Loving A Heartless Lawyer

Chapter 581: A Proud Father

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Kenzie felt so embarrassed that she immediately excused herself saying she needed to go to Bunny to get some files. She almost tripped again when she lost her balance while grabbing her crutch. It was a good thing Daryl's reflexes were fast and he immediately caught her.

"This is what I'm saying. Don't be stubborn and go home now Kenzie," Daryl scolded with a creased forehead.

Witnessing this scene, Jorge gave Liam a look and the latter only shrugged his shoulders and sat comfortably on Daryl's couch.

Daryl helped Kenzie out of his office where Kimmy immediately ran to assist Kenzie.

"Be careful next time. Go back to your apartment for now and take time to rest Kenzie," Daryl ordered her and signaled Kimmy.

"I will see you at your apartment later…" Daryl continued and Kenzie only nodded with a sweet smile. She was still on cloud nine as stared at the door even though Daryl already went back inside.

"We are officially in a relationship now Kimmy. Let's go and prepare a feast for him as a celebration in my apartment. I want to surprise Daryl as he said he will go to my apartment later. Let's go now Kimmy," Kenzie said with a suppressed squeal.

"Alright Boss," Kimmy answered enthusiastically and both women bid their farewell to Bunny before they left.

Meanwhile, Daryl's face was painted red when he went back inside and the eyes of both men before him stared at him with a teasing look.

"I knew it!" Jorge exclaimed and stood up pointing a finger at him.

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Liam shook his head and signaled the two men to sit in front of him on Daryl's couch.

"Stop that!" Daryl scolded Jorge who continued to poke his sides.

Liam who had a straight face could stop the slight grin and teased, "Stop teasing him, Jorge. I'm sure that Daryl is very grateful to me for allowing Kenzie to work under him. He might treat us for a grand celebration later."

Daryl's eyes almost popped out as he groaned, "Oh stop it Liam! It's all your fault that I'm in… Ah, nevermind, why are you two here anyway?"

"I am resigning from the company soon so that will leave the vice-chairman position open." Jorge started.

"The contract signing for the merger of Sy and Yao will be held next week so Liam was planning to announce your appointment as vice-chairman on the same day."

"Did the board agree to this?" Daryl asked. Jorge already told him about his resignation since the latter would now focus on his family business along with Miley. He had to look after the Grey Group after Kyle returned the majority of stocks to him which his parents initially had before Bill Grey took over.

"Well, they will for sure. Liam called for a meeting tomorrow and you must be present there. I will sell some of my shares to you so that they won't question you. Here sign this," Jorge said and put the doc.u.ments on the table.

"But I can't afford to buy this amount of shares for now Jorge…" Daryl commented.

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"We know and don't worry about that. You can pay Jorge in installments or even ask him for a discount…" Liam replied, chuckling.

"No way! Installments yes… But not a discount," Jorge scoffed with a grin.

"Who am I to reject this very good opportunity?! I must sign this quickly before Jorge changes his mind," Daryl beamed as he quickly grabbed his seal and pen.

Jorge looked at Liam, signaling the latter to begin talking about a different topic but Liam returned the same gesture to Jorge and Daryl noticed that.

"What is it? Is there something else you want to talk about? Stop those eye signals you two!" Daryl barked.

"It's about your father. Uhm, he talked to both me and Liam…" Jorge said. They were hesitant to inform Daryl because they knew how much Daryl hated his father.

"I don't care what you guys talked about so you don't have to tell me. If there's nothing important to discuss then I will go back to my work," Daryl uttered.

Liam signaled Jorge, so Jorge added, "I think your father is sick Daryl. You should see him and visit him. Something feels weird. He honestly asked me and Liam to convince you to go back home…"

"Sick? How can he be sick when there are people he loves that's taking care of him so dearly?" Daryl scorned. He could not help but be bitter towards his father who always chose those two who had no blood ties instead of him, his own son and blood.

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"Yeah, I saw him in the hospital with his wife when I brought Lana for her monthly check-up," Liam added. It was a few days after the victory party at Chan's mansion.

Daryl actually noticed it on the night of the party, how his father seemed to have lost a lot of weight as his face had thinned down compared to how it usually was.

"You know my past regarding my mother right Daryl? Don't you think I should hate her even more compared to your situation? I think mine is the worst since my mom abandoned us. Your father did not completely abandon you and leave you. You two just simply quarreled about a lot of things particularly when it comes to his second wife and her son…

I believe he did not mean it when he told you that it's more peaceful if you leave. He said that out of anger but he for sure didn't mean that and I'm sure you know that as well. Yet you chose to leave since you couldn't stay together with your stepmother and stepbrother. Above anyone else, I think your father needs you more now Daryl, so I believe you should see and meet him." Liam tried to convince him because Senior Cha almost begged him that day.

"I can tell how much your father longs for you, Daryl. You should know that he doesn't stop asking about you and checking up on you while you are here in the firm. He's a proud father because of how you grew up on your own…" Liam informed.

Senior Chua asked him not to tell this to Daryl but Liam decided to say it after seeing how his heart almost turned into a rock towards his father.

Daryl was silent the whole time, he was only listening to Liam and he could not help but feel something constricted in his heart as tears unconsciously rolled down his eyes.

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