My Vampire System (WN)
Chapter 1973.2: Quinn vs Erin (Part 2)

Holding both guns in his hands, Quinn started to pull the triggers as Erin was on the floor. Since he was using his Qi to power his shadow in certain ways, he decided to fire out red blood bullets instead.

With his title, it allowed him to recover blood aura anyway so it was no problem for him. As he shot away, Erin rolled, and her armour lit up again, allowing her to phase through the bullets each time.

Then when she heard a gap, she swung her sword and yellow lines of dhampir energy came out from it. Her demon tier weapon at this rate seemed useless, so she felt like the only thing that was going to work was her dhampir energy.

As the lines of yellow aura came toward Quinn, he decided to make a change.

'The blood aura loses out to the vampire aura, and that's even if I use a blood bullet.'

'Well, I guess it's time to use that one then.' Alex inwardly smiled.

[Shadow bullet activated]

The top of the gun turned slightly purple, and as Quinn pulled the trigger and the shadow bullet came out, it hit the dhampir energy dead on. As it did, the shadow started to spread out, covering the attack and eventually turning it to nothing.

With both guns, Quinn continued to fire away, and then when the attacks lessened, he changed one of the gun's bullet types.

[Blood bullet has been activated]

Erin phased through it again, but one of the bullets she wasn't able to avoid in time and brought the sword up to defend it. As it hit, the blood bullet exploded, pushing Erin back.

'He can stop my attacks… and he has different types of bullets. Qi won't work, dhampir energy won't work. So what am I meant to do!!!' Erin thought.

Shooting more blood bullets towards his opponent while she was thinking, Erin skillfully moved her sword ever so slightly, blocking every single one. The good thing was, with her ability she could tell just before Quinn was about to fire.

Because she could see the energy being absorbed into the gun from Quinn.

"Blocking the bullets won't work with this one." Quinn said, as the gun colour had changed slightly once again.

When the bullet went out, just like before, it had hit the sword, but it didn't explode or burst into energy hitting her, instead the blood had splattered and was stuck on the sword itself.

[Blood forest bullet]

While testing out the bullets, there was more than the description warranted. They were more powerful than Quinn could imagine. The blood started to move as Quin controlled it, and just like Quinn's blood forest skill, it spread out into tiny branches aiming right for Erin's body.

It was ready to pierce her skin, until her eyes began glowing yellow.

"That's enough!" Erin screamed.

A huge wave of Qi went out, breaking the rocks around her, and causing the leftover blood to disappear completely. Her energy had been unleashed like an explosion all around, destroying the ground underneath.

Yet, when she looked up, she was unable to see Quinn. The next moment, Quinn appeared from a shadow.

"Everything you do, won't work, Erin. I am nothing like what you have faced before. You and me, we are not on the same level." Quinn stated.

"SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" Erin shouted, as she stormed forward a wave of yellow dhampir energy was behind her. "What's the point of those bullets, if you can't even hit me with them!"

'I can't fight him from far away with those weapons, so I will just have to fight him in close quarter combat then!'

Quinn fired out the regular vampire aura bullets towards Erin, and rather than phasing through them, or using her Qi. It looked like the overwhelming dhampir energy that she was releasing from her body would just disintegrate them before they even reached her.

'Hey, I don't want to really say anything while you're fighting, but it seems like her energy outmatches yours.' Alex stated.

'Are you getting a little nervous?' Quinn replied. 'You're right, her dhampir self allowed her to rise in energy and since she is plenty strong already, her energy is now at a level that surpasses even mine.'

'So, isn't that a bad thing?' Alex replied.

'I might not be stronger in terms of energy compared to her. After all, this is the person that Bliss said is able to hurt Immortui, but as I said before, we are not at the same level.'

Pointing the gun outward, Quinn shot a bullet in the air. Then, when Erin was upon him and swung her sword, Quinn shot another bullet below him creating a shadow. His body sank through, avoiding the attack.

Then he appeared directly behind her as well.

[Shadow Overload has been activated]

Shadows covered Quinn's entire body as he used the skill giving him a shadow body. Because of this, Quinn was able to appear directly behind her through the bullet he had shot out earlier, and the shadow was able to protect him from the waves of dhampir energy that was coming out from behind.

Right behind Erin, Quinn shot out the Qi bullets, piercing through her armour. It went through her side and chest. She had moved slightly, avoiding her vitals, but was still hurt.

Turning around and bearing through the pain, Erin swung out the sword, and Quinn swung the gun out, mid swing, and the pure red aura wing that Quinn had went over to his arm, crawling about and had covered the weapon.

As the two red and yellow auras clashed. The entire area looked to have erupted.

Watching from the side, Vannesa had to put up blood shields to try and stop it from hitting the others, but the wave from the attack had smashed them, and sent Peter, Chris, and all of the others flying away.

When the explosion of energy dwindled down. Quinn's gun hand was pressed up against the sword, both of them intact.

Not only had Quinn used the red aura from his wing to support the power in his gun as he used it as a blunt weapon, but the shadow wing creeped out suppressing parts of the dhampir aura, weakening her attack.

"That must be a pretty special gun you have, to not have split in half!" Erin said, grinding her teeth summoning more power.

"It was made by a very special person, who also had to sacrifice his life so I could beat you." Quinn answered.

"Hey, I'm not dead, you said you could help me!" Alex shouted.

Erin pulled the sword back, and swung it again, but this time Quinn shot it with shadow bullets, and with the other gun in hand, fired a large blood shot that was like a shotgun blast, hitting her away and sending her to the ground.

As Quinn walked, he put the guns away and back into his shadow.

"You really think you would fare much better in close combat… that's my speciality as well. Erin, I want answers from you… and if I don't get answers, you're useless to me."

[Nitro accelerate has been activated]


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Chapter 1973.2: Quinn vs Erin (Part 2)
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