Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits
Chapter 155: Let’s have a go at it.

155 Let's have a go at it.

"Yes yes, might as well call you father as well.

'Papa! Papa! Please do something about this since I am too much of a pussy to do it myself.'

Fucking loser."

Vaan snorted. "What did you say!?"

Elric shouted as he stepped towards Vaan, losing control over his emotions. Vaan's words were simply too poisonous. Even the other Mages present couldn't hide the smiles on their faces.

Elric felt humiliated, he was already having a hard time holding himself back, yet this bastard kept pushing him.

It was too much, he had been patient all this time, but not any longer.

If a fight was what this bastard wanted, a fight is what he will give him.

Vaan, of course, wasn't intimidated either, leaving Elara behind, he walked towards Elric as well. The two stood face to face, looking into each other's eyes.

After diligently following the Stances his Father told him to, Vaan's body went through many changes, he was now 186 cm tall, his frame was much more muscular and his body was filled with strength.

He was in a completely different state compared to when he came to this world. In terms of raw strength, Vaan knew that he was already comparable to his past self.

So when someone like Elric, who had never trained his body in his life, stood in front of him with his comparably thinner frame and shorter height, Elric looked like a child going against a pro fighter.

However, even then, there was not a single hint of nervousness on his face. Why would there be? Vaan may look more intimidating than him, however, in truth, Elric was far stronger than him.

"Your Advanced Circles won't save you against me, little brother."

Elric spoke as he looked into Vaan's eyes.

It was quite comical since he had to raise his head to do that, however, the confidence that oozed out of Elric's body made sure that no one present here laughed at the present situation. Of course, the common knowledge that Elric was the stronger one here helped as well.

"You think I need Circles in this situation?

Actually, let's have a go at it.

Let's see what's faster, your Magic or my Fists."

A big smile appeared on Vaan's face.

He was already annoyed that he won without having the chance to beat anyone, his anger soared when he saw this skinny-ass bastard holding his fiancee's hands, honestly, Vaan was itching to hit someone.

And if that someone was this bastard, it would be even better.

Heck, Vaan would even give up on his championship Trophy just to get an opportunity to punch this bastard till he is satisfied.

"So? How about it? You want to give it a try? I am dying to have a go at it for a long while now.

I promise to restructure that hateful face of yours into something better.

Then you probably won't have a problem trying to approach some other woman your age and not aim at a girl you have been trying to groom since she was 14.

I won't even see it as doing you a favor, I promise."

Vaan spat, his words still as poisonous as before, but they were his true feelings.

"A stain will always be a stain I see.

Are you sure you are a member of our Vesta Family?

A fistfight, what are you? Some random street thug?

I can simply buy people like you to work under me.

You want to have a go at it? Why don't we have a Magic Duel, that is if, you are a member of our esteemed Vesta Family."

Elric spat. He didn't plan on letting Vaan go this time.

Vaan, however simply smiled as he glanced at Elric and,

"Vaan Astra Vesta.

Do you hear that name?

I am more of a member of the Vesta Family than you ever would be.

My Blood Mother is the Head of the Family you fuckbrain.

Even your mother wouldn't have enough funds to make Lady Astra's son work under her, let alone you. And what? I am a stain of the Family because I use my fist? Then what does it make you? A 50-year-old bastard challenging a 20-year-old. Is that something to take pride in?

Ahh I guess it is for you, after all, it makes you better than your mother. She lost even though she was 23 years older than my mother.

But don't be too happy, I am coming for you.

I don't know if I can ever surpass my mother, but a bitch like you? It's not even a challenge."

Vaan snorted.

"You litt-"

"Alright, that is enough."

Suddenly, a voice was heard.

Vaan and Elric turned around and their eyes fell on a beautiful woman who was walking towards them with a cold look on her face.

"Lady Eliza."

Vaan bowed his head to show respect.

"Lady Eliza." Elric did the same.

As a 7th Circle Mage, Direct Descendants or not, all Vesta Mages had to show respect to Eliza.

"Lady Eliza."

The Vesta Mages present in the room bowed. Some non-Vesta Mages who wanted to get into Eliza's eyes did the same. Some Mages didn't recognize who she was, however, considering that even someone like Elric was bowing his head, their body language changed as well.

Eliza's entrance alone had instantly changed the atmosphere of the place. She, however, didn't care about all that, her eyes fell on Vaan and she narrowed her eyes. "What are you doing here?"


Before Vaan could answer, Elric stepped forward, "This is what I ha-"

"Did I tell you talk? Shut your mouth till you are ordered to speak." Eliza spoke, her voice was much colder than the last time Vaan met her.

It didn't take long for Vaan to realize it, Eliza was pissed. He needed to be careful.

"I came here to support my fiancée." He replied, his voice much more respectful than before.

Some Mages even raised their eyebrows in surprise when they heard him.

Was he really the same man who was brutally shitting on Elric just a few moments ago?

"And with whose permission? I think it was already told that only 4th Circle Mages were allowed here." Eliza didn't care how polite Vaan's tone was. She only needed answers.

Answers that Vaan didn't have.

He just came here because he wanted to see Elara and he was worried that Elric would try something, which, he was right about, but how was he supposed to explain all this to this unreasonable woman?

"L-Lady Eliza, I-I was the one who called h-" Elara wanted to step in, trying to defend Vaan and take all the Blame, however,

"You are not allowed to speak either, girl."

Eliza glared at Elara, however, everyone in the hall could tell that her tone was considerably warmer when she talked to Elara. Eliza then turned towards Vaan and,

"Vaan Astra Vesta, this is not the first time you have acted out of the line, you have been excused before, but I think that has backfired. You seem to have to sense of boundaries about what is right and what it not. You do not take rules seriously, is it perhaps because you mother is the Head of the Family?"

"That is not the case, Lady Eliza." Vaan replied.

"Then what is it?"

"I apologize for acting out of the line, Lady Eliza. I was wrong. I was simply worried about my fiancée since most people here were twice as old as her. I wanted to be there for her, so I sneaked in here.

I am prepared to receive any punishments that Lady Eliza deems appropriate."


Hearing those words, Eliza momentarily turned silent.

She didn't expect someone as arrogant as Vaan to apologize like this. However, knowing that she had to keep a strict front here, she quickly returned to her character and,

"You will be hearing from me after the tournament ends."

"As you say, Lady Eliza." Vaan bowed again.

"And you."

Eliza then turned towards Elric.

"Lady Eliza." Elric bowed.

"As the oldest Direct Descendant here, you should be the one upholding the Vesta's Honor and far from doing that, you are actually involved in infighting yourself? Are you sure you are responsible enough to become the Next Family Head?"

"I merely wanted Vaan to leave because, as Lady Eliza herself said, only 4th Circle Mages were allowed here. I did not wish for my little brother to get into any sort of trouble, but Vaan took it in a different sense and…

Then he said certain things that made me lose my temper, I apologize for my actions, Lady Eliza.

I should have been more mature."

Elric replied, subtly shifting the blame on Vaan.

Noticing that, Vaan narrowed his eyes, 'Fucking snake. I really want to beat him up.'

Eliza turned silent as well.

She knew she couldn't cause a bigger scene here, therefore, in the end, she just sighed and,

"Both of you will be receiving your punishments after the Tournament ends.

If I hear that something like this is repeated again,

Then I can assure you, you wouldn't like what is going to happen next.

And this goes for all the Vesta Mages here, is that clear?"

"Yes, Lady Eliza." The mages nodded together.

Eliza nodded and turned around, wanting to leave, but then suddenly, she turned around and glanced at Vaan,

"I am allowing you to stay with your fiancée but be prepared for consequences if you cause any similar scene."

"Thank you, Lady Eliza. I will be careful."

A smile appeared on Vaan's face.

Maybe Eliza didn't hate him as much as he thought she did.

Chapter 155: Let’s have a go at it.
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