Magic System in a Parallel World
Magic System in a Parallel World

Magic System in a Parallel World



114 Chapters 360K Views 2.21K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Magic System in a Parallel World novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, and Harem genres. Written by the Author MyLittleBrother. 114 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Leo is an academic genius who enrolled in one of the top universities in the world for the rich and powerful, but he was born in a common family, which was more than enough of a reason for the other students to mess with him.

On one fateful day, Leo found himself transported to a parallel world where magic and monsters ruled the world.

Fortunately, he was gifted with a Magic System, giving him unlimited potential.

How will Leo, who has no knowledge of magic or experience in fighting, survive this grim world filled with the unknown while being an ordinary person himself— or so he thought.

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  • pugBug

    I would like attract the attention of the admins. This video popup ad is so annoying. One per page is good. But repeated advertisement is taking my mobile data fast.

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  • Seaofstars

    This story is very good and gets more interesting in the latter part of the novel. If you thought it was boring in the few chapters because there is no fighting only training keep in mind that the MC comes from another WORLD who is smart but physically weak (in this world) that's why he needs to train but as the chapters go on it get more exciting. And if you think the update is slow keep in mind that the author still has three on going novels. Cultivation Online,Dual Cultivation and Hero's Carnage (Which never got any updates). If you want to read the current chapters I suggest you go to the original website.

    5 hours ago 0 Likes
  • mo1oo

    Admin there are few more chapter to upload here, thanks.

    Edited: 03 Jul, 07:03
    20 hours ago 0 Likes
  • alexhill12

    then support the website and get supporter idiot

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  • lilyume

    Admin there are more chapters to upload here

    yesterday 1 Likes
  • Aphrodite

    i see a shiton of add that are literally ruining my lecture experience... FUCJK U

    yesterday 0 Likes
  • OjasNaik

    Hey guys if you know any more light novels based on a world such as this one . If you know please share it with me . thank you.

    2 days ago 0 Likes
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  • Shin_Kurogami

    For new readers I rlly recommend this novel, don't mind those a*s comments just try to read this prob till chap 80 where everything became more more interesting, I wouldn't say this is one of a kind but this is rlly interesting to read and preety good at that

    Edited: 02 Jul, 10:49
    2 days ago 3 Likes
  • Potapotapotapota

    Yeah me too I think I'm used to reading smart and we'll plotted novels. while this one short circuited my brain for a split second from the first chapter. PS: the author's writing style and story didn't improve that made me feel disappointed cause his ideas are good but his styling, what I can say the least is like most wuxia,xianxia tropes out there .anyway what I can say is not my cup of tea. Well maybe for others but not for me

    3 days ago 0 Likes
  • Sog0M

    Sorry guys but for some reason I'm going to drop the novel

    4 days ago 0 Likes