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Chapter 175 18 days ago

Being a hardcore BL fan, I assure and feel like every BL fan out there will like it. It has one of the best storylines out there and have one of the best endings. I highly recommend it as it's really fluff and is a very wholesome story.

Chapter 175 one month ago

I finished it. . . and I feel empty. WHY IS THERE NO MORE CHAPTERS?! I'm crying. . . But honestly though, I wanna watch Xie Yang's movie, I wanna cry it sound sad also his songs, I wanna hear all of it and I want more! Moreeeee

Chapter 1 2 months ago

My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness There's no way I can rate this novel. Overall , it is beyond the top. 11/10 Books help us to travel around and have journey. From this novel, we stumbled upon with Que xing and Xie yang. The plots are amazing especially the characters. It has wonderful humor that can't be found on other books. I am a certified melon eater

Chapter 175 2 months ago

It's a very wholesome bl novel. Well written, the plot is great as well as the character development. I love the ending. Worth reading. Yang yang and Ah Xing became one of my favorite couple. I hope it gets an adaptation

Chapter 175 3 months ago

idk. i think i need to restock my tissues back after this one. such emotional ride 😭! betrayal, family, disease, society and the most thing i luv is their romance! i wish i could steal their sugar jar-!! their struggles to always be there for each other is unreal! im jealous- i luv the plot of twisted characters. their development is really good. the ending ends at the right point. i just wish i could see more of their datesss development! ah xing u need to man up more-! 🤣 happy reading~

Chapter 175 4 months ago

I really love the plot twist The characters and how they protect each other i'll definitely add this to my recommended/favorite list this is really a masterpiece♡♡♡♡ thank you author for this story💕

Chapter 175 5 months ago

I really enjoyed this story. It wasn't too crazy and the ml and mc are just adorable together. It also did a good job with tying up loose ends.

Chapter 175 6 months ago

This story is very much worth reading. It is very engaging (loss of sleep is a real risk), the world is well-crafted, the plot is complex but moves along very nicely, and the twists and turns brought me many surprises. (It's not easy to surprise me - I've been reading for well over 5 decades. ) I laughed a LOT, ate copious amounts of dog food, and had a heck of a time putting it down when I needed to sleep. I can't think of anything bad to say about the story at all. I simply loved it.

Chapter 175 6 months ago

I just love this so so much. The dynamics and chemistry between the characters is so good. It showed the characters' vulnerabilities and how they overcame it in such a heartwarming way. The ending was just ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Chapter 175 7 months ago

How is this a novel? HOW ? THIS IS NOT A LIGHT NOVEL OR NOVEL The main genres of the novel is tagged : romance, comedy , Yaoi So I was expecting this . But even if i don't get what i expect , i always give it a chance if the novel has something to show I would keep reading and like it for what it is BUT WHAT IS THIS? I red till chapter 14 Even if you say for the story/plot itself ! But what plot? illogical and absurd view of human interaction . Wrong , irrational , illogical and absurd view of the world . I felt like I was reading a long, tedious, dull, boring text , with no ups and downs , repeated patterns. Which This one IS Much Worse because it's without teaching anything, Filled with false and wrong information, it's without useful information . And about the main genres of the novel : No matter how look at it the interaction between the two is not realistic , No real chemistry between the two , no # romance . Others are saying there's no movement or scene so it's not a # yaoi . And No # comedy. And I laugh so easily . So Trust me When I say this, it means that ZERO comedy Wasted my time

  • Sillybookworm

    You read 14 chapters out of 175 of them and say "trust me"? I'm sorry to say this but that's just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, of course it isn't that exciting yet. The action comes later. The romance is slow burn. The emotions are implied and you have to read between the lines to appreciate the story. It's fluffy and sweet but have actions at the same time. It's one hell of a good story if you just bothered reading it until it gets exciting, but I understand it if you don't want to, maybe it's just not your cup of tea. But please don't say that it's a waste of time, because it isn't. He's really talented and can take whatever they throw at him with ease. He's also thoughtful, sweet, strong, and bold. Also, it teaches so many things. It teaches about how love can be very sweet, life can be unfair at times, how life is short so you gotta appreciate it, how obsession is different from love. So yes, it IS a novel, and very worth the read.

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  • Relendria

    The romance part was a very slow burn but once they got to that point it was wonderful. Yes, a LOT of the beginning was confusing and chaotic and most certainly didn't fit a typical outline for a transmigration story. It has some very creative twists to both "transmigration" and "system" story tropes. I don't know if you want to give it another try but I know I loved the story, even though the beginning was a bit confusing to me too.