MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 881: Regus’s Controversial Speech

Chapter 881 Regus's Controversial Speech

" It's a complete shit-show " Max whispered to Severus, grinding his teeth as he struggled to contain his seething anger.

The sight of Vega's lifeless body, lying cold and still, ignited a fury within Max that mirrored the emotions simmering in the hearts of many present in the room.

From the moment he entered several vampire lords and ladies approached him, their eyes filled with questions as they wanted to know why he hadn't been the one to face the battle; why had Vega been chosen instead? And Max's response to each inquiry remained consistent as he said impassively that '' it wasn't his decision; it was the king's.''

Whispers circulated, suggesting that Max had shied away from the fight, compelling Vega to step in.

Others speculated that he was in a coma, too incapacitated to participate, however , Max vehemently denied these claims.

While he admitted to the coma, he strategically misled them about its duration, insisting he had been fit and ready well before Vega's deployment.

This statement was only partially true as while, he was conscious before Vega was sent, and Regus hadn't bothered to verify his condition. Had the king checked, Max would have been frolicking with Mira in Draconia, but those were details others weren't meant to know.

For the broader vampire society, it was essential to believe he was available and that it was solely Regus's unilateral decision not to deploy him that cost Vega his life, as Max did not wish to share any blame for this hazardous outcome with Regus.

Max's carefully chosen words fanned the flames of controversy surrounding Vega's death, intensifying the agitation against Regus.

With 13 lords already defying the norm by refusing to kneel at Regus's entrance, the ceremony was already off to a tense start, however, with each passing minute and every whispered conversation, the atmosphere in the hall deteriorated further.

A sense of rebellion, barely concealed, rippled through the gathered vampires, their dissatisfaction with Regus growing more palpable by the moment.

However, just as it seemed like things would boil over at any moment it was Sabrina Titus, the usually shy and reserved wife of Vega, who took the center stage. A hush falling over the grand hall as her presence which was fragile yet commanding, drew everyone's attention.

" Friends, allies, and esteemed lords," Sabrina began, her voice soft but unwavering. " I stand before you, heartbroken but filled with immense gratitude. Each of you, in being here, honors the memory of my beloved Vega." Her words, tinged with sorrow, echoed in the silent hall.

" He was more than just the patriarch of the Titus clan. To me, he was a loving husband, and to our son Lucian, a caring father. To you, he was a loyal ally and a formidable leader." A gentle smile touched her lips as she recalled, " Vega had a warmth that he reserved for those he loved. His laughter was contagious, and his counsel wise beyond measure."

Around the hall, nods and soft murmurs of agreement could be seen and heard, even from those who had once stood against Vega. Her words were weaving a tapestry of shared memories and respect.

" In these dark times, let us not falter. Let Vega's legacy be our beacon. Together, let's stand united, as he would have wanted." Sabrina's eyes, though red with grief, shone with a steely resolve. " Thank you, for your support, for your presence, and for the love you shared with Vega."

As she stepped down, a respectful applause rippled through the hall. Her speech had warmed hearts and softened some of the harsher political edges present.

She had not criticized Regus which was a huge relief for the King and she had also not stated any demands for ' Justice ' or ' Revenge ' like she was entitled to do.

She only thanked all for remembering and sending off Vega, which helped take everyone's minds off the politics of his death and mourn sincerely even if it was just for a moment.

Then, Regus Aurelius rose to speak as immediately a ruckus broke out within the grand hall.

Usually, when Regus would have rose to speak, there would automatically be pin-drop silence, however, it wasn't the case this time as he had to start his speech loudly over the voices of the masses to garner their attention.

" ESTEEMED LORDS AND LADIES," he began, his voice strong and commanding. " Today, we mourn a great loss. Vega Titus, a man of valor and strength, has fallen."

He paused, letting his words sink in. " But let us be clear about the circumstances of his death. It was in battle, in a war against our direct enemies. A war that Vega himself championed and believed in." His tone was firm, brooking no dissent as Max immediately scoffed at Regus's choice of words.

" Some here might question the decisions that led to his deployment. Let me remind you, as your king, it is my duty to make difficult choices for the greater good of our society." Regus's words, though respectful, carried a note of controversy, a subtle challenge to any who dared to question his authority.

" The path ahead is fraught with danger, and it requires strong, unwavering leadership. The threat posed by Dracula and his primordial vampires is real and imminent. In these times, unity is not just a virtue, it is a necessity." Regus's gaze swept across the room, his posture unyielding as he particularly stared down Max's eyes.

" I urge you all to remember our common purpose. We must stand united, under one banner, under my leadership, as we navigate these treacherous waters." He concluded with a decisive nod, his eyes scanning the crowd.

The reactions were immediate and varied. The Caesar clan, led by Julian's widow, whispered among themselves, their faces etched with disapproval. Falcon Twilight squinted visibly, his narrow eyes hiding the frustrated tears that had begun to form, his thoughts shrouded in mystery.

The Sabitzer and Fangtooth clans exchanged glances, their expressions ranging from contemplation to outright skepticism. Some lords, however, nodded in agreement, accepting Regus's call for unity.

The tension in the room was palpable, the controversial elements of Regus's speech stirring a cauldron of emotions and political undercurrents. As the first one to challenge him was none other than Max himself who asked the question that was already on everyone's mind.

" King Regus, may I know the reason behind why Lord Vega was chosen to be deployed instead of me although I volunteered for this fight? " Max asked in a rather spicy tone as all hell broke loose within the hall, with everyone breaking out in audible protest.

Chapter 881: Regus’s Controversial Speech
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