I Want to Eat Meat (2)

He didn’t have that much capital, so he could only crack open his savings to open up new strongholds and recruit more people.

Before he could roll it out in full gear, he first needed to find a high-quality residential district to test the waters.

So far, everything was fine, but in one night, his finances went back to the pre-Liberation era.

The family had to start living frugally.

Jiang Xiumei had nothing to say.

She had lived for a long time, and she understood just by seeing it.

There were still a few acres of fertile land back in the village, as well as their ancestral house. If they really could not live here anymore, she could just return to the village to work the farm, grow vegetables, and raise pigs.

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They could survive any kind of life.

She was used to living a hard life, and there was nothing she couldn’t let go of.

But this expensive, horribly dilapidated house must not be sold.

Xiaoman still needed to go to school.

The educational resources in the city were very good. Jiang Xiumei was not willing to let Xiaoman return and study in the village.

Although there was Teacher Tang in the village, it wasn’t enough overall. Even though the children could go study somewhere else after the third grade, how many of them really went?

With the difference in the level of their foundation, they would struggle to keep up with the pace. It would take a lot of hardship and hard work to make up for it.

Since the house was already available, they could still pay the tuition fee while gritting their teeth. Even if they couldn’t, she could go and find a job as a janitor in a school or shopping center, just like back in the village.

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This old lady was not afraid of hardships or showing effort; she could always make a little money for her children. As long as she was diligent, she could create some wealth with her pair of hands.

Although in her opinion, ever since she came to the kindergarten in the city, Jiang Xiaoman didn’t do anything serious every day. There was no homeworks or exams. It was unlike with Teacher Tang, who always taught truth and culture. However, Xiaoman’s mind seemed to develop really fast.

It was so fast that Jiang Xiumei couldn’t keep up with the speed of her enlightenment. When she acted too smart, sometimes she ended up making people really angry. Jiang Xiumei often could not beat her in an argument.

Jiang Xiumei arranged everything properly, and let Jiang Xing do his thing without interference.

To prepare for Jiang Xing’s bankruptcy, Jiang Xiumei also planned to train Jiang Xiaoman to get used to enduring hardships. For several days, all they ate were vegetable dishes, without even a shred of meat.

Jiang Xiaoman really liked to eat meat. She looked at the green soup and asked, “Grandma, how come all that we eat are vegetables, and there isn’t even any oil in it?”

Poor child. Jiang Xiumei said patiently, “Life is no longer as easy as it was. Xiaoman, follow Grandma to endure hardships for a while, so we can save money for your uncle. This is a critical point where he lacks money; we can’t be holding him back.”

Jiang Xiaoman was a good kid.

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She had followed Jiang Xiumei since she was small and was not afraid of suffering. Although she was rebellious and naughty now, she was still sensible when things got serious.

After hearing that, she took out her private savings and gave them to Grandma.

All her New Year’s money was kept there, a bunch of red envelopes containing a few cents each. All in all, they didn’t add up to more than ten yuan.

Normally, Jiang Xiaoman really treasured her money. She usually took them to the canteen to buy some sweets, or used them to call her uncle.

Two cents could be used to call for one minute. She would look at the screen closely and hang up as soon as the time was up, not wasting even a little. If she exceeded the time, she would be charged another two cents.

But now, she planned to give them all away.

Jiang Xiumei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She didn’t take Jiang Xiaoman’s money, letting her keep it instead.

When she thought about it, it seemed that her education in enduring hardships was already enough. She planned to let her eat some meat tonight and have a nice dinner.

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Who would’ve known that when Jiang Xiaoman went to school, she immediately fell flat on the table and cried bitterly.

When she thought about how there would be no more meat to eat in the future, she felt very miserable.

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