Master of the End Times

Master of the End Times

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Master of the End Times novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Sci-fi genres. Written by the Author Little Word Qin. 651 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The age of darkness has arrived.

When the rift to an unknown plane suddenly appeared on Earth, monsters invaded, beasts mutated while humans, the once-dominant species fell to the bottom of the food chain.

A hundred years later, three of the greatest classes evolve amongst humans: ability users, ancient warriors, and gunslingers.

Qin Feng, an orphan of this dark age was tormented just as he awakened his pinnacle level of special ability, barely surviving for ten years in the post-apocalyptic world.

Hence, he was reborn…

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  • josh183rd
    Jan 24, 2021

    Were missing chapter 450 between [Ability, Absorb Chpt 490] and [Self-served Ultra Steak Chpt 451]

Latest Release: Chapter 652: Doubt

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fantastic novel...male lead...Fast Cultivation...multiple type of cultivation at a creatures...powerful beast with cores and materials...reincarnated MC...butterfly effect...advanced tech...single female companion so far...200 years after doomsday story...

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This is a really good novel, The way to shows the world is very intriguing and that the worldbuilding in my opinion is better than most. I personally like where the story is heading. I suggest you read this novel if you want a good experience.

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I really like how the novel was able to put in post apocalyptic elements with a dash of magical/ancient arts technique and somewhat futuristic tech

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