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Lee_On 5
Chapter n/a 2 days ago

Imagine someone with severe cognitive impairment becoming the smartest guy ever, only he's still just as s*upid. It's sort of like a moron controlling a smart person. That's basically the premise and not in a Rain Man kind of way, more of a 13 year old finding the cheat codes to the universe-kind of way. I quite enjoyed the Master Teacher-continent and as soon as they left everything else just felt hollow, which is always the case when main characters "advance" to a higher world in these types of stories. In the early story there's several interesting occupations that the people there master, with everything between painting, black smithing and cultivation with the Master Teachers basically being teachers who's the master of several occupations as well as cultivation and teaching. However as soon as they leave the first world, nothing but cultivation matters except for a few exceptions. Should've ended about halfway through and the earlier parts could've been shortened by at least 50% almost exclusively by removing repeating sentences where several characters as well as the narrator says almost the exact same thing. Seems like the author had planned to end it earlier but wanted to milk it for a thousand or so extra chapters. I wanted to quit so many times, especially towards the end and god was it unfulfilling. I wish I didn't hate not finishing books so much

MrWalker 1
Chapter 2266 15 days ago

I liked the story and the situations where the MC shows the people that he can do things that they can‘t. In some parts of the novel, the story goes too long. All in all would I say that if you like Storys where the MC is overpowered, this is the right novel.

Armin 4
Chapter 2268 19 days ago

it was a good read good world building + a lot of face slapping and mc's charecters is really likable (he's very shameless) but i have to warn you its a chinese novel and a long one so be prepared for its repetitiveness it can be boring from time to time but it was my second chinese novel so it didnt bother me that much also a late and slow romance ( mc is loyal and its not a harem , well there is a thing in the last chapter but i wont spoil it )

Arbuz 5
Chapter 2268 26 days ago

This novel offers a unique take on the Xuanhuan genre, with the protagonist serving as a teacher and master rather than a solitary cultivator seeking to reach the peak through violence. He has a cheat that allows him to display high-tier skills despite having low cultivation and uses it to pretend to be a supreme expert known as his "Master" in order to deceive enemies. The comedy in this novel may be a hit or miss for readers, as it is targeted towards an eastern audience and can become repetitive over time. One of the strengths of this novel is its focus on the protagonist's disciples, who are interesting and have good character development. However, the antagonists lack personality and depth, making it difficult for readers to connect with them. The protagonist's cheat is a powerful database of cultivation techniques that can analyze and detail the flaws and improvements of any technique he encounters. The battles and fights in this novel are generally underwhelming, but the protagonist is overpowered and not all conflicts are resolved through physical confrontations. The overall pacing of the plot is slow, with a mix of good and bad filler content. The main plot is fairly simple and lacks surprising twists or foreshadowing, but the lighthearted narrative can be enjoyable. While I have enjoyed reading this novel up to some point, the later chapters became tedious and lacking in excitement due to the repetitive overuse of the same plot in every new place where the protagonist goes.

curlyfryeli 1
Chapter n/a one month ago

xuanxuan 4L throughly enjoyed the read, can be repetitive but overall a well thought out story that comes full circle. nice to see the discovery and exploration of human experiences

Divine_Ancestor 5
Chapter 1067 one month ago

So this novel premise was interesting at first, but the blotted story and the repetitive type of story construct ruined it for me. Yes, many novels recycle the mindset of always going up in the world, traveling to new places and becoming stronger. But the type of scenario you meet is always different. But not in this story, because everything revolves about teaching and that just gets boring over time. The xy times you face slap someone after reading a bunch, way to fast and than be the best in it. It will just not hold me to the end. Stoped after 1067 chapters, never looked back. My Rating is [2, 75 / 5]

20001792355 1
Chapter 862 3 months ago

I love it❤️ this is the first and last novel which i had read. Zhang zhuan is an interesting character. it cares only about family. all about Maricel.

lnwUser93225 1
Chapter 372 3 months ago

The entire novel is basically a Chinese face slap competition. The first 30 chapters or so were entertaining, but after that, it is very repetitive. You can basically read 1 or 2 paragraphs per chapter and still know, what is going on.

Sekuri 3
Chapter 2264 4 months ago

Interesting premise, but gets boring after a while since the troupes tend to repeat, achievements of a higher tier use the same reasoning which is fair for a 2200+ novel

Dot01 1
Chapter 1443 7 months ago

The story line is very good but the ending part is a bit rush. It would be great if the story will follow up to the higher realm part beyond the firnament. Hoping for season 2