My Classmate is 200 Million Years Old

My Classmate is 200 Million Years Old

My Classmate from Far Far Away (TV Drama title)

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My Classmate is 200 Million Years Old novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Crazy Loser. 139 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The suicide of a high school girl following the rejection of her crush whom she confessed to roused the soul of a Scorpio* Marshal from her 200 million years of slumber — she reincarnated into the body of Xuan Mo. And so, she decided to live on Earth on behalf of the girl! However, it was quite the miserable situation for an alien to own two different sets of memories. She had to use her peculiar mental power to peep into the previous owner’s memories regarding everyday, mundane matters while trying to rein in her cutting aura pretending to be a normal human…

But her shocking performance during military training definitely must have floored everyone. Okay fine, her incredible finesse aside, what’s with the consecutive bullseye for every single round during their shooting competition? Was this something a normal female student is able to achieve? Shouldn’t you explain yourself a little damnit! And what’s with the multiple grade jumps, and being contended for by the various prestigious universities? What kinda havoc you try’na wreck with your low-key flaunting? I mean it’s a good thing she’s caught the eye of a special organisation and was entrusted with important tasks, but what’s with all aloof rule-breaking gameplay? She’s practically the walking definition of “hated by even the gods”.

What’s even stranger was that Xuan Mo’s only ever interested in warring matters and battling; she’ll only ever pay her ferociously blooming blossom luck as much heed as she minds the passing cloud with the mindset of crossing the bridge when she reaches it (wipes sweat) and can you be less insensitive when handling the various Earthlings’ endless crushing and eye-candying you?!

This all screeches to a halt however when she discovers the existence of someone else from her home-planet, so she’ll be needing a raincheck with the getting a “spouse” part of mortal life on the Blue Planet. Of course, we’re discussing this on the premise that she wanted to return home…

* T/N: 天蝎星 = scorpio; may be referring to the star sign “Scorpio” or the planet called “Scorpio Planet” (to be determined later in the story)

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  • lnwUser26762
    Feb 09, 2021

    Omg i love this novel very much.I hope for more updates

  • makaisanovellover1
    Jan 26, 2021

    I like the FL but the my classmate is 200 million years old pops up at like the end of the sentence or paragraph it just ruins my flow other than that I love it.

  • lnwUser04571
    Dec 18, 2020

    I was casually checking and it really have an update after 2 months of waiting jzhdhdhdh

  • gikd2123
    Nov 07, 2020

    Love this story FL is funny, strong amd bad ass. She dosent deal with that petty shit, shes level headed, dosent get attached. No unnecessary sheltering, people acknowledge her strength after fighting her, so not a lot of your just a girl shit.😄Shes clueless about stuff and yet super smart, and she’s always stumping people with her direct questions😅

Latest Release: Chapter 139

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I don't usually write reviews but I want to write one on this novel.The first chapters has some errors but the story was nice, really. I'm glad I stayed. Hsjshshhs

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