MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1334: Living Is Worth It

Chapter 1334: Living Is Worth It

There is only darkness because of light.

This was true for all living things on earth.

Presently, there was only one waterway on this ocean. Even though as the City Lord of Harbor City, Wang Yu could collect taxes from people travelling to and fro, and majority of the people would take the peace in this area for granted.

If everything was safe and peaceful, everyone would treat this waterway as a safe haven and that Wang Yu merely managed to become the City Lord due to luck. In this case, these people would definitely not feel pleased or satisfied if Wang Yu were to collect taxes from them. In the future, they might create more trouble for him.

With Blackbeard causing trouble out at sea, everything would be different.

After all, Blackbeard was still a Level 60 Obsidian Ancient BOSS. Without a squad of over a hundred men or a player of Wang Yu’s calibre, it would be pretty difficult to deal with him.

Evidently, Fearless’ intention was to let Blackbeard be his hitman out on the waterway.

Players carrying a unique pass from the Quan Zhen Sect would be able to pass through safely… And for those without the pass would have to leave their fates to heaven.

In this manner, it did not merely solve Blackbeard’s unemployment problem as it also helped to raise Wang Yu’s prestige.

Just imagine the fact that even an Ancient BOSS wouldn’t dare to mess with people holding the pass authorised by Wang Yu. Anyone who heard anything like that would feel deep veneration for Wang Yu.

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Most importantly, the unique pass had to be bought using money… This provided yet another channel for them to make money.

Blackbeard’s sole purpose of existence would be to collect protection fees for the Quan Zhen Sect.

It wasn’t because Wang Yu had a lower IQ but merely because kindness limited the potential of Wang Yu’s brain. A ruthless business idea like this could only be thought out by a black-hearted person like Fearless…

Of course, actions like this might seemed black-hearted but these were methods used by businessmen to exercise control over the economy in reality. Furthermore, they were merely doing this in a game…

Anyway, nobody would force anyone to buy the pass so there was no blackmailing or threatening involved. Even a person as upright as Wang Yu wouldn’t be able to point out anything wrong with this.

Blackbeard was never programmed to be a good person so he naturally had no objections to Fearless’ suggestion.

As long as Blackbeard was allowed to rob and not break any of the system rules, he didn’t really care what Fearless cared about.

Moreover, he couldn’t reject either… There was no way he could fight Wang Yu so rejecting wouldn’t do him any good.

After understanding Fearless’ intention, Blackbeard wiped the sweat off his forehead and replied, “Not a problem!”

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“Great!” Fearless took out a contract and said, “Sign here then!”


Blackbeard was turning green as he took over the contract.

This was actually an entourage contract! Was he really going to sell himself out?

“Why? Are you not willing?” Fearless pointed to Wang Yu and said, “You can sign it with him too.”

Wang Yu already had Dragon Emperor, Dales, as his entourage so he wouldn’t mind having one more Blackbeard. After all, this old fella would never be as troublesome as Dales right?

Blackbeard’s fear towards Wang Yu was from the bottom of his heart which explained why Fearless pointed Wang Yu out. Blackbeard trembled in fear when he saw Wang Yu staring at him before asking, “Can I ask the reason why?”

“What do you think?” Fearless answered.

Blackbeard was not a decent being so what would happen if he suddenly decided not to do what he was supposed to do? What if he started robbing those customers with the Quan Zhen Sect’s authorised pass? Something had to be there to control him.

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Blackbeard patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry! I am an extremely trustworthy person!”

“Oh?” Fearless continued, “So much is your morality worth?”


Blackbeard became speechless. As a pirate who robbed others for a living, he was crafty and scheming by nature. Morality? It simply doesn’t exist…

Blackbeard did not believe he could win Fearless in a verbal argument so he simply sighed and signed on the contract.

Fearless said while keeping the contract, “Don’t feel too indignant because everything I do is for your own good. Otherwise, players like us will be the emperors if the system finds out anything and we will not be held responsible for anything at all.”


Blackbeard was once again left speechless.

Indeed, Fearless was right again.

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Even though the agreement between Blackbeard and Fearless did not violate any rules, teaming up with a BOSS to make extraordinary profits via the waterway was definitely something close to the edge.

Once the system realised this ‘deficiency’, it would undoubtedly update the game to remove this BUG.

Fearless and co. were players and since they didn’t violate any regulations, the gaming company couldn’t do anything to them. However, it was different for Blackbeard as he was merely an insignificant BOSS who could be removed anytime.

With the signed contract, he would be considered Fearless’ private property and robbing/killing others in the game wouldn’t be unreasonable or illogical. Even if Fearless got Blackbeard to strip naked out at sea, the system wouldn’t be able to remove Blackbeard forcefully for no legitimate reason.

At the thought of this, Blackbeard felt much better. Freedom might be precious but life was certainly worth more. What could be better than to stay alive to rob others?

After signing the contract, Blackbeard was asked to leave.

After Blackbeard left, everything returned to normal out at sea as Wang Yu’s ship continued moving forward.

Where Blackbeard appeared was right at the common boundary between Harbor City and Immortal Island. After a few more minutes of travelling, Wang Yu and the rest received a system notification: You’ve crossed the country’s border and have entered the range of Immortal Island.

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This waterway was truly not peaceful at all.

After entering the range of Immortal Island, Wang Yu and the rest suffered the ambush of a few more pirates in the region.

However, these pirates were nothing compared to Blackbeard… Since even Blackbeard had been sold to Wang Yu, the rest of the pirates were naturally not going to worry Wang Yu and his crew.

One hour later, Wang Yu could finally see Immortal Island.

<System Notification: You’ve discovered Saga City and received experience…>

After two full hours out at sea, everyone from the Quan Zhen Sect couldn’t wait to get out of the ship and get back on land.

The moment they saw the shore, they acted as though they met their long-lost relatives. All of them had tears in their eyes as they were getting increasingly emotional.

At the same time, the Japanese players out at the shore also noticed a peculiar ship entering their city.

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Because they were at the waterfront, ships were common tools that these players saw occasionally. However, there was no secondary job in <<REBIRTH>> that was called shipbuilder. Therefore, the ships that all these players saw on a daily basis were merely small wooden boats.

Even though Wang Yu’s ship was slightly broken, it was still a cargo ship which was already much larger than ordinary ships that these players came across.

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