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Chapter n/a 2 days ago

Guys! Do NOT read this book! This book is just too amazing, after reading it I am unable to read most other books because I find them too boring / sub-par compared to this one.

Chapter 823 6 days ago

Not much to write. It's simplt the best. It can hold up well against peak Western fanatasy book series. For new readers, it is a slow at the start so don't go about saying negative things about this book if you haven't read the 1st vol ~ ch214.

Chapter 100 6 days ago

Chap 100 review: Came for the hype, left disappointed. Not really worth reading. MC completes trials through a lot of deus machina and antagonists acting dumb around him. His powers suddenly increase in strength, but the powers are not logical. And his opponents that are stronger than him, should not fall for his tricks but plot armor is too thick and opponents with 200IQ suddently have 10IQ when they are within 5m of him. Character building is non-existent and most characters are very superficial. Not to mention the writing is unnecessarily "mysterious" (not just the beginning chapters that are exceedingly confusing), and some things just take way too long to explain for no reason.

Chapter 1407 6 days ago

This is hands down the best novel that I’ve read. A man with a heart living through a world of monsters & madness. I love how klein’s humanity is never thrown out for an plot conveniences.

Chapter n/a 8 days ago

An absolute masterpiece of a book. No other novel comes close to the world-building that LOTM has. The amount of detail the author has put into this book is insane. I can't wait for the start of book 2 on march 3rd.

Chapter 1394 12 days ago

It's good. One of the better LNs I've read. World building is stellar. Honestly don't know if I've read anything with better world building than LoTM. Likewise, the story direction and plot is incredible. You can tell that Cuttlefish really planned everything out from the beginning. This isn't a story that will lose itself midway through like many others do. My only gripe with the story is that the ending leaves you wanting more; some things are left unresolved. However, this leaves room for the next books (pretty sure this is supposed to be a trilogy with book 2 coming out in March 2023). With all that being said, there are still a few points that I don't really like in the story. For one, the power system is not really my cup of tea. It's good and it's unique. I am not a huge fan of it. It makes sense within the confines of the story; I'm just a fan of other power systems. On the same note - the fight scenes get confusing in the latter half of the story. Overall I think you should read it

Chapter 1404 15 days ago

A must read in my eyes, the quality is just amazing. The characters felt alive, the story is without any plot holes and character development is done amazingly well.

Chapter 1037 18 days ago

Yup, no doubt deserving of the top 10! This one is a very unique novel with lots of mystery in it! I especially like how the mc is a person who actually thinks and a smart one who has perspicacity! I personally recommend this to people who are looking for a unique, fresh novel in which you can fully immerse yourself. An additional bonus is that as far as I know, up to 1063+ chapters, I have never seen a repetitive fight so the author is very good at coming up with ideas.

Chapter 1430 19 days ago

For those who are planning to read this, you won't regret it! Every part of the story is well written and every chapter can make you ask for more. Early chapters can become much of an info dumps but it's necessary for world building. Book 2 is coming on march next year!

Chapter 1430 19 days ago

The way Cuttlefish weaves this story is absolutely incredible. My favorite part was the Tarot gatherings and Klein and Amon's interactions. All of the characters are unique, and I felt that the female characters, Audrey and Bernadette, were very well written. I can't wait for book 2 I'm sure it'll be even better.