Qiao Mu twitched her mouth and tossed him the last jug of wine. She uttered crisply, "Scram!"

Feng Chen caught his peach blossom wine with a chortle, and quickly darted to the side.

Crown Prince Mo sized up Feng Chen with a darkened expression.

This d*mn Feng Chen had long seen through Qiaoqiao's tendency to get soft hearted.

What should he do when his wife was just too popular?

Dao Wuji had long pulled the plug from the wine jug. His eyes brightened after taking a swig.

"Little Sister-in-Law, you actually hid away such good wine for so long!" You should have long taken it out to share! Dao Wuji pounded his chest in agony.

So strange. How come his whole body felt warm after this wine entered his stomach? A meager sacred energy was slowly circulating through his body?

Feng Chen looked smugly at Dao Wuji. "What's up? Do you feel it?"

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This spiritual wine can usher the movement of sacred energy inside the body. Are you surprised? Shocked?"

Everybody could not help but grit their teeth when they looked at Feng Chen's smug expression.

No wonder this guy had snatched more than half the peach blossom wine. So it could imperceptibly circulate the sacred energy in their bodies.

Long-term consumption would greatly benefit their advancement to a higher realm.

It had to be known that for people like them who had already entered the venerable spirit realm or venerable immortal realm, advancing to even the next rank was as hard as ascending the skies.

How could they not be delighted upon finding out that drinking several swigs of peach blossom wine would benefit their cultivation?

"Oh my, I really like the little lady more and more. Clever and deft, and so intelligent. Ohohohoho! It really is a pity that I wasn't born a man!"

The Gingko Immortal's giggles attracted Crown Prince Mo's warning gaze.

After a series of scorning looks…

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The Gingko Immortal pursed her lips and shut up.

Just as everybody was chatting, Tung swiftly appeared before Mo Lian with several hidden guards.

After bowing in greeting, Tung quickly walked up and reported in a low voice, "Your Highness, Madam née Feng has just led several dozen people to a hill outside the city."

"How is the prefecture lord of Shuntian Prefecture?" Qiao Mu asked quickly.

"This subordinate looked through the entire official mansion just as Madam née Feng was leaving, and I did not find Prefecture Lord Geng."

Something wouldn't have happened to Dunzhu that chatterbox right? Qiao Mu was worried.

Mo Lian looked at Qiao Mu. "Qiaoqiao, do you want to go over and see?"

"Okay." Qiao Mu responded with a nod.

"Since that is the case, why doesn't everybody go together." The Gingko Immortal stated with a rare expression of seriousness, "It is possible that the situation has changed."

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The Little Despot and the others all nodded.

"Dunzhu is not someone who neglects his responsibilities. Since he promised Qiaoqiao that he would remain in the official mansion as an informer, it is impossible that we would not hear anything for him after that."

"I suspect that Madam née Feng has already exposed Dunzhu's identity."

Qiao Mu creased her slender brows. "There's no time to lose. We leave immediately."

"Tung, lead the way."

"Yes." Tung immediately bowed and swiftly turned to head out of the city with the hidden guards.

Everybody took flight, and their speed was not inferior to normal flying mystic beasts.

"Qiaoqiao, last time you broke through to level-seven spiritual cultivation here." Mo Lian pointed at the forest below.

"You had alerted the entire Shuntian Prefecture, and all sorts of people had come to investigate."

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Qiao Mu silently pointed at the recessed ground. "What happened there?"

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