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SinOfSloth 1
Chapter 1391 18 hours ago

A masterpiece I say. why? cause it's unique powersystem, plots everything is different then repetitive main stream novels. No system and slow paced but that only highlights the mistery and horror when you get to the end. you and destined to drown in goosebumps and thrill, just that you need patience. By the end of novel you will end up writing 5star review yourself.

Mithimeow 2
Chapter 1396 23 hours ago

This is one of the best novels I have ever read, it is slow paced at times but I really like the explanations throughout the story that show you why things happen, 10/10 would read again

GreesyCookie 1
Chapter 1394 2 days ago

If you have not read The Lord of the Mysteries, I hole heartedly recommend it. This web novel is one if not the best I have ever read. Within the chapters is an earthshattering tragedy, the world is fantastical yet holds a great amount of realism. The author does a great job of taking seemingly insignificant things, things that we as people wash over, Cuttlefish throws it out bare in front of us and makes us see it. The main character in this story is forced to walk a path alone, although he gains people extremely important to him, ones that understand him to a great degree, ones that he would give himself up for, he is still ultimately alone isolated by an unbridgeable gap. This novel will kick up your underlying emotions, it will squeeze out your empathy. The entirety of this novel is very well thought out, you can clear tell just how much work Cuttlefish put into it by the level of detail it has. In the beginning the pacing seems slow, but that's only because we're (us readers and the mc) are being throw into an unknown world filled with countless memories. By the end the pacing is much faster, once you reach that point the thousand and couple hundred chapters seem like they have flown by, and you're left longing for more. The pacing in these latter chapters fits just as the slowness of the first hundred fit, in the end there is a great urgency, the story however is not rushed at all it comes to a natural end.

Philger07 1
Chapter 1403 2 days ago

One of the best novel I've ever read. A true piece of art. Can only recommend it to others. IF uo are interrested in a dark world with a great worl building and very good characters and development, this is the novel for you!

BoneyMan287 1
Chapter 1430 2 days ago

A really good read. The translation is a bit wonky but overall good. The pacing is a little bad (starts off slow slow then the pacing becomes acceptable then the ending is a bit fast). Lore is 12/10. Definitely recommend reading this

YourNemesis 2
Chapter 1 2 days ago

"Lord of the Mysteries" is an exceptional novel that transports readers to a rich and detailed world full of magic, mystery, and intrigue. Authored by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, the novel follows the story of Klein Moretti, a man who discovers an ancient tarot deck that allows him to access a secret organization's hidden world. The plot is well-crafted, with each chapter revealing new details about the world and the characters. The pacing is also excellent, with the story moving at a consistent speed and never dragging on for too long. The mystery elements are particularly well-done, with the author skillfully weaving together multiple plot threads and keeping the reader guessing until the end. The characters in "Lord of the Mysteries" are complex and multifaceted, with each one possessing their own motivations and secrets. Klein, the protagonist, is a particularly interesting character, with a unique personality and a compelling backstory. The relationships between the characters are also well-developed, adding depth and nuance to the story. One of the novel's strongest aspects is its world-building. The author has created a detailed and intricate world full of magic and mystery. The system of magic and alchemy is well-established and consistent, and the different factions and organizations within the world are interesting and distinct. Overall, "Lord of the Mysteries" is an excellent novel that is sure to captivate readers who enjoy immersive and complex storytelling. With its well-crafted plot, dynamic characters, and intricate world-building, it's a novel that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment. Highly recommended for fans of fantasy, mystery, and supernatural genres.

kyuum 1
Chapter 1394 2 days ago

My first novel I read is this, I thought I will stop midway or stop in the early chapter, guess what? I finished it all. . . and my honest review will be Praise Thy, Mr. Fool. . .

PrinceOfNothing 7
Chapter 1432 2 days ago

A great novel that starts off a little slow. power system, plot, world building, side characters, character development, sometimes emotional, sometimes funny (and this novel needs a horror tag), in short, you should definitely read it

Chapter 113 3 days ago

Something new Full detailed and interesting novel very first I am also confused but after reading some chapters I started to like author's writing style. Worth for your time 4. 9 ⭐ so give it a go!.

MageW9lf 2
Chapter 1395 4 days ago

It is not necessary to write a Great Review, as you progress through this novel, the review will write itself. Just remember "When the world is corrupted, Justice will be there to purify it"