired because I played games without sleeping. Wait, please don’t forget to clean my desk.”

Kang Minhoo opened the door and went out of the office. Park Munsoo bowed silently but as soon as Minhoo stepped out of the office, the expression on his face had suddenly turned rigid. He slowly took off his horn-rimmed glasses and hung them on his top left pocket.

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‘How dare……! How dare……! How dare you lay your hands on Chairman-nim! I will never let those bastards go!’

This was the first time that Park Munsoo had felt this much anger in his life. Of course, what happened was only inside virtual reality. However, he still couldn’t stand the thought of people stabbing the Chairman’s body as they laughed horrendously at him.

It took him quite some time to stifle his boiling anger as he stepped forward to clear Minhoo’s desk. He found a fountain pen inserted in one of the Chairman’s notebooks so he pulled the pen out to tidy the rest up.


Park Munsoo opened the notebook to remove the pen, but when he saw the contents of the notebook his pupils widened and shook wildly.


Park Munsoo looked at the place where Kang Minhoo had just sat.

In fact, there were only a few of the department heads in Ilhwa Group that were aware that Chairman Kang Minhoo was currently playing Athenae. In addition, Athenae was a game that a lot of famous people had played in recent years. There were even plenty of political and business leaders that were rankers so it wasn’t that strange to see older people in the game. But Park Munsoo saw this as a ‘sign’.

‘How dare you mess with the Chairman, I will let you pay for that……!’

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Then he began to send messages that were filled with his wrath and anger.

At the same time, Kim Taesik, the head of Ilhwa Construction and who was currently holding a meeting, was shocked when he saw the message that came from Secretary Park Munsoo through their emergency contact network.



The conference room was suddenly filled with silence when he abruptly stood up.


Kim Taesik slowly sat back down.

Back when he was still a child and had just started working, he had nothing at all. However, no matter how hardworking he was, he was eventually pushed to the limits and his wits end because of his educational background. At that time, Chairman Kang Minhoo became his benefactor. He did not even care about his personal and educational background as he accepted him wholeheartedly.

Right now, he was a Lv424 mage in Athenae so he believed that he definitely had enough power to help. He quickly turned on the chatroom. There were a total of four people in this chatroom. These four people included him, the president of Noddugi and the heads of Ilhwa Distribution and Ilhwa Electronics. The four of them were all playing and enjoying Athenae together. And all of them were high leveled players with a minimum level of Lv400. In addition, they were all players who always wore black masks whenever they were inside the game. They were all armed to the teeth with expensive artifacts and were dubbed as the ‘4 Hyenas’ as they wandered around the hunting grounds in their lonesome group.

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And right now, their chatroom was on fire. After all, each and everyone of them were indebted to Chairman Kang Minhoo! Then, President Kim Taesik sent in their chat……

Crone had recently received a letter from Callauhel.

Asgan Continent was one of the continents in Korea’s servers. It was an extremely extraordinary offer since there were plenty of Black Stone members in Korea. And among the domestic members, there were unique stone members in the country. One of them was the Pharaoh’s Envoy. The Pharaoh’s Envoy had an amazing ability that could make him summon ancient warriors.

‘No matter what, even with Legend Guild……’

It’s going to be a hard fight.

That was what Crone thought about.

‘Would Genie agree?’

The answer was NO. He did not even need to ask to hear such an answer. It was clear that the Frying Pan Killer already knew about the existence of the disaster artifacts. It was already too late for them to pay for the disaster artifacts from Legend Guild, a group that consisted of only rankers and would only seek the best of the best.

Crone raised his chin in thought as he thought of a trick. He could first disguise himself as a member of Legend Guild to kill one of his members. He pondered deeply over such a trick as his mouth twisted in a nasty grin.

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‘Right, we can use him.’

Crow, the bounty hunter. He thought that he could use Crow’s identity and make it like they were attacked first.

Crone quickly stood up as he moved to make his plans work. He had already placed a bandit class user in Valhalla Town just in case he needed it. It wasn’t that difficult to learn of their location since Legend Guild itself had posted their coordinates in the official community board. After all, it was best for them if users flocked to the small town of Valhalla since they would be able to promote it faster if there were plenty of users who came in town.

And the man he had sent was currently looking at Valhalla’s current strength.

The user named Carn was currently looking around and examining the strength of Valhalla.

‘It has a long way to go before becoming developed.’

Users could also construct buildings using their own resources or their guild funds. But Valhalla, which was just granted to them, was still a desolate place.

‘The number of guards are too few……’

According to the information that Carn had gathered, the territory’s previous Lord, Hesdon, was an incompetent man. In addition, the incompetent Hesdon was said to have recklessly sent his men to the subjugation force. However, it was truly unfortunate that they had lost them. It was for that reason that he was stripped of his title and power by King Varen. And just at the right moment, Legend Guild came.

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‘There’s clearly something in this territory.’

Legend Guild were the heroes of Valkyrie Kingdom. Such people wouldn’t have been given such a desolate territory by the kingdom. It was clear that there was a high probability of having various quests and resources.


Carn decided to look around and check the management.

First, the Lord’s vassal.

They have to check the vassal properly. Perhaps the vassal was much more influential and powerful than what they had thought. In addition, most of the first vassals were likely to be placed in the position of the vice lord. The reason was simple, it was because the vassals were in Athenae 24 hours a day.

In the meantime, Carn saw an old man coming out of the place that was said to be the Lord’s home.

“Vice Lord-nim. Hello.”


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The old man nodded at what he thought was a regular citizen’s words. He looked like he had quite some force in his body. Then, he turned and walked towards somewhere.

Carn frowned when he saw the old man.

‘A strong person?’

Then, he saw the old man head towards a farm that was close to the Lord’s home.


He watched as the man continued to move strangely. The old man picked up the tails of the cats that were being raised in the farm as he scrutinized their butts closely. Then, he began to take down notes in his memo.

“Good, good. It’s packed well~ The Lord will definitely like some Luwak Coffee once he sees this.”

It was the Chatty Old Man Ben.

‘What the hell is that old man doing?’

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He’s weird.

Then, he heard the words of the citizens.

Phew. The Vice Lord-nim is like that again.”


“My goodness. I wonder what will happen to our Valhalla.”

“The Vice Lord-nim, he had lost his child before. You know? So what’s wrong if he loves coffee like that? Our new Lord-nim must be supporting the old man’s hobbies. I heard that he thought of our Lord-nim as his child and that’s why he drinks coffee like that everyday.”

“I know. But why is the old man the Vice Lord-nim?”

“The people know that he’s a crazy old man but the Lord-nim put him in that position so that he would not be ignored. He placed him in that position with thoughts of him.”

Sigh. But to have such an old man as the Vice Lord. I think we have to make a proposal.”

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Shhh! You’ll be heard.”

Rumors really had a strange way of circulating. Carn couldn’t help but giggle when he heard their words.

‘The first vassal, the Vice Lord, is an old grandpa who checks the butts of cats. What crazy shit!’

Perhaps it was because the Legend Guild still had not found a proper retainer so they had appointed a temporary Vice Lord. With things going on like this, he thought that there would be no problem in terms of the vassals.

Meanwhile, he saw a man running while huffing and puffing.

‘I think he’s a vassal too.’

He has a big build and thick forearms!

It was none other than Zank, one of the Thousand Heavenly Spear Masters. Not long after, Zank walked beside Old Man Ben like an attendant.

“Damn, you punk! Can we give the Lord coffee like this? What’s wrong with you? You’re strong but you’re not good at anything?!”

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“I, I’m sorry.”

‘What’s this? A waiter?’

Carn had no choice but to laugh.

A waiter who gets scolded by a crazy old man?

He thought that it was no longer necessary for him to watch these people closely so he turned away before infiltrating the Lord’s house.

As soon as he entered, there was……

An African boy who was washing the dishes. After washing the dishes, he crouched in the corner and munched on some bread. The African boy, Kaistra, smiled and laughed with a hehe.

‘Minhyuk-nim will compliment me if he knew that I learned that I got better at washing dishes, right?’

He smiled widely as he ate his bread and Carn who was hiding suddenly blushed in shame.

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‘There really is a boy who will get happy with just a loaf of bread……’

He held back his tears and swallowed his sobs as he took something out of his arms and placed it on the floor. Then he affirmed their decision.

‘The least we can do is attack this Lord’s estate.’

Then, he disappeared.

When Kaistra stood up to wash the dishes again, he tilted his head in confusion.


It was because he found 1 gold on the floor.

“Oh, I picked up 1 gold.”

Then, he smiled brightly.

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‘A senile old man as their vassal?’

Crone grinned wickedly. He had already thought that this was the case since Valhalla Territory was only granted to them not too long ago.

Their biggest problem was the dismal amount of members of Legend Guild. Ever since they had developed, they were only in the minority with a number of less than 20 people.

It doesn’t matter how strong they are, sometimes plenty of people are still better.

Crone turned and looked around.

Pharaoh’s Envoy.

It was one of the few God Classes in the country. He had the power to summon the warriors of the ancient Pharaohs. These warriors vary from Lv 350~450. In a way, he was more of a summoner than an envoy.

“When’s the work going to be done?”

“We first have to pretend that Legend Guild attacked us first, then we’ll do it right away.”

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The Pharaoh’s Envoy was wearing an ancient Pharaoh’s mask which looked quite weird and out of this world.

“I heard that the Pharaoh can summon the Evil Spirits from the Demon world.”

Pharaoh nodded his head. He opened his mouth and told him since he and Crone, who was standing in front of him, would be working for a long time.

“We can summon Baphomet.”

“Oho. If it’s Baphomet……”

Crone’s eyes glistened and sparkled in mischief.

“He’s the ‘Sheep’ who can walk on two feet, right?”

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