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Chapter 616: Does Qin Yuru Intend to Restore the Relationship?

Chapter 616 Does Qin Yuru Intend to Restore the Relationship?

Old Madam Qin came in with the help of Nanny Duan. The last time they met was in the Yuhui Nunnery. Old Madam Qin and Shui Ruolan went to the Yuhui Nunnery to offer incense and took the opportunity to stay there with Shao Wanru for a few days. Now a few months had passed, and Old Madam Qin seemed to be much older.

Besides, she seemed to be haggard!

Shao Wanru moved her fingers and wanted to sit up, but was pressed hard down by Yujie. She lay down weakly again and leaned against the thick cushion behind her.

“Grandma!” Shao Wanru said while instructing Qu Le to help Old Madam Qin go over.

The old maids and maids following Old Madam Qin here were stopped outside the door. Yujie had put a thick cushion on a big nanmu chair.

Old Madam Qin sat down in the chair and looked very concerned. After looking Shao Wanru up and down and finding that Shao Wanru was fine despite her weakness, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Your Aunt Shui was supposed to come with me. But her son Brother Xuan is too naughty, so she couldn’t make it!” Old Madam explained.

“Grandma, are you okay? I heard that you are seriously sick. Have you seen a doctor? If it doesn’t work, I can ask Mingqiu Nun to see you. She knows about your condition best!” Shao Wanru whispered with concern.

“I got sick before indeed, but it’s just a cold and nothing serious. I just didn’t expect that the vile kid would send someone up the mountain to inform you!” Old Madam Qin said with her eyes turning red because of anger. How could she not know that Qin Yuru had made such a big trouble, which even attracted the Ministry of Justice’s attention?

Besides, in the past few days, Qin Huaiyong came to visit her frequently. How could she not understand what he meant?

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Old Madam didn’t know the secrets behind it and didn’t even expect that Qin Yuru intended to kill Shao Wanru. She really thought that what had happened to Shao Wanru was just an accident, which was caused by the slippery mountain path and blurred vision in the dark. Now the intervention of the Ministry of Justice made it too significant to cover up.

“Grandma, it’s good to know that you are fine!” Shao Wanru asked another question, “How is Aunt Shui?”

“She is fine, too. We are all fine and hope that you are fine. You almost got hurt, but you are still so concerned about Ruolan and me…” Old Madam said with a soft sigh and stared at Shao Wanru’s pretty face. Both her face and lips were much lighter than before.

They were almost pale. It could be seen that she had suffered a lot. Thinking of the hardships the poor kid had been through, Old Madam felt extremely distressed.

The kid was so unfortunate. Even after reclaiming her identity, she was not favored by Duke Xing’s Mansion and forced to go to the Yuhui Nunnery to observe mourning for her deceased parents.

If Duke Xing’s Mansion really cared about her, they would not let such a little girl stay in the Yuhui Nunnery and live in seclusion for more than two years and not allow her to return until she stayed on the mountain for three years.

The intention of Duke Xing’s Mansion was really obvious and disgusting!

“Grandma, are you here for Qin Yuru?” Looking at Old Madam’s expression, Shao Wanru didn’t embarrass her and asked softly.

“Yes, for the vile kid!” Old Madam said angrily. Since Shao Wanru had started the topic, it became much easier for her to say the following words, “The vile kid didn’t live well in Duke Yong’s Mansion, and Duke Yong’s Mansion tried to forbid her from meeting others as much as possible and even barely had connections with our mansion. I didn’t expect such an incident…”

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Speaking of this, Old Madam paused and really felt too ashamed to continue talking. She was very clear about the relationship between Qin Yuru and Shao Wanru when they were in the Qin’s Mansion. Madam Di and Qin Yuru could not tolerate Shao Wanru, attempted to set her up again and again, and even intended to take her place in Duke Xing’s Mansion, which was really disgusting.

However, she had to think about the fate of the Qin’s Mansion. No matter what Qin Yuru had done, she was a descendant of the Qin’s Mansion anyway. Besides, Qin Xuan, Ruolan’s son, was also a descendant of the Qin’s Mansion. If the blame was shifted onto Qin Yuru, not only would Qin Yuru’s future be ruined, but the Qin’s Mansion would also be implicated. Thinking of her lovely grandson, Old Madam felt distressed.

Why did such a lovely kid have such a vicious sister? Besides these, Qin Huaiyong had visited her several times and repeatedly said that the incident would also have an impact on his official career.

Thinking of these, Old Madam felt the words stuck in her throat and couldn’t say anything else. It became quiet in the room at the moment. Glancing at Shao Wanru’s face uneasily, Nanny Duan found that there was no trace of anger on her face and breathed a sigh of relief. Like Old Madam, she also considered the Qin’s Mansion guilty for the incident.

“Grandma, do you not want Qin Yuru to take all the blame?” Looking at Old Madam and Nanny Duan, Shao Wanru understood what they meant and immediately got it straight in a soft voice.

“Zhuozhuo, I know I make it difficult for you. It’s up to you. If you think she deserves it, you don’t have to be soft-hearted. Your Aunt Shui and I live well. It doesn’t matter even if Yong’er loses the official position or his official career suffers some ill effects!” Old Madam said helplessly but sincerely, and she really thought so.

She didn’t want wealth or power or even a title of Honorary Lady. With Brother Xuan as the successor of the Qin’s Mansion, she was very satisfied.

“Grandma, don’t worry. I’m okay with it. The incident was indeed caused by Qin Yuru. But if she can prove that the incident really has something to do with Duke Xing’s Mansion, what she did can be considered just as an accident. The day when she came to my place, she said that she intended to reconcile with me by asking me to come down the mountain with the excuse of your sickness and having more associations with me after that.”

Shao Wanru said with a trace of sneer in her knowing eyes. How could she not know what Qin Yuru said was just an excuse? But she coincidentally needed the excuse.

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Duke Xing’s Mansion was powerful and prosperous enough to cover up many things, making it impossible for her to reveal their dark secrets. Since Shao Yanru had got involved in this incident this time, she could not let Shao Yanru get away from it so easily.

“Did Yu’er intend to reconcile with you?” Old Madam asked in disbelief and looked at Shao Wanru in astonishment, not quite convinced that these words were said by Shao Wanru.

“Qin Yuru said so. It should be Old Madam of Duke Yong’s Mansion who told her to say so. Grandma, you don’t have to care about whether it is true or not. If she can insist that the First Miss of Duke Xing’s Mansion is the one behind the incident, at least what she did can be considered unintentional. I’ll ask my maternal grandma to tell the Ministry of Justice that Qin Yuru should not take all the blame.”

Shao Wanru answered slowly as her eyelashes fluttered slightly.

Now the Ministry of Justice was investigating into the case mainly by checking on Qin Yuru and Shao Yanru. The fight between them in Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion was somehow spread, so that numerous people were talking about it now and the Ministry of Justice sent some officers to Duke Xing’s Mansion to inquire about it.

Both of the two mansions were aristocratic families, and both Qin Yuru and Shao Yanru were noble ladies who couldn’t be summoned to the court easily, so the Ministry of Justice could only send some officers to their mansions to inquire about the incident.

However, Qin Yuru had always been infamous, while Shao Yanru had enjoyed a great reputation in the capital city. Although people didn’t know whose fault it was, the fight between them had done some damage to Shao Yanru’s reputation. Plenty of people began to doubt whether Shao Yanru just enjoyed an undeserved reputation!

Hearing Shao Wanru’s words, Old Madam was stunned at first and then understood. She reached out to hold Shao Wanru’s hand and said with shame and distress in her eyes, “Zhuozhuo, I’m so sorry about this!”

She knew that Shao Wanru meant to spare Qin Yuru. Thinking of the dangerous situation Shao Wanru had been in, Old Madam wished that Qin Yuru could be locked up like her mother.

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The vile kid just didn’t stop making trouble even after what she had done in the Qin’s Mansion, and now did evil things again. After the case was over, even if Duke Yong’s Mansion didn’t do anything to Qin Yuru, Old Madam decided to go to Duke Yong’s Mansion and talk about it with Countess Yong. It would be better if Qin Yuru didn’t show up again in case Qin Yuru made any trouble again!

“Grandma!” Knowing that Old Madam had understood what she meant, Shao Wanru comforted her, “If nothing happens recently, you should not go out too often. You are still sick and should stay at home for a rest. I’ll go to visit you after I recover!”

“Okay, I know. I won’t drag you down!” Old Madam said with a nod and sore eyes. She had doted on the little granddaughter the most since her granddaughter was a child, but now she had to ask her granddaughter for such a great favor. How could she not feel distressed!

Putting down Shao Wanru’s hand, Old Madam stood up with the help of Nanny Duan and said, “I’m going back. It’s indeed inconvenient for me to go out at this time. The officers of the Ministry of Justice specially went to Duke Yong’s Mansion before, and I heard that they also went to Duke Xing’s Mansion. Although it’s not a public trial, it’s basically certain that the incident has something to do with the two mansions or at least one of them!”

Old Madam was smart and figured out a key point at the moment. It was inappropriate for her to stay longer now. She hadn’t recovered and needed to recuperate after returning. It wouldn’t do any good if she stayed in Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion for too long.

They were on the cusp of the incident, and it was really not a good time to talk too much now.

Shao Wanru also knew this, so she instructed Yujie and Qu Le to walk Old Madam out of the room on her behalf and take some medicinal materials to the carriage outside. After the carriage left, the two maids came back to report.

“Miss, will it work?” Yujie, who knew Shao Wanru’s plan, couldn’t help asking after she came back. She moved to the capital city with the Qin’s Mansion and followed Shao Wanru to Duke Xing’s Mansion. Compared with the Qin’s Mansion, Duke Xing’s Mansion was much more powerful and prosperous. How could Qin Yuru shift the blame onto Shao Yanru?

“Qi Rongzhi is the key!” Shao Wanru smiled slightly and said confidently. She had been expecting her grandma or Aunt Shui’s visit, and Old Madam Qin came at the right time.

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Although Qin Yuru had married into another mansion, if the incident she got involved in became significant, Qin Huaiyong would definitely not be able to sit still and would definitely ask Shui Ruolan or Old Madam Qin to come forward for it. Meanwhile, she happened to be expecting their visit. It was beneficial for both the Qin’s Mansion and her. As long as she reminded them, the Qin’s Mansion would understand.

Regarding whether they could get Duke Xing’s Mansion involved in it, it depended on the capability of Qin Huaiyong and Duke Yong’s Mansion. Actually, neither Qin Huaiyong nor Duke Yong’s Mansion could be underestimated.

Qin Huaiyong got a promotion that skipped a few ranks, and Duke Yong’s Mansion could send out maids, who were exactly like from a good family. These were enough to prove that they were not simple!

Duke Xing’s Mansion wouldn’t be able to clear their name this time…

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