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Chapter 862 one month ago

I love it❤️ this is the first and last novel which i had read. Zhang zhuan is an interesting character. it cares only about family. all about Maricel.

Chapter 372 one month ago

The entire novel is basically a Chinese face slap competition. The first 30 chapters or so were entertaining, but after that, it is very repetitive. You can basically read 1 or 2 paragraphs per chapter and still know, what is going on.

Chapter 2264 2 months ago

Interesting premise, but gets boring after a while since the troupes tend to repeat, achievements of a higher tier use the same reasoning which is fair for a 2200+ novel

Chapter 1443 5 months ago

The story line is very good but the ending part is a bit rush. It would be great if the story will follow up to the higher realm part beyond the firnament. Hoping for season 2

Chapter 1443 5 months ago

I'm honestly a bit unsure of how to review this. First off, the five-star rating is exclusively in relation to this website and the other stories here, since four stars would be a bit unfair considering how many popular stories are significantly worse than this. That said, despite running more than 2200 chapters, the Library of Heaven's Path manages to deliver an entertaining and solid story spanning a vast and deeply built world. It's a brazenly overpowered character that primarily leans on a progression structure built around slapping faces, boldly pretending to be other people, and rapidly acquiring and perfecting cultivation techniques. There are ups and downs over the course of the story, including a point where I nearly dropped it due to the repetition, but the general comedic tone layered over an extensive progression system kept me engaged. On top of that, an impressive amount of intricacy and focus is placed on the secondary occupations, such that Zhang Xuan becoming a talented painter isn't just "And his was better than everyone's. " Instead, there are discrete tiers of achievement and effort is put into detailing why something is well done. Even a one-off tea analysis competition has an entire in-depth run of techniques and rare herbs, which, instead of bogging down the story, adds a sense of depth to the world. That said, the story bounces between silliness and attempts at evoking emotional depth in a way that's a bit jarring. The philosophical foundation is well-tied into the story via the focus on what it means to teach, but the interpersonal emotions struggle to connect. The author's best at the sort of semi-serious slapstick comedy that supports much of the story, and there were only a few parts where it felt like they went overboard and lost track of where they were driving the story for a bit. There are a few minor plotholes, the one that annoyed me most being: his inability to perform smithing or pill forging techniques, despite having perfect energy control and instantly learning intricate techniques for painting, playing zither, and martial arts. I get that it's to prevent the standard "protagonist makes heaven-defying items and accrues incredible wealth" but the protagonist already makes heaven-defying techniques and accrues incredible wealth, so it felt like a bit of an unnecessary shackle. Overall, this is probably one of the best light novels I've read and definitely one of the best translated xianxias. The protagonist is a reasonable human being, if painfully dense at some moments. He's not an edgy anti-hero that's praised as a hero while basically playing a villain, women are mostly just characters instead of temptresses or pure love interests. Just an overpowered dude trying to read his way to the heavens.

Chapter 1443 6 months ago

I honestly think that this is one of the best stories I've read so far, and I've read a lot. Everything about is well-thought and unique, (little to no tropes) and it never felt dull and it was all fleshed out. This has been a popular story for a while. So I recommend and suggest you read this story.

Chapter 1443 6 months ago

I'm Brazilian. I am very careful with what I read. This is one of my favorite books. If you read the work thinking about a "seinen" you will surely get annoyed, the focus of the work is comedy, just like the series "el chavo" you know exactly what will happen and how it will happen, but it's still funny, very funny. The work is simple, but the world and plot are coherent and leave no loose ends.

Chapter 1443 6 months ago

The story was wholesome. Character development is very good. It is among the first of the stories i have read here. The end was satisfying. Five stars for it.

Chapter 1443 6 months ago

This is one of the best novels I have read, although it does not have a good lotm story and does not forget to slap the proud young master even until the end of the novel, but some concepts such as teacher and respecting the elder and correcting mistakes and trying and It shows self-sacrifice well and also has no predictable story. For example, it slaps so much that the reader is shocked.

Chapter 1443 7 months ago

It’s been a journey reading this amazing novel. Gotta hand it to the author, he did great world and character building unlike many other generic cultivation novels. The elements of the story eventually come to place, nothing is left out, the comedy induces pain in my kidneys, many nights have gone by where I just laugh at Zhang shi and his stunts you really can’t get enough of the guy. The plot is unique, the concept of having teachers as peacekeepers of the world as well as most characters having principles and not just attacking others for looking at their “potential” fiancé and all those repetitive plots, the families on the Master teacher continent don’t face the problems that families in other novels do, such as assassination attempts from fellow tribesmen, brothers turning on each other etc. they respect the leader and that’s it, if there is someone who is more worthy they step down without hesitation all for the good of the clan. I could go on and on about all the good points of the novel but that would take too much time( I would also like to point out that my review follows no chronological order and is just random good elements of the stroy, and what I liked about it. xD). All in all I would like to say that it is worth your time don’t look at the number of chapters and just follow Zhang Xuan’s journey and you will definitely not regret it. It’s really difficult to just say farewell after reading it but alas all things shall part in the end. Finally, thank you author for this great work and I wish you luck in your future projects.