Monster Integration (Web Novel)
Chapter 3843: Big Battle II

"It seemed like, I won't be able to kill you without using my full power," it said after a moment of silence.

"Even that won't be enough, but you are more than welcome to try!" I replied, making it glower at me before it calmed down.

A moment later, a powerful aura shot out of its body.

It was massive and formed a huge bloodline phantom behind it, before it merged with it and raisings, its power so high that it made me serious before my calm heart began to beat excitedly once again.

Burst 100%.

I didn't hesitate and activated the full power. The power filled, all the runes to the brim, and they started shaking it.

There is a faint instability in them. It is a major concern, but I need to deal with it as soon as possible before it turns into a major concern. I will do that as soon as I am finished with the Grimms.

It acted immediately and came with an attack powerful enough to fill the hearts of my Sky Sovereigns with dread.


My sword clashed with the massive ax, creating a shockwave powerful enough to send Sky Sovereigns fighting around us flying.

They had moved away already, but not enough, and now some have ended up losing their lives. The smart ones seemed to have expected it would happen and used the opportunity to kill and injure the enemies, the moment the opportunity came.

"I thought you should be stronger," I said to the Bearman. It glared, before attacking me again, while I moved to the counter.


The weapons clashed as they attacked me one after another. It is fast and powerful, with each attack stronger than before, but not enough strong enough to shake my sword, much less me.

The full burst has given me amazing power, that I wanted to move off the offensive immediately.

I would have if I had been fighting with the enemies everywhere. I rather play defensive than offensive and show my power; I need to survive and for it, I need to keep my strength as hidden as possible to use at the right time.

In this battle, there are powerful people. I have seen, the natives powerful than me die by the hands of the Grimm; I don't want to be one of them.

I need to survive, and this Grimm had a part to play in that.

"Arta's Rage!"

It roared and launched another attack.

As always, I moved my sword to defend against it, which made it angry, but the next moment, it became calm again. I have to say, this Bearman is quite good at controlling its emotions.

It is getting angry, but it is controlling it well.

The Grimms have a complicated relationship with it. Especially the ones with the bloodlines. The extreme emotions help them harness more power from the bloodline and thus they never try to control it, instead, they fan it.

The Bearman isn't like that; it is controlling its emotions. To it, its sanity is more important than the rage, which makes it more dangerous.

Power is important, but if one loses one's mind gaining it, then it becomes the reason for one's destruction. I think it is the reason why, it is so powerful and would be even more if it lived.

I am going to kill it. I would rather, let ten rages filled Grimms live, than the one like this.

It is the Grimms like this, that becomes a true danger and it wouldn't be leaving this battlefield alive.


Its attacks continued. Every few seconds, it would try different attacks and I have to say, it has a pretty good arsenal.

Each is lethal to deal with the different enemy. It is trying them all against me, but not a single one is working.

A few more seconds passed, and suddenly, my expression changed.

It is not because of my battle, but because of the Ven's. He had received serious injuries. The two Grimms, he is fighting are powerful; it is already a surprise, that he could fight against them, given he is an Earth Sovereign.

He is stronger and could project more power, but he wouldn't.

He could at most use 90% of his power safely before his corruption aura started to leak out. He wouldn't want that, because it would be a death sentence for him.

The prime would kill him. If any Grimm and natives didn't. In the case of corruption, there had been instances when both parties joined hands to kill them.

They are hated by both and killed on sight.

I cannot help him, both of us are on the opposite site, and, I am sure. If I tried to go there, I would be stopped many times over.

Still, I am ready to go there. If I feel like he is truly in danger. Currently, he is in danger, but handling the Grimms despite his injuries, which are rapidly healing; their pace surprised me.

The corrupted have some advantages, that both Grimms and natives didn't. This super-fast healing is one of them.

"Wrath of Arta!"

He roared with another attack, with hundreds of axes of energy coming at me. It is a powerful attack alright; It's the most powerful one till now.

It is enough to kill a force of Sky Sovereign, but it is targeting me with it. I have to say; I am flattered.

'It is time to end it,' I thought and grinned as I moved toward hundreds of massive axes.

It is enough to kill a force of Sky Sovereign, but it is targeting me with it. I have to say; I am flattered.


Soon, I reached them, and six limbs came out of my back and started to clash with the axes. Destroying each one with every attack; these axes are multiple attacks, but I am destroying them with a single attack.

It is not much of a brute power, as it is an inheritance energy. My energy is quite good at dealing with such things, especially when it is treated to deal with specific energy.


I dealt with the last ax and appeared in front of the Bearman with an ax glowing in the black light.

It didn't retreat seeing me, instead poured more power into its attack.

"Glory of Arta!" it roared and attacked.


My sword clashed against it. It was a powerful attack. It shook me from up to down. It put a smile on its face before the alarm flashed on them.

It should have retreated when I destroyed its axes. The battle had ended there, but it stayed.

It still believes that it could kill me.

Even the smart sometimes make grave mistakes, believing too much in their abilities.

Puch Puch Puch…

My string limbs became visible and pierced through every part of its body, while it watched in shock and horror.

It thought I had pulled them back, but they were always there. It was not able to sense them before it was too late.

I pulled my weapons out, before pulling the Grimms inside. It was quite powerful; I am quite excited about the increase it will give me.

I will need it to survive this battle.

Chapter 3843: Big Battle II
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