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Mages Are Too OP (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Soaring Flames. 641 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


As one of the first players to gain access to World of Falan—the first immersive game worldwide—Roland creates his character as a Mage.

However, playing as a Mage is not as fun and easy as he thought. His head even explodes after he casts the very first spell in the game.

Stubbornly sticking to his class when most Mages decide to create a new character, Roland gradually discovers tricks of the trade and his unusual talent. This allows him to change people’s stereotypes on Mages and to explore the deeply-buried secrets of this game…

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  • NamelessShadow
    Feb 27, 2021

    I reached 142 chapter and it is very different that I expected how come they are not scared of dying in game they would lose a level and stuff but the people don't even care

  • NamelessShadow
    Feb 26, 2021

    I'm thinking of reading this but why is there a rape tag?

  • lnwUser02153
    Jan 16, 2021

    AMAZING novel over the first couple of hundred chapters, but once you get further into it seems extremely rushed and a lot of things have been forgotten. I haven't seen the MC's magic pet (That was supposed to be sooo important for his growth) in over 150 chapters and it was talked about every time he left "base" originally Also, what about the fox people and fish creatures that were hunting him? I'm sure that we will see them again eventually if he goes in that direction, but the current goals just keep jumping all over the place after about chapter 220. Overall still an awesome read and I love it! It just feels like there is WAY more going on than the author can keep up with I hope that a lot of these loose ends get tied together later in the novel

    • Saviour
      Feb 07, 2021

      I agree with you, as the story progresses new events are introduced and others are forgotten. That female drow (dark elf) that was possessed, the black bones of the ancestor vampire, the silver dragon that Roland met twice or so when he was flying racing it and how infrequent progress is in the real world,

      • Vladimirthebest
        Feb 21, 2021

        Vampire bones return in the last arc (until 628). I think all of the element are seed for new route, but not all of them we can see for now. But maybe more later

  • Kaneki
    Jan 09, 2021

    One of the current Novel that i highly look forward to every single chapter. The best.

  • lnwuser3425345
    Dec 30, 2020

    why... is chp 240 not capitalized lmao, 239 and 241 are but 240 just...

  • lnwUser15024
    Dec 26, 2020

    Honestly, I really like the novel but sometimes I just can't with Roland, since he is really good when it comes to planning but when it comes to the schemes that others do to him he's always pretty much clueless until the end. Dont know if it's just me but really, it's frustrating to see.

  • Scotchty
    Sep 18, 2020

    Tbh one of my favorite novel reads so far. Excellent pacing, a hell of a lot of real life comedy and a group of friends that any gamer can relate to. i cant recommend this enough

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Though I enjoy reading the novel, I still feel that it's too self-centered to the main character. It's like all the luck only belongs to him. No threat or possibly a rival player that could compete him. evry fight, I've always been expecting an easy win for him. There are 500,000 players out there yet the author only gives the fast growth and special quirk to the main character and a friend.

Other thing is, if the game world is real, I feel like the golden sons are being so nosy and so pushy to what they think is right. They don't consider the culture of the place and only think that they should change it fast. If It would happen to earth and some undying aliens come out of no where, I would really pissed off.

The main character is too arrogant. He thinks he's cool to not explain cleary to other. He is blinded because he is strong. He is also manipulative. His mindset is that there should be a boundary between friends and acquaintances. And in order for you to upgrade from an acquaintance to a friend, you must be at least know him for a long time or whatnot. For me, the beauty of having entered to another world is being able to explore, communicate and have some friends. Yet I see the mc so cold hearted especially to Hawk and Link.

Lastly the novel kills a lot. I sometimes pity the villain because I think it's just because they are in different race and have different viewpoint with another that makes them a villain. Yet the Golden sons consider themselves as human but actually they are also part of an undying race. They only consider what is good for human and solve everything by killing. The system is controlling them and I feel sad especially to the elves that seek revenge for the slaves and the vampires because they met the main character and controls the other golden sons for money. I'm pissed off because they are too materialistic and too nosy.

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The world building is one of the best I've read imo, as the novel progresses more and more secrets are unravelled which lead to more mysteries about what what the world is. If you immerse yourself in the world building and enjoy making predictions, this is for you. Although later chapters become more rushed and forget about a lot of elements that were introduced to be important not really being used, such as time skips of the real world not being talked about much and his 'training'. spoilers...... (His magic pet, the Drow that was possessed when he was learning enchantments and the Vampire ancestors skull) have been mostly forgotten

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AMAZING novel over the first couple of hundred chapters, but once you get further into it seems extremely rushed and a lot of things have been forgotten. I haven't seen the MC's magic pet in over 150 chapters and it was talked about every time he left "base" originally

Also, what about the fox people and fish creatures that were hunting him? I'm sure that we will see them again eventually if he goes in that direction, but the current goals just keep jumping all over the place after about chapter 220.

Overall still an awesome read and I love it! It just feels like there is WAY more going on than the author can keep up with

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Alright first let's talk about the good parts of this novel. The beginning is done very well. The concept of magic in the immersive game world and its unique difficulty immediately draws you in. Magic must be learned through modeling and a thorough understanding of these magical nodes for a spell. If you want to modify that spell to do something else, then you need to understand it even better, but once you do, you can use the spell flexibly. For example, he can tune the output, strength, size, blast radius, etc of a fireball, or the thickness, height, and shape of a stone wall conjuration. In short, the mage class is uniquely satisfying in the immersive reality.

Another thing that is done well is the leveling system. I would really love it if more VR novels were like this one, where it's basically a real world where powering up is difficult and quests are not "gather X item." I don't think reading about unintelligent bosses is as fun as reading stories like this, where you don't have those taunt/aggro/dps stuff but instead powerful individuals and monsters with intelligence that if you gang up on, will just run away. Leveling up can only be done by improvig your skills, which means understanding the spell or technique, or accepting and completing quests. There is no monster grinding, which is much more conducive to a novel than if monster grinding where included. The levelilng system makes the world more realistic and makes achievements more meaningful.

The last thing done well is the comedy. There are a lot of actually funny moments when he's with his boys. Friends do stupid stuff, and that's what's funniest a lot of the times IRL. This is why drinking can be so fun. Similarly, the whole undying Golden Sons thing with sentient AI leads to a lot of funny moments. One that I remember is the Golden Sons(players) show up in a new town with nobles and they get into an altercation with a noble that looks like a girl but is a guy. That noble then kills them, and they run around happily and naked after resurrecting, talking about how they are so thankful that they were stepped on by a drag, and all the A.I nobles are like "WTF?" What's great is you know this shit would definitely happen if VR ever came out because gamers are dumbasses.

Alright now let's talk about what's bad about this novel. The biggest disappointment for me is the exploration. We are told at the beginning of the novel that there are 100+ countries with different races, power, etc. Almost the entire time is spent in the spawn country for the 500,000 players and our MC, and it's not because they can't travel. It's just because the author failed to make these countries necessary. Generally in a game, you have different level zones, so that once you have spent enough time in an area you can no longer level up there, so you move beyond that area to a new, higher-level area. The problem is, the quests don't really get more difficult in specific areas because everyone is more oor less the same strength. By the time he is level 9, he is strong enough to beat most of the people in the mortal plane but he got to level 9 over 2 years in Hollevin and 1 or 2 countries outside of Hollevin. There was a lot of untapped potential, and I think the author should have changed the level system a bit where there are more mortal levels and the countries around it are more impactful, or perhaps introduced some plot that made the main character travel along. Needless to say, I was very disappointed that almost all the time was spent in one country, and that at this point, he can stomp most people even in the new countries.

This brings me into my next complaint. One possible solution to the previous problem could have been rival players in different countries that are driving a plot that counters the main character. This would mean when he goes to new places he has powerful enemies that he cannot stomp and it would give him a reason to travel. Unfortunately, the problem with this approach is that the author made our protagonist and Shuck the only 2 characters with any sort of power. They started the game with special talents that basically make them the most OP characters in the game, and for some reason, no other players had any sort of talents. Why? The author wrote himself into a hole here. There's no A.I that can stand up to them, and there's also no players that can stand up to them, so in the long run, there are no stakes. It basically makes it so that every other character is the foil to our main character, and nobody else really matters. Another problem with having rival players is that, for some reason, every single player is a saint. They are all neutral good with very high bottom lines, so there's nobody to take up quests that rival the main character. Let me tell you, I know a lot of people are good, but not 100%. There is at least 10-20% of society who are willing to do some bad things for profit as long as it does not go beyond their bottom line, and a lot of them have very low bottom lines, like killing children themselves. That doesn't stop them from starving a city or taking power and subjugating some weaker folks, nor does it stop them from indirectly killing a large number of people. The author just made the wrong decision to make all Golden Sons good, so there were a lot of options that went unexplored.

Finally, the last bad bit is the sexism. There are a lot of underlying sexist thoughts as well as some blatant remarks that you will notice as you read along. The author portrays nearly all female players as only caring about looks, being horrible at combat, and worst of all, incapable of thinking critically. To the author, women are just pretty little things that cry in the face of even a little fear (even though they are immortal....) and are not useful for anything other than sex. It's just annoying to read, because everyone starts at the same level since this is the first VR game in their time. There's no reason women should be worse at combat naturally unless they didn't try to learn, but there's also no way all female players would have such a girly girl approach to the game, as I'm sure not all girls are content sitting back and watching men do everything for them. I'm a lazy boy so if I were a girl I would totally do that, but I probably wouldn't do that in a game because that's basically relegating myself to the sidelines for no reason in a game where I could have more fun by actually doing some stuff. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong and all modern girls would focus on some romance with some handsome noble, but I doubts since you could have romance and still do other things \_0_/. At the end of the day, this last one is annoying, but if you are able to ignore it then the story isn't so bad.

In total, while there are some very good points, there are also some pretty big flaws and untapped potential, so it comes out to a 3/5.

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I love the Bromance of Schuck and Roland.
One of those novel you can read the whole night,
although you have the next day school.
TheRomance isn´t really good now but i hope
there will be better.

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Good stuf...

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If you can get past the blatant sexism and nationalism of the author, the story is pretty okay. It doesn't have the same richness as overgeared and most chars are not really nuanced but it has potential

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It is a great novel. I've stopped reading novels since then because of repetitive plots and stuff but this novel is keeping me very interested to read everyday.

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Its a magnificent novel with almost everything one desires, word building, great/smart protagonist, good side characters and intriguing plot lines.

By C420 there hasn't been any romance and it seems that the author is extremely inept at it. Usually Chinese authors are particularly bad at it. I guess, he understands his shortcoming and is postponing it as much as he possibly can. He is also very bad at depicting females, not to mention the occasional odd beliefs he has about how a female should be.

But somehow it always feels a bit empty, I can't point a finger at what is missing, perhaps as stated before, the lacking female aspect or maybe there is something else but I don't seem to get as hooked to it as I am to even worse stories.

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Read this non-stop for three days. The translation quality is incredible, minus a few mistakes in the later chapters. The writing is fluent and satisfying to read. The story is brilliant, I've read quite a few novels set in a fully immersive world and none of them can be compared with this. At no point was I bored. Good job Mr/Mrs Author.

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The first story ive given 5 put of 5 stars. Excellently paced, action packed, and one of the most realistic group of gamer friends that any one of us can relate to easily. The world building seems so realistic that I find myself constantly saying out loud “ YEP seems about right” worth the read

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An amazing book with a great plot. Not only does it have the plot of the actual game but the MC's real life as well, which makes the book more interesting. After one mission is over, he always manages to find another and always makes you want more. I would give it 10/5 if I could!

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