MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
Chapter 835: A change in powers

Rudra was signed into Omega, so he had no idea that currently 4 aliens were inside his office courtsey of the universal queen. Modifying his VR pod to support his increased powers.

They were part of the Galactic Patrol and were sent to planet #H2047 in response to a distress signal sent by the queen.

Although the patrol officers were a little surprised to be sent to a manaless planet for a Yellow level threat alert , but it just went to show that the being inside the pod was nothing ordinary if he had yellow grade clearance while being from a manaless planet.

It had been an difficult modification job , but the blueprint provided by the universal queen was enough to slowly complete it without errors.

The human in the group said " The information on this planet shows that it's a human colony , however it's still in the Omega phase . However oddly i don't have clearance to check the information of the being in this pod.

The modifications we have done are not suitable for a human , but the intel suggests there is no other species on this planet, what do you guys think? ".

The elf leader thought about it for a while then sighed " Vampires are not a part of Omega right? I can't think of any other race or quest that can trigger a race change ".

The vampire in the group giggled as he said " Well well well , this information will sell for a lot on the grey market".

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The elf leader immediately rebuked " Don't even think about it.

He maybe the hope of this planet. While you vampires maynot beleive in karma , i do and i don't want blood of billions on my soul ".

The vampire hissed at the elf but stayed complacent. Galactic Patrol had strict heirchy and his future promotions depended on the captain giving him a nice recommendation.

This was a feature of the Galactic Patrol , they were highly dependent on their seniors to like them for promotions . It was both a good and a bad system as on the plus side it kept ambitious yet immorale juniors in check , however it also promoted nepotism and made it hard for people with no backgrounds to rise through the ranks on merit alone.

" Let's wrap this up and leave , contact the cuber corporation for the check-up on the being inside once he logs out ". The human suggested and the others agreed as they left as quickly as they entered.

The scary part was that these galactic patrol beings could teleport in and out of Rudra's room as if the walls around Rudra were not physical at all , and if it were not for the camera fitted in the room and the physical evidence of them doing modification on Rudra's pod , nobody would have ever known that aliens entered this planet.


( Meanwhile in Omega)

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Rudra was getting accustomed to his new wings and newfound power and while he was glad that he could fly around even without gravity manipulation now , and that his strength and agility had increased greatly. He was more bothered by the fact that his armour he had taken from Omar no longer fitted him.

The wings made it impossible to equip human armour and hence Rudra was forced to roam armourless and bare chested.

His grey wings different to the pure white of the angels he gathered unnecessary attention wherever he flew , and it was not helping that Ozriel kept popping up at random locations and gave him death stares.

Rudra got the hang of his new body really quickly and the best part was that sariel's basics such as retreating when facing an incoming attack and faster movement to break enemy's flow of attacks all came faster and more naturally to Rudra with his enhanced body.

The best way to put it was that his body was a lot more aerodynamic now , and his wings were such that depending on how he bent it helped him move 360° across the floor.

The only motion the wings were unable to make were flapping upwards instead of down to fly down vertically , but Rudra was fine with that deficit as gravity manipulation more than covered up for it.

Since Ozriel was not going to train him , Rudra had some free time which he chose to spend sparring with sariel and for 10 more days he improved exponentially while getting accustomed to his new body , until finally 10 days later Michael showed up at sariel's home and took Rudra away for the next phase of his training.

To be honest , Rudra was most excited about training with Micheal as he was hailed as the strongest angel and the one who defeated and banished Lucifer from heaven all those year ago.

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Micheal was a cool angel just like sariel , but he was by no means kind.

Micheal was the main character of the world in some ways as his natural charisma , his skills and his backing were all top-notch.

Even his most casual actions seemed grand to an onlooker because of how he carried himself and his smile was worth a million diamonds.

Thankfully he did not have a rotten attitude like ozriel and was actually looking forward to teaching Rudra.

Micheal said " So , i expect you to have learnt something worthwhile with sariel about defense, now it's my turn to teach you and my speciality as you may know is offense.

Since you even have wings on your back now i expect you to keep up with me as I'm hoping to teach you the lesson of ' How to slay the devil ' , a 14 day course series by archangel Micheal .

I like it , has a nice ring to it eh? ".

Rudra beamed in joy , as he said " That's what I'm here for ".

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Chapter 835: A change in powers
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