Medical Master

Chapter 777: 50 Million in Compensation!

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Chapter 777 50 Million in Compensation!
In the meeting hall.

Under the arrangement of Zhang Xiancheng, the sales manager of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation, all the 100 lucky people were seated.

On the stage.

“This is a brand new drug developed by our company, Trillium Root-Securing Pill.”

Zhang Xiancheng took out a box of Trillium Root-Securing Pills and waved it at the livestream camera. Then, he said, “Now, let’s start the trial.”

As he spoke.

The livestream camera immediately switched from the stage to the audience.

Following the livestream camera, one could see the ten tall female staff members present began to distribute pills to the 100 lucky ones.

Getting the pill, most people first observed it curiously. Because it was solely a pill without a package or instructions, those people couldn’t figure out more details about it by simply looking at it.

After observing for a while, everyone swallowed the pills. Then, they turned left and right to watch other people’s trial tests.

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As a result, they found that most of them were looking around, and only a small number of them were especially here for the drug test. They closed their eyes and were carefully feeling the effect of the pills.

Judging from that behavior, everyone didn’t have much confidence in the medicine test. To put it bluntly, they were a little scared, but no one wanted to show it.

Time, as the crowd looked around, slowly passed by.


Some people seemed to have found something. They stopped turning their heads and calmed down.

As for those who came here especially for the medicine test, they all opened their eyes one by one, and there was a flash of light in their eyes.

Ten minutes later.

All the people present were no longer as anxious as before. On the contrary, a smile appeared on their faces. They picked up the pens on the tables and began to write.

Five minutes later.

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“Time’s up.”

On the stage, Zhang Xiancheng ordered the staff to collect everyone’s trial feedback and said to everyone, “You were nervous just now, but now I’m very nervous. Everyone knows that our company has just been established. Whether our company can have a good start all depends on the paper in front of you.

“Do you… want to change a little bit and put down some nice words for our company?”

Everyone laughed hearing that.

“It’s you who asked us to write the real feedback, and now you asked us to change it?”

“Haha, we just don’t change. We are here to test the medicine. Since we have taken your company’s money, we must give you the most critical advice.”

“Yes, I won’t change it!”

In the livestream channel, netizens were all amused.

“Haha, this executive is so funny.”

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“I didn’t expect the executive of a big company to be like this.”

“I always thought that the executive of a big company would only make some serious jokes with just a little humor. I didn’t expect that there would be such a funny executive.”

On the other side.

While the netizens were talking about it enthusiastically, Zhang Xiancheng pretended to sigh and said, “Well, now we’ll have the host come onstage and read out the feedback of everyone on the test of Trillium Root-Securing Pill one by one.”

The host stepped onto the stage.

“What’s in my hand is the information collected by the staff just now. The one hundred distinguished guests have given feedback to Trillium Root-Securing Pill. Next, I’ll read it one by one.

“The first one.”

The host said with a smile, then took out the paper on the first page and read, “At first, I didn’t feel anything special, just like an ordinary pill, but after a few minutes, I felt as if there was a stream of air rushing straight to the top of my head, just like when I woke up early to meet the first morning wind after enough sleep, very fresh and energetic!

“The second one.

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“I’m very thin, and I’ve always been suffering from anemia and malnutrition, so I feel like I’m feeling muddle-headed every day. After taking this pill just now, I found that my head seems to be clear. My always weak body also became strong. Anyway, I just feel very good.

“The third one.

“I have never stayed up. Yesterday, I flew over and didn’t sleep well, so I was in a particularly bad state. Before I came to try the medicine, I also drank two cans of Bull, but I still couldn’t resist the fatigue. I wanted to finish it as soon as possible and get on the plane to go home. But I didn’t expect that just a few minutes after I took a pill, the tiredness all over my body disappeared. I felt as if I had been reborn. Now I feel very comfortable, nothing uncomfortable at all.

“The fourth one.”

The host read one by one.

In the livestream channel.

Upon hearing the host’s feedback, the netizens were all surprised.

“What the f*ck? Is it that effective?”

“They can’t be paid off, can they?”

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“It’s so awesome. A pill is more powerful than two cans of Bull?”

“Has this medicine been tested? I don’t think there’s any dope in it, right?”

“If that’s the case, the effect would be great.”

“It’s received ten feedback, and there’s still zero bad feedback!”

“I really want to try it myself. Is there really such a magical medicine in the world?”

In the blink of an eye.

The netizens were all stunned.

Originally, there were indeed a small number of people in the livestream channel who came to see Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation make a fool of themselves. There were also a small number of people who came to see the real property of Trillium Root-Securing Pill.


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The feedback given by those people in front of them did not look like that of brand new medicine at all.

How could there be a kind of medicine that was so good that it received zero bad feedback when it was tested for the first time?

While everyone was shocked.

The host continued to read the feedback in his hand.

One after another.

There was no bad comment.

No one said that it had no effect.

All feedback was extremely positive, making people feel as if they were really hired by Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation because the medicine had won unbelievable high praise.

Five minutes later.

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He finished reading the 100 pieces of feedback.

In the livestream channel, all the onlookers were shocked.

There was really no bad comment at all. Wasn’t this too awesome?

Strangely enough, unlike those who were shocked in the livestream channel, the 100 people present were not surprised by the high praise at all. On the contrary, they all looked like that they thought it natural for the medicine to receive such feedback.

In other words, the effect of that Trillium Root-Securing Pill was really that good?

At that time.

Zhang Xiancheng went onstage again.

“Thank you, thank you very much, everyone.”

Looking at the 100 drug testers present, Zhang Xiancheng opened his mouth and said, “On behalf of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation, I sincerely thank the 100 drug testers present. Thank you for your feedback on our product and for your recognition of us too!”

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As soon as he finished speaking.

On the scene, there was a warm round of applause.

“This health care product is made of Desert Cistanche exclusive to our company. It has extraordinary efficacy. All the supplementary herbs are of the highest quality. That’s why it is so effective.”

Speaking of that, Zhang Xiancheng turned around and pointed to the big screen behind the stage, saying, “Now, I’ll announce the efficacy of Trillium Root-Securing Pill. Please look at the big screen.”

They took a closer look.

On the big screen, a picture that occupied the entire screen was immediately displayed.

The medicinal effect of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill was clearly written on it.

“The main function of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill: strengthen one’s foundation, nourish one’s yin, replenish one’s marrow, and strengthen one’s muscles and bones. It can be used to heal one’s internal organs, waist injuries, body fatigue, palpitation, insomnia, haggard skin, early white hair and beard, abnormal menstruation, and lack of appetite.”

Zhang Xiancheng read.

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The audience present nodded one after another hearing that.

On the other side.

In the livestream channel, all the netizens also came to a sudden realization.

Previously, the official website of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation had also published the efficacy of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill, but now it felt completely different from the first time they had seen it.

Looking at it now, they could associate it with the feedback of the medicine test written by those 100 people just now.

“What the f*ck, it’s really a complete match.”

“It’s really the same as what everyone said.”

“It’s true?”

“Even if it’s true, the effect of the drug comes so fast and the effect is so good. I suspect that it has dope in it or some herbs with the effect of dope?”

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“It’s possible. There is no medicine that can take effect so quickly, except for dope.”

Someone took the lead.

Soon, the same comments were repeated in the livestream channel. Everyone was questioning if there was really any dope in the medicine.

At the scene.

On the stage.

Zhang Xiancheng seemed to have guessed their doubts.

He took out a test sheet, looked at the audience, and all the live cameras, and said, “This is the test sheet of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill. I especially took it out to clear everyone’s doubts. In fact, if there is something wrong with the test, we can’t get a batch number. If there is a batch number, it proves that there is no quality problem at all. You can have a look at it. According to the test sheet, nothing exceeds the regulatory limit in our Trillium Root-Securing Pill at all, and there is no so-called dope or hormone.

“Here, I promise that everyone can conduct a test on their own. If you find anything that exceeds the regulatory limit or hormone, dope, or other illegal substances, our company is willing to pay 50 million yuan in compensation!”

As soon as those words came out.

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Everyone was deeply shocked.

“50 million. What a big sum of money!”

“Since he dared to make such a promise in front of so many people, it seems that this Trillium Root-Securing Pill is really effective.”

“It even makes me a little impatient. I want to see if this Trillium Root-Securing Pill is really that good.”

“Brothers, let’s go. For the 50 million, it’s worth buying a box!”

Without a doubt.

All the people watching the livestream began to look forward to the health care product. Since Hua Yuan’s executive dared to make such a big promise, and dared to let people try it, it meant that they were really confident, which meant that the drug effect was real.

Thinking about it in that way, even if it wasn’t medicine, that Trillium Root-Securing Pill was definitely a top level health care product!

But the problem was, how could they buy it?

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Everyone asked one after another.

Nevertheless, at the scene, Zhang Xiancheng, who was standing on the stage, seemed to be able to precisely guess what everyone was thinking every time.

“I announce…”

Facing the audience present and in the livestream channel, Zhang Xiancheng opened his mouth and said, “From the early morning today, preorder of Trillium Root-Securing Pill will be available on our company’s official website. Because the production of the first batch of Trillium Root-Securing Pills is limited, there are only 37.5 thousand pieces in total. I hope that everyone can seize the opportunity to become the users of the second batch of Trillium Root-Securing Pills.

“As for the price…”

Zhang Xiancheng smiled mysteriously and said, “When the time comes, it’ll be announced on the official website.”

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