Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1659: Killing someone

Chapter 1659: Killing someone

The tall, thin man grinned, revealing his disgusting yellow teeth. He looked left and right. Seeing that no one was looking, he ran quickly into the alley and blocked the boys.

“Hehe, little kids. Where are your parents?” He stood in front of the two children with a weasel-like smile.

Little Feng Ye looked at him while munching the dried food. He blinked his eyes without saying anything.

Zhao Yang asked the man, “What are you going to do?”

“Follow Uncle. How about Uncle taking you to eat delicious food?” The tall and thin man grinned as he approached them, thinking that it would be better to render them unconscious and carry them away directly.

“No! You’re a bad guy, go away!” Little Feng Ye threw the dried food on that man.

“Hey, that’s not up to you!” That tall, thin man sneered. He went to hold Little Feng Ye. Unexpectedly, that small brat slipped away like a wisp of smoke and hid behind the bigger child.

He smiled maliciously at this sight. “You can’t run away. Follow me obediently so that you won’t suffer.” However, as soon as he finished speaking, that seven or eight-year-old boy took out a dagger from nowhere. The boy’s gloomy and cold defensive gaze, as well as the killing intent and spirit energy breath emanating from all over his body, made him astonished.

He took a few steps back involuntarily, both shocked and startled. “You, are you a cultivator?”

When he saw that the two children had no spirit energy breath, he thought that they should be the children of ordinary people. Who knew that the seven-or eight-year-old boy had spirit energy breath permeated all over his body. This fact made him disconcerted and started to hesitate.

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Such a young child had already started to cultivate. He’s definitely not the child of an ordinary family! Moreover, it was very rare for the children of ordinary people to be immortal cultivators. Even though he couldn’t cultivate, he could still distinguish between mystical energy and spirit energy. This child clearly had the spirit energy breath on his body!

Seeing killing intent burst out from the child’s body and those cold and gloomy eyes were staring fixedly at him like a small beast, his heart trembled and his hair stood on end.

“Don’t, don’t be agitated. I was just teasing you…argh!”

Before he had finished speaking, the figure in front of him leapt out like a flash. His eyes jerked and he felt the pain of a sharp blade slashing at his throat. He reached out instinctively and tried to suppress the small brat.

Little Feng Ye stood aside and watched Sunny pounced on the man. The dagger failed to take the man’s life and was grabbed by the bad man instead. Just when he was anxious, Sunny held the man’s legs and pressed him on the ground. He pounced on the man and pierced the man’s throat fiercely with the dagger.


A scream rang out. In an instant, blood gushed out like a spring and dyed the ground red. The man convulsed on the ground until he was dead and laid motionless.

Zhao Yang held the dagger with trembling hands. His complexion was pale. He bit his lips and calmed himself. Looking at the motionless man, he came forward and probed the man’s nostril for a sign of breathing. After ensuring that the man was dead, he put the dagger away quickly and left with the stunned Little Feng Ye in his arms.

This was his first time to kill people. Even if he had trained before, it was only a drill and he had never killed people. He thought it was easy to kill people, but it turned out that killing made him very scared and frightened.

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