MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist
Chapter 190: [BONUS] Lunch 3

Jonathan's eyes sparkled. He knew what his mother was doing. Diamond Palace contained all the luxury he could ask for. Spa, gym, pool, bathtub, rain showers, air-conditioned room with Nanotech mattress for ultra-comfort. Even a Pod! Ren surely had a pod, and he could use it for himself too.

What's more . . . telling his friends that he now lived in Diamond Palace would surely make him popular with the girls.

"That's right, Auntie," Jonathan said, "I can also help Ren in his studies when I'm there. And you can also help your fellow relative. That would greatly help us since we would save a lot of money from rent."

"Now that you're so rich, you can even afford a place like this. A little assistance wouldn't be too much, right?"

Surely, Helen and Troy wouldn't deny their request. It's just living with them, after all. They have many rooms in their unit. Since they were in a public place, right beside some friends, they wouldn't be stingy.

Margaret raised a brow before she whispered in her husband's ear. "If they're my relative, I'll kick them out and cut ties with them."

Leon only elbowed his wife while he never left his eyes on his food.

Mia was talking on her phone with her friends that she was in Zone A and they would go shopping later with her family. She could finally brag about her new life, and she would no longer feel envious of others who had fancy dresses and expensive make-ups.

Leonel was focused on his meal to even care about what Hazel and his son were even talking about.

Meanwhile, Helen and Troy were tight lips. Helen especially was torn. Though she didn't like the way Hazel spoke about them, she was still her cousin, and Jonathan was still her nephew. They were still family connected by the blood of their ancestors.

Helen thought that it might be good for Ren to have another family around to help him. To have a big brother figure near him since Ren was an only child.

However, Helen felt that it wasn't his decision to make. It was Ren's house.

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Helen faced Margaret. "I think you should ask Ren. After all, he is the one who bought our new home."

Hazel laughed, snorting along the way. "What are you talking about? You're his mother. Of course, he will listen to you."

Hazel felt like she could convince Helen more than Ren, so she persisted with the woman.

Helen wet her dried lips and forced a smile. "I think Ren is old enough to make a decision on his own."

Hazel stared Helen in the eyes while the latter didn't avert her gaze. When she realized that Helen wouldn't budge, Hazel had no choice but to plead with Ren.

"Well . . . What say you, Ren? It's a good opportunity to bond with your cousin. I heard you don't have any siblings. You can treat Jonathan as an older brother."

Ren's face remained stoic as he drank the juice in his glass. He didn't have to race his face to know that everyone's attention was on him.

Ren knew that some people didn't want others to get ahead of them and would do anything to pull you back to their level. They made it their life goal to make sure that you remained below them.

And when they realized that nothing would stop you, not their demeaning tone, quirking smirks, and hurtful words, they would take advantage of you. Suck you dry until there was nothing left before leaving you to the gutters.

But when it was you who needed their help, they'd pretend that you didn't exist.

Opportunistic. Toxic. Full of envy and jealousy. And the sad part was . . . it was his relatives.

Ren already expected it, but he was still left disappointed.

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"I'm sorry, Aunt Hazel . . . but I don't want anyone sleeping at my place except my parents."

Hazel and Jonathan were shocked that Ren was openly denying them. Wasn't he concerned about his image?

"But . . . Jonathan is your cousin."

"I'm aware. But my decision is final."

". . ." Hazel's smiled drop and her face warped in anger. "I see. Now that you have the money, you think that we poor people don't have the right to live with you. Why? Afraid that we will dirty your floors and ruin your furniture?"

Tension rose between them while the waiters continued to serve their food after each meal was finished. Their face contained nothing but their practice perfect smile no matter what they heard and saw.

Ren chuckled and stared at the old lady with mirth in his eyes. "Actually, I am more afraid that you would poison us with your words."

"Watch your tongue, boy. Just because you have money now doesn't mean that you can be so arrogant about it." Hazel jabbed a finger at Ren, which got Helen and Troy to fume in anger.

"I think you should leave," Helen said with an edge to her tone. Her glares told that she was restraining herself from clawing Hazel's hair out from her head.

Hazel just looked at Helen up and down and sneered. "I see that money made your head big, Helen. Don't worry. I'll make sure the whole family knows what you have become. You'll see that Karma will bite you in the end. It's not only you and your disrespectful, arrogant son who will earn money from this game. You'll see how my Jonathan will buy a penthouse in here."

Hazel grabbed her purse and spat, "Let's go, Jonathan. I guess we'll be buying that pod after all."

Jonathan fisted his hands and forgot about Ren and the others at the thought of having his own pod. "Yes!" Now he no longer had to wait in line in the cafes and could now play for hours in real time.

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Ren was just lucky that he didn't know the value of the in game currency and spent all his gil in the Festival of Gil. Not to mention that his playing time was only thirty minutes a day in real world.

But now . . . Jonathan believed that he would become rich too. If Ren could do it, he would do it even better.

The mother and son left the restaurant without turning back. Even meters away, they even heard them speak.

"Don't worry, mom, if Ren can do it. I can do it better. Your son will become a millionaire soon enough."

Ren only shook his head while Leonel leaned and whispered. "Are they really your relatives?"

He then faced Helen and flashed an apologetic smile. "No offense but Aunt Helen is so nice and that Auntie is just . . ."

"None taken." Helen finished her food before another meal came her way.

"Don't worry about them, brother Ren." Mia beamed. "I can be your family." Your wife in the future. She thought and giggled.

Margaret took a deep breath, and all her pent-up words were released in one go. She was itching on her seat from being silent even for just ten minutes.

"Don't worry about them, Helen. You did the right thing, Ren. People are like that. Wait and see, when our neighbors got hold that Leonel had become rich, they will clamor at our house and ask for money. And when you don't give them, they curse you and say things behind your back. You'd be the bad guy all because you didn't give them any money that they weren't even a part of when you acquired it."

Margaret then beamed at Roni and his parents. "Right, neighbors?"

Roni was still in a state of shock that his mind refused to process anything. He didn't even touch his thousand bucks free food yet. That was how shock he was.

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While Roni's parents had really thick skinned that ran in the family. They only smile while stuffing their mouths with steak and fish. But no matter how fancy and delicious the meal was, all they felt were the salty bitterness of their aching jealous hearts.

MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist Chapter 190: [BONUS] Lunch 3
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