Monster Integration (Web Novel)
Chapter 2960: Leonard

"Mammoth Charge!"

I said, and the mammoth power roared through my body; his fused art+constitution released the power, which was strengthened by inheritance, before reaching every part of me, making me feel like he could do anything.

"Die human!" Akra roared and swung that huge wooden staff down with the power of the Grand Lord.

I, too, responded, swinging his ax with the power of a mammoth charge, which threatened to burst out of his body.


My axe clashed against the staff of the Chimpman, and I felt a huge shock coming at me, while at the same time, the powerful energies of the attack traveled down my ax and clashed against my armor; just as it did, golden yellow light shone through my armor, which sucked all energy.

He received a shock, but not as big as he had expected, given the power of the attack.

It once again couldn't help but surprise him; he had thought it would send him back, but all it did was shake his body.

The Grimm, too, seemed surprised by it, but it did not let it stop it and attacked without hesitation; he, too, responded same time as it.


Their weapons clashed and then clashed again and then again; I was increasing the power of my attacks with every strike, but the Grimm was matching that as well, not giving it a single chance to strike it.

It was instead coming at him with the power of the sledgehammers; a single strike on his body and he would turn into a meat patty.

It is not like it is only dangerous in the battle; no, there are over forty Grimms fighting the battlefield. Some are powerful enough to kill him in a single strike.

Thankfully, those are held off by their powerhouses, but still, he fears the stray attacks; they are powerful enough that, if they hit it, he wouldn't be able to survive it.

"You have improved a lot since the last time we fought," said the Akra while still attacking. "You have also done quite better yourself," he replied.

It was not the first time he had fought against this bastard; he had fought it a few weeks ago when they were both High-Grandmaster.

The bastard was powerful that he was barely able to run away with his life on the line,

Now, he is fighting with much better chances, but he still does not forget the craftiness of the bastard that nearly killed him.

"Yes, I have done it better," It replied with a toothy smile, and its aura increased. He, too, also harnessed the full power of the mammoth charge and attacked the bastard with it.

We clashed thousands of times in minutes; each of our attacks would send a ripple through space and send a shockwave that would turn the mountains into dust.

lіghtnоvеlрub․соm fоr thе bеѕt nоvеl rеаdіng ехреrіеnсе

They are really right; this is the power of the gods.

'Mammoths Rage!'

He shouted inside him, and suddenly, even more, power filled his, and he moved for the kill.

The soon I killed them, the easier it would be both of them were new Grand Lords and did not have complete control over their abilities.

Which gives them the best chance of killing each other, as once they get familiar with all their abilities and get control over them, it will be very hard to kill them.

Mentor had provided him the records; he knew how hard it was to kill Grand Lords before the war began, and not a single Grand Lord had died.

Though now more than ten had died, she was quite shocked a few minutes ago when he got to know that, with the majority of them being Grimm, what is even more shocking was that most of them were killed by his mentor.

Except for one who has been killed by Lady May, every other Grimm Grand Lord had been killed by his mentor.

It shouldn't have been able to shock him, and he even felt ashamed feeling those emotions.

His mentor was able to make a brute like him a Grand Lord, a thing of impossible magnitude, but he was able to do it, so it shouldn't be shocking that he was able to kill a bunch of Grimms.

Now, he at least needed to kill one, so he could deserve the inheritance his mentor had designed.

"Die you, wretched Grimm!" he shouted as he reached the Grimm and swung his sword at the full-power mammoths rage, even Akra got surprised by it, but it released fast as its aura exploded and brought down its staff before his attack could even reach it.


It stopped my attack, making me shake from head to toe; I am not the only one who, the Akra, nearly took a step back before stabilizing itself.

"You could never kill me with this little power, human!" said Akra and brought down its staff toward me; I also swung my ax at it in response.


Once again, we clashed, but this time, we both were better prepared as there was not a single shake from both of us; instead, we brought back our weapons and attacked again and again.

Our weapons begin to move at a speed faster than sound; the shockwaves would come out like tides from their clashed and spread out, where they would clash against tens of more shockwaves that are coming from the different battles.

Everywhere he looked, someone was fighting, trying to kill each other, but till now, nobody had been killed, but I don't think this will be a reality for long, given the sheer size of the battles.


lіghtnоvеlрub․соm fоr а bеttеr uѕеr ехреrіеnсе

He was just thinking that when something very strange happened.

He saw an ice-elemental domain suddenly collapsing, and Hyneman, who was the center of it, fighting against the bleeding human, suddenly disappeared.

It did not disappear but died; he and the rest of the Grand Lords felt it die and also sensed the tiny bird before she, too, disappeared with the Grimm.

'It can't be?' He asked himself, not believing what he had felt, but the next second, a notification appeared in front of him through his badge with information, which made his eyes go wide.

"Mentor," he muttered and turned to Grimm, who had a rage burning in its eyes.

They looked at each other without moving before suddenly powerful auras blasted out of their bodies like a volcano explosion

He activated mammoth's fury without hesitation and felt the true power of his art+constitution roar through him. Till now, he only borrowed the power, and now, he had come out and filled me as if a dam had exploded.


'Mentor had made a mistake,' he thought, as the power that had just appeared began to tear him apart, but soon it stopped as hundreds of formations came out of its core and contained this flooding energy, which had threatened to burst him apart.

Once again, he couldn't help but feel ashamed, doubting his mentor.

"Die, you bastard!"

He quickly got his emotions under control when he saw the Chimpman appear in front of him and swing down that huge staff covered in extremely thick earth elemental energy.

He also swings his ax in pull power with golden swirls of his mammoth covering his ax; the aura coming from it was no less strong than of the Grimm, and it couldn't help but surprise it.

When they had fought a few weeks ago, there was a stark difference in strength between them; even saying that would be an understatement given how the Grimm had nearly killed it.


Its ax clashed against Grimm's staff, and he felt a huge physical shock that forced him to take a step back; what was more shocking what the flood of earth elemental energy coming at him; it was so vast he feared that it would tear him apart.


He had activated his defenses to deal with this energy, but before they could act, a roar rang through his body, and all the incoming energy was sucked into the tiny mammoth that came out of his come.

It shocked him; there was no mention of it in the notes of inheritance that the mentor had sent.

He wishes he could inspect it further, but he does not have time, as another attack is coming at him.

lіghtnоvеlрub․соm fоr thе bеѕt nоvеl rеаdіng ехреrіеnсе


He defended against the attack, and like the last time, the phantom had consumed the energy; it did the same in the attack that came next.

He and Grimms attacked each other without holding back; he especially is not holding anything back, as all the offensive energy coming across him is absorbed by the tiny mammoth.

A few minutes passed, but no winner was coming out; the Chimpman was strong, countering every attack that came at it.

'Should I use it?' he asked himself; there is one attack that could help it, but according to information, it could be only used once a month, and mentors notes said that he shouldn't use this attack unless it is an emergency, or he is present.

As this attack is not tested and could harm him, even kill him, and he could only use it once every month.

It is not an emergency, nor is the mentor present, but it is the best time to use it; once Grimm gets the total cover of his strength, the move might not be able to work.


He did not think about it further and activated that method the moment his ax clashed with the Grimms.

'Tusks of Mammoth!'

He said silently and immediately felt a crushing pain in his heart while his core blazed. If he hadn't been accustomed to the pain, he would fall unconscious by now, but even bearing it, he felt like he could fall unconscious at any moment.


The pain had lasted not even for a moment but felt like hours when finally, two huge ivory tusks with sharp points materialized behind him and moved toward the Chimpman with a speed that made his eyes go wide.


The tusks surprised the Chimpman, but it did not stop from reacting; multiple defensive methods appeared one after another, but these unstoppable tusks crushed through them till they reached the last defensive method, which was able to stall them for a fraction of a second before they broke through it.


They pierced through both sides of its chest and froze the Akra in its place.

He moved, knowing he had less than one second before tusks disappeared and the Grimm gained back his mobility.

He appeared in front of Chimpmans horrified eyes and swung down his ax, not caring about multiple powerful screams that rang out behind it.


Тhе lаtеѕt аnd mоѕt рорulаr nоvеlѕ аt lіghtnоvеlрub․соm

His ax reached the neck of Grimm and felt resistance, but it cut through it and the next moment, a head of Grimm flew into the air.

'I succeeded,' he said in my mind and smiled, but a moment later, his expression froze, and he clutched his heart as the pain he had felt never before bored down on him.

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