My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 876: The Five Chart Black Lotus Thousand Realms Whirling Avatar

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There were many types of sea beasts. They gathered and fought for prey, flipping into the air before falling back into the sea.

Then, what seemed like a huge wave with the width of a mountain range rose from the sea. Strangely, the gigantic wave did not disperse. Instead, it floated for a brief moment. When it sank into the sea again, only a colossal dark shadow could be seen.

In the midst of the fog above the Endless Ocean.

The Sky Shuttle flew forward steadily and quietly.

The four elders of the Evil Sky Pavilion took turns to man the helm.

Creak! Creak! Creak!

When the Sky Shuttle creaked, Si Wuya who was resting suddenly opened his eyes. "Elder Hua."

Hua Wudao smiled. They all had their respective roles so he knew what to do. "Alright."

Everyone turned to look at Hua Wudao.

Hua Wudao stepped forward and the Six Compatible Daoist Seal appeared in just an instant. The circular seal covered the entire Sky Shuttle, making it looked as though it was within a bubble, as it parted the fog.

With his Nine-leaf cultivation base, Hua Wudao chose to widen the range of his Six Compatible Daoist Seal instead of focusing on its defensive strength. He expanded it until it covered 1,000 meters, widening everyone's field of vision.

However, Hua Wudao said in confusion, "The fog is really endless. We can't see anything at all."

Creak! Creak! Creak!

The Sky Shuttle continued to creak as it moved.

"Let's try again," Si Wuya said.

"I'll give it a try." Zuo Yushu gently tapped the Coiling Dragon Staff on the deck.


A wave of energy rippled out as several talismans flew up before they burned and turned into a tubular seal. It looked like a giant golden pillar of light. Since the purpose of the seal was to improve their visibility, there was no need to consider its power. Moreover, it also would not consume too much energy, and there would be no pressure to maintain it.

The Sky Shuttle continued gliding on energy as the fog was pushed aside.

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At this moment, everyone saw the sea that was constantly surging with huge waves.

"As it turns out it's the huge waves stirring the air and causing the Sky Shuttle to shake," Si Wuya said. "Everyone, be careful. The colossal beast that master mentioned should be below us now."

Zhu Honggong asked, "Seventh Senior Brother, how big is the sea beast exactly?"

"I'm not sure. Master said to continue flying, there's no way we can fight it," Si Wuya said.

"Won't you know after you experiment?" Mingshi Yin asked.

Everyone looked slightly excited.

Only Jiang Aijian, who was holding his long sword and leaning against the wall, was sleeping. He drooled as he slept deeply.

Everyone. "..."

Creak! Creak! Creak!

The creaking from the Sky Shuttle grew louder and louder.


The sound of waves rang from far below.

Based on his instinct, Si Wuya said, "Colossal beast!"

Everyone rushed to the side of the deckt immediately.

The energy seal parted the fog as the Sky Shuttle lowered its altitude.


The Sky Shuttle came to a stop.


An unforgettable scene appeared in everyone's eyes at this moment. They saw a mountain-like wave rose toward the sky before a fin flashed past their eyes.

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"Is… Is that a fin? How can a fin be so big?" Jiang Aijian, who had just woken up, widened his eyes in shock.

"Stop making a fuss! You're too noisy!" Mingshi Yin rolled his eyes at Jiang Aijian. However, just a second later, he cried out, "It's really f*cking big!"

At this moment, the colossal beast twisted its body before it sank into the again. As far as the eyes could see, the sea level went up immediately.

Si Wuya said, "Let's go! Speed up."


The Sky Shuttle picked up speed and moved through the dense fog. However, no matter how long they flew, they could still hear the sound of the rolling waves and feel the movements they caused from below.

Woof Woof Woof!

Qiong Qi barked fiercely after it ran to the side of the deck. It bared its fangs and moved into what it thought was the fiercest posture and continued to bark.

"Stop barking. Behave yourself," Mingshi Yin chided Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi whimpered twice before it fell silent.

Zhu Honggong laughed before he said, "Fourth Senior Brother, your dog is really weak…"


Zhu Honggong did not hesitate to throw his pride away as he said in a gradually softening voice, "But… it's still stronger than me…"

The Sky Shuttle continued to travel through the fog for a long time, but everyone could still hear the sounds of the unnatural waves from below.

They would occasionally use their energy to improve their visibility. At that time, Si Wuya would carefully observe the sea below them.

The Sky Shuttle that their master had traveled in was shabby and small while their Sky Shuttle had been modified and improved, and could carry more people. If they could not even withstand this bit of difficulty, it would be terribly embarrassing.

The Sky Shuttle continued to travel forward.

All of a sudden…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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The sound of a fierce collision rang from up ahead.

Zhu Honggong asked curiously, "Hey, hey, there are movements up ahead. Seventh Senior Brother, what kind of show will we be able to watch next?"

Si Wuya frowned. After a while, a solemn expression settled on his face as he said, "Can I say that this show didn't appear in master's instructions?"

"..." Zhu Hong Gong was taken aback. Soon enough, an expression of despair appeared on his face as he lamented, "It's over! It's over! It's really over! As expected, plans can never keep with changes, and changes are evil!"

"Shut up!" Mingshi Yin said as he rushed to the side of the deck.

Hua Wudao said, "I'll do it."

A Six Compatible Daoist Seal appeared. It seemed to cover the sky and earth, widening their fields of vision.

An unbelievable and shocking scene appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

An avatar that was more than 500 feet tall hovered on the surface of the sea, massacring the sea beasts.

Everyone in the Sky Shuttle felt chills run up their spines. The size of the avatar aside, they were even more shocked by the avatar's black lotus!

"B-black… B-black lotus? Isn't it supposed to be red?" Zhu Honggong stammered.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Qiong Qi barked fiercely.

The black lotus avatar continued to kill all the flying sea beasts around it.


A sea beast that was 300 feet long suddenly jumped out of the water as a low groaning sound rang in the air.

In just an instant, the air seemed to turn still. All the water droplets were instantly frozen and turned into ice arrows.

Hua Wudao's eyes widened as he cried out, "I'll do it!"

Hua Wudao stepped forward and cast the technique he had spent his entire life working on.

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The Six Compatible Daoist Seal!

The ten scripts of heaven, earth, life, death, water, fire, being, non-being, separation, and union flashed with golden light as they revolved around the seal, blocking the attack.


A buzzing noise rang in the air.

The other three elders felt something was amiss and hurriedly released their energy to help Hua Wudao block the attack!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ice arrows so numerous that it seemed they could cover the sky shot over and landed on the Six Compatible Daoist Seal.

Everyone turned to look at Si Wuya in unison.

"Mister Seven, what should we do now?"

Si Wuya said, "Try to circumvent the arrows!"


The Sky Shuttle changed direction.

At the same time, the ice arrows continued to fall like rain and hit the Six Compatible Daoist Seal.

Hua Wudao, whose face was red from the strain of maintaining the seal, said through gritted teeth, "Help me…"

The other three elders extended their arms immediately and pressed them on Hua Wudao's back.

Rich Primal Qi surged in the Hua Wudao's body, coursed through his Eight Extraordinary Meridians, and filled his Dantian's sea of Qi before the Six Compatible Daoist Seal suddenly brightened again.

However, the ice arrows showed no sign of stopping. In fact, they seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as well.

After changing directions, the Sky Shuttle's speed increased. In just a blink of an eye, it flew hundreds of meters away.

At this moment, another low groan rang in the air. It sounded more powerful than the one before.

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A freezing air permeated the entire place immediately.

All of a sudden...


A seemingly peerless force smashed against the Six Compatible Daoist Seal!

Hua Wudao staggered backward.


The Sky Shuttle shook violently from the force of the impact. The inscriptions on the body of the Sky Shuttle lit up immediately.

Si Wuya hurriedly pressed his palm against the body of the Sky Shuttle. Although it continued to creak and shake, for now, he was able to stop it from falling apart.

"I'll block it!" Pan Litian cried out.

A conical shield appeared immediately.

With this, everyone's vision became clearer.

When they looked up 45 degrees above them, they saw a huge black lotus.

Everyone held their breaths as though they had come to a tacit agreement before this.

A complicated expression appeared on Si Wuya's face as he looked at the huge black lotus and the avatar's incomprehensible height. Soon enough, a name popped up in his mind. 'The Thousand Realms Whirling avatar! A Mystic Sky expert!'

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