My Sassy ‘Crown Princess'

Chapter 846: Ungrateful Little Thing (2)

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Mo Fei sighed lightly and said, “It really gives me a lot of pressure!”

Xiao Chen shrugged with a smile, “Able men are always busy! That’s because people all trust your abilities.”

Mo Fei made a wry smile, “Before coming, a heavenly class master came to me, saying that he’d kill my son if I can’t work out the antidote within a year.”

Xiao Chen popped out his eyes, “No way…”

Mo Fei twitched his mouth and said, “Yeah, I am telling the truth.”

“This man is too bold.” Xiao Chen helplessly said.

Mo Fei reluctantly rolled his eyes, “With no antidote, this guy will die in a year. Where there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to fear.” A heavenly class master hiding in the dark is really hard to defend!

Xiao Chen frowned and said, “That’s outrageous!”

Mo Fei sighed lightly, “My shifu and senior Wang both got poisoned. I have to do my level best. You got to help me.”

“I’m also working on that kind of potion myself, but I don’t go anywhere. All I can do is assist you now.” Xiao Chen said disappointedly.

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Mo Fei was a little surprised to look at him, “You are also working on this kind of poisonous potion?”

Xiao Chen nodded, “Yes! To tell you the truth, a heavenly class master from our sect also got poisoned. The sect ordered me to try my best to work out the antidote, otherwise…” Speaking here, Xiao Chen put his hand against his neck and did a cutting action.

Mo Fei squinted his eyes, “No way! You also…”

Xiao Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yeah! Anyhow, I can’t work out the antidote through my willpower. I can only leave my luck to heaven!”

Mo Fei, “…” Looks like he is not the only one facing death threat. Those f**king bastards!

An exquisite fire dragon carriage drove over. Looking at it, his eyes glistened, “What a magnificent carriage!”

When Xiao Chen saw it driving over, some kind of cold feeling flashed across his eyes.

Mo Fei noticed it and his eyes also darkened.

“Xiao Chen, are you OK?” Mo Fei asked.

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Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “Yeah.”

Looking at his appearance, Mo Fei could not help squinting his eyes. Apparently it was not like he was OK

“Xiao Chen, you are actually still here? Where is your face?” Out of the carriage came down a cold-looking young man.

“I have to stay here before the sect asks me to leave.” Xiao Chen said blandly.

“What it wrong with your sect? You can’t help with anything here. Really have no idea why you are staying.” Wei Pengfei said disdainfully.

“Does it have anything to do with you about where Xiao Chen is?” Mo Fei opened his mouth.

Wei Pengfei smiled, “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

“It’s none of your business.” Mo Fei said coldly.

“A bumpkin from a small place is a bumpkin from a small place! So lowbrowed!” Wei Pengfei threw Mo Fei a scornful look.

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Mo Fei smiled grimly, “You aren’t that well-bred either, so you’re from a small place.”

Wei Pengfei squinted, coldly throwing Mo Fei an eye, “Such a rude thing!”

Boss Lou suddenly peed, Wei Pengfei quickly took a few steps back.

“Unbred little brat!” Wei Pengfei coldly looked at Boss Lou and left with his people.

Mo Fei looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “Who is this man? Eyes on top of his head!”

Xiao Chen looked at Mo Fei, “Herb continent has a profound foundation, there are four big families, Wei, Chu, Feng and Tang, each family has a heavenly class pharmacist in charge. And due to their long history, all disciples own superb potion skills.”

“Are they very capable?” Mo Fei asked.

Xiao Chen, “Yeah, very. When I arrived here, I found that behind an able man there are always some other more able men. My abilities were merely nothing here.”

Mo Fei looked at him and carefully said, “Do you hold some grudge with the guy just now?”

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Xiao Chen shrugged his shoulders, “Not that serious. I am less competent than him. The four big families here are all kind of exclusive. Not long after I came here, I got targeted.”

Mo Fei looked at Xiao Chen, “So that guy has ever come to you?”

Xiao Dust nodded, a bit down, “Yeah, he came to compete potion refining with me, and I lost, completely.”

Mo Fei opened his mouth wide in disbelief, “What? That guy beat you?”

Xiao Chen nodded, “yes!”

“Is it possible he used some tricks?” Asked Mo Fei.

Xiao Chen shook his head, sighed, “No, I am not good enough.”

Mo Fei patted Xiao Chen on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, although this guy looks young, perhaps he has used some kind of appearance-maintaining arts.”

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly, “He is more or less of my age, the number one talent of Wei family that tops the four big families. Now he is now an earth class master.”

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Mo Fei squinted his eyes and said, “So, this guy really has some abilities.”

Xiao Chen nodded, “Just now he didn’t see through who you are. Wei Pengfei is quite competitive. If he knows you are Mo Fei, he’d definitely come to you.”

“Come to me, for what?” Asked Mo Fei.

Xiao Chen shrugged his shoulders, “Wei Pengfei is a very proud person. He has never put any pharmacist outside the herb continent in his eyes. You are so famous. People out there all said you are the number one pharmacist of the young generation. He has long taken you as an eyesore.”

Mo Fei rolled his eyes, “I didn’t confer myself with that title.”

Xiao Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “You know, tall trees catch wind.”

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