My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!
Chapter 2169: No Communication from Dunzhu

What? Qiao Mu was startled. She walked to the door and poked her petite head out to glance at the people outside the door.

She just saw everybody looking at her with a smile.

"It's fine, you previously spent seven days advancing and didn't rest well. You ought to have a good sleep." Mo Lian slowly walked to her and grasped her petite hand with a smile.

Qiao Mu coughed lightly and bobbed her head. She didn't forget to roll her eyes at Dao Wuji when exiting the room.

So loose-tongued!

Everybody went down to the first floor to eat dinner. They had a sumptuous meal.

After eating their fill, Dao Wuji suggested strolling outside together to digest their food.

Since there was nothing else to do, everybody agreed.

After sleeping for a day and night, Qiao Mu was full of energy. The breeze would be whipping when she walked past…

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Seeing her walk so quickly, Mo Lian dragged her to his side and looked at her in amusement. "What are you running for?"

"Not running."

"How are you not running? Are you afraid of Hubby settling accounts with you?"

Qiao Mu's eyes shifted and she held onto his arm. "Hubby, did Dunzhu send a message yesterday?"

"You're abruptly changing the topic." Mo Lian poked her forehead with an unrestrained smile. "Dunzhu didn't send a message, which I also find somewhat strange."

"Wifey, are you willing to sneak into Shuntian Prefecture's official mansion with Hubby after dark?"

Qiao Mu's eyes lit up.

There hadn't been news from Dunzhu for two days. It was only reasonable that they sneak into the official mansion to check up on him.


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"Bring me, bring me." Dao Wuji was walking in front of them, so he heard their conversation clearly.

When he heard that they were going to have fun infiltrating the Shuntian Prefecture's official mansion after dark, how could he sit still? He quickly blew his own trumpet to volunteer for this endeavor.

Qiao Mu glanced at him and asserted seriously, "We aren't going to play! Lian and I are going for proper business!"

"Right, right, right. Yes! I am also going for proper business." Dao Wuji pointed at himself and said with a grin, "Look at how serious I am."

Qiao Mu averted her gaze in distaste. "It's apparent that you don't look all that reliable. Forget it."

Dao Wuji looked at Mo Lian with a bitter expression.

"Just Qiaoqiao and I will be enough to infiltrate the official mansion." Mo Lian stated, "Too many people going will raise an alarm."

"Alright." Dao Wuji hung his head.

Qiao Mu cast him a look and then harrumphed. "Another batch of my peaches have ripened. Do you want some?"

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"Sigh." Dao Wuji had originally wanted to lament some more, but when the word "peach" popped into his mind, he became invigorated. He whipped his head up and nodded furiously. "Yes, yes, yes. Give me a cart!"

"Pah!" Qiao Mu looked down on him.

This person really had the appetite of a lion!

Dao Wuji was aggrieved. Ever since he ate two peaches last time, this stingy little sister-in-law wouldn't give him anymore.

There were clearly so, so many peach trees in the entire Paradise Planet. The peaches were so heavy that the branches were about to snap under the weight.

"What do you understand? Qiaoqiao is using them to brew spiritual peach wine!" The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal rolled his eyes at Dao Wuji and waved him off. "Shoo, shoo. Off to the side, don't make trouble."

"Spiritual peach wine?" Dao Wuji chuckled. "In that case, the venerable immortal must have tasted it before?"

Feng Chen. "Of course."

"Then do you still have any on you?"

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My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 2169: No Communication from Dunzhu
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