Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife (Web Novel)
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife (Web Novel)

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife (Web Novel)

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Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Xincerely. 428 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


"Stay with me and I will give you everything your heart desires. For you, my darling, I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just to have you."

- - - - -

In every love story, there's always a vengeful and venomous fiancée who was engaged to the rich and handsome CEO that fell for the poor, but gentle and innocent female lead. In his greed for her love, he broke his poor fiancée whose love drove her to the brink of insanity.

No one ever cared about how the fiancée felt.

Zhao Lifei was prepped her entire life to marry one man, but suddenly, his heart was captured by another. She was face-slapped, destroyed, and disowned for loving Zheng Tianyi. She was willing to sacrifice her youth, time, and heart for the man, but all she got was pain and despair.

It took two harsh, but awakening years for Zhao Lifei to finally understand the mistakes she has made in the past.

After her redemption, it was now Zhao Lifei's turn to experience a love grander than the female lead.

Smarter, feistier, and wittier, Zhao Lifei knew how to survive the cruel, backstabbing, and harsh upper-class society was.

"A cheating fiancé that broke my heart? Screw him, I'll find someone richer!"

"All of my friends have abandoned me? Whatever, I'll find better ones!"

"My parents disowned me? That's fine, my grandfather is wealthier and more powerful than both of them combined!"

To the polar opposite of the snarky Zhao Lifei, was the incredibly wealthy and powerful, yet ruthlessly cold Yang Feng.

Yang Feng, the King of the Business Empire, was a man to be feared. Heart of ice, eyes of stone, merciless but enticingly handsome, there was not a single person in this world that dared to offend him.

Many have tried, but none had succeeded in garnering his attention. That is, until his path unexpectedly collides with Zhao Lifei.

Challenges will arise, chaos will commence, and drama will ensue. But then again, what is a love story without disturbance? They say love without conflict is just a simple crush and the story of Zhao Lifei and Yang Feng was anything but that.

- - - - -
Novel Status: Completed.

Note: This is an original story by me (xincerely) and not a translation :)

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  • Eunjoo_Kim

    Amazing story, nice plot. Can anyone recommend another novel that is similar to this story.

    12 days ago 0 Likes
  • Doneilia

    This is a very nice story 👌

    25 days ago 0 Likes
  • Amj867

    Skip the first chapter, it's not relevant to the storyline. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this novel, given I usually stay away from Chinese drama. Typical scenario of the Female Lead being cheated on and painted as a villain, but the author portrayed her growth into her own independence in a well-defined way. Lots of plot twists, not too overwhelmingly complicated plot with many coincidences, I'd give this 7/10. People had mentioned the confusing names, it took me awhile to wrap my head around it too. Close friends/family call each other by nicknames, but instead shortening as in western standard, the nickname can be repeating character, or add in another name for endearment.

    2 months ago 2 Likes
  • Cristiane

    achei o prólogo tão interessante, queria tanto ler a historia correspondente a ele

    4 months ago 0 Likes
  • Corgi888

    I am bit confused with d names of the real female lead, in prologue, she is Xia with father & stepmum. then from chapter 1 start, surname zhao, with both parents, n she spent 21yrs of her life with her hubby Zheng. same person as in d prologue?

    7 months ago 1 Likes
    • lnwUser53705

      I think Xia is like a nickname.......probably similar to xiao. I could be completely wrong tho

      2 months ago 0 Likes
    • zsyanin

      Indeed. I am utterly confused with the misleading prologue. At the end, i drop the book bcs i can't find the correlation

      5 months ago 0 Likes
    • znukhsoc

      It's like a draft of the story, the author changed some points in the family dynamic apparently. You can pass the prologue, the rest is fine.

      5 months ago 0 Likes
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  • Katnip

    Amazing history.

    9 months ago 0 Likes
Latest Release: Chapter 428: Finale.

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Halfway through, i remembered I've read this novel before but it was incomplete. If you're looking for a light novel, this ain't it. This has the cliche overbearing CEO and the higher society's plot. What differentiates it from other novels would be the background (past) of the characters. Be warned that this novel contains a lot of manhandling and some r*pe elements. I have to say the story was way too long for me, i skimmed through most of the chapters cause i was full from the dog food lol. It was not bad if you're looking for a badass FL with a loyal girlfriend on her side. A lot of scheming and face-slapping. The story started from the 2nd chapter. I don't really know the purpose of the first chapter which didn't really connect to the overall story imo.


Grammar was off a bit, but I enjoyed this novel so much I read it over again. Loved every bit of it. I could do without the gaudy parts lol.


five stars, i loved this. There were no too cliche arcs that just make you wanna quit the entire story, i loved the interactions between the fl and the ml, and the other characters too. the grammar and the wording is also amazing


Five stars for a great story. 3 stars for the editing. Exude was always written as elude, and that is the most prominent example of using the wrong word in an expression that happened throughout the story. Towards the end was another glaring example of phrases being mangled when it appeared “be hard to handle” and “be a handful” was meshed into “be a handful to handle”. And if I remember correctly, this had the Prologue of inconsistency with the story? At the end, there was quite bit of confusion as well, but the author worked hard and wrote an amazing story. I notice a lot of translations/stories have the issue with name swapping and gender swapping (he is changed to she and his to her), so you get used to it.


I really enjoyed every bit of MTDW. Twas a long ride albeit very interesting. The good usage of english, grammar, construction of sentences, description and the Plot was so superb. Also loved how you included each character and told their stories so they were all connecting(ed) in some way.
Kudos to the writer!! We hope to see more of your works.
Would definitely miss Fengfeng, Lifei, Quinquin, & Elder Zhao 😍


Real rating is 3.5 stars but unable to give half stars.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel but there some things that brought the rating down from 5 to 3.5 The author had some minor inconsistencies that popped up throughout the course of the 400+ novel that are only really noticeable since I went through this novel within the span of a few days. The author also brought up some plot points but never used them in the end. Also, some parts of the plot felt repetitive and long, giving off a soap opera feel.


Ithoroughly lived this novel. Nuce pace, plot, mature scenes and not draggy. I would love to see more works from this talented author who kept me so entertained!!! Very satisfying read


wow what an amazing story, I loved the ending. very well written, and vicious! I felt so happy for the FL especially, somewhat inspiring minus the violence.


I loved it 😍 the FL was so smart and interesting and finally a ML that is not an asshole and treats the FL properly. I totally recommend the story


If you are searching for an overprotective ml, it is perfect. I really liked some writing style choices too BUT! The story gets super petty at times. Especially at the last 25-ish chapters, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
Don't read prologue btw, it is like a draft of the story and seems like author choose to write a different family dynamic.