MMORPG: Rise of the Peerless Pumpkinmancer
MMORPG: Rise of the Peerless Pumpkinmancer

MMORPG: Rise of the Peerless Pumpkinmancer

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MMORPG: Rise of the Peerless Pumpkinmancer novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Harem, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author ClasslessAscension. 370 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


[Creating Pumpkinmancer Class: Confirm?]

Pro VR Gamer Jack O’Neil died as tragically as he lived: betrayed, then eaten by ducks! Luckily, fate gave him a second chance when he found himself coming back to the past.

Watch as he makes his return as a Ranker, even stronger than before! This time he aims to become number one and clear all regrets from his previous life. He will right all wrongs and wrong all rights! — Eh…what?!

To all the Players and NPCs of the gaming world of ‘INFINITE’:

F … ⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫


Welcome to Rise of The PP: Pumpkins & Chaos

It’s huge! That’s what she said as she saw the massive…undead army!

This is a tale of a beautiful friendship between a kind young man and his many peculiar undead summons. So what if a few in-game realms end up being destroyed? *Shrug*


— Attention may Contain —

- Amazing PP (Peerless Pumpkinmancer)
- Badass MC (Shows people his PP Class)
- Awesome Gaming world (INFINITE!!!)
- Bullied NPCs (PP hard to handle)
- NPC Waifus (2D becoming 3D!)
- Magic (PP Magic is best magic)
- Multiverse (PP across worlds!)
- 100% sane friends (Officially)
- Guild Wars (PP VS guilds!)
- Scorned beauties (No BS!)
- Taming (Cool travel pets!)
- Secrets (PP finding stuff!)
- Pumpkins (Spooky!)
- R18 tag (?!?)
- Much more!

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  • TheAtheist 1

    Now that the Author has stopped writing and is on a break, I'll ask again, Is he finally a Pumpkinmancer or after 370 Chapters we are still not there yet?

  • grimR 1

    I'm not crying my eyes are sweating.

  • Dulfador 2

    It happened... IT FINALY HAPPEND F*CK YEAH!!!

  • GravityJuice 2

    DL Nation!

  • potatonuggies 1

    Update: Hello everyone here may be wondering why this story is not updating. The reason is that the author is taking a year long break, Luckily there should only be 6 months left before he comes back.

  • Gryfalk 1

    Where are you JACK!!! Someone perform a summoning spell and sacrifice!!

    • grimR 1

      I agree we need a sacrifice or we may never get new chapters.

  • SteadHutch 1

    Honestly I’d say this is pretty good, at least til he leaves the tutorial. The thing that made me drop it was jack trlling the best girl ‘I’m not looking for a relationship’ then literally within 30 minutes after leaving the tutorial he finds a big booba girl who is his lover within the week. Kinda f*ck*d up, I don’t mind the girl herself she’s just worse than the girl he told to f*ck off and the plain disrespect is too sad to watch, especially after it’s shown how much bubblegum loves him. Oh also the npc girl has the character depth of a pumpkin with tiddies

    Edited: 4mo
    • hwangchung 1

      Never underestimate the destructive yet enthralling power of big boobas.

  • grimR 1

    You know every time I see a notification in my library tab only to be depressed when its another novel

  • grimR 1

    Thank the heavens, are prayers have been answered.

  • Dulfador 2

    The lord has answered our calls!!!