My Vampire System (WN)

Chapter 911: The day before

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Based on what Nate was saying, it sounded like he thought all the men that should have been in the second leader's area had been placed in this facility, locked up. It was a crazy theory that if Silver had heard before, she would have just dismissed it.

Right now, with the circ.u.mstances the way they were, she was willing to accept this theory.

A leader was allowed to elect who they wanted in their inner castle area. If they wished all of them to be women, then that was the leaders choice. It did not matter how obscure the request was. However, what was more concerning than Nate's theory was the Second leader themselves, Cindy.

Nate's suspicion had become her suspicion due to her ability. All of these vampires having their memories lost, it wasn't too strange as a powerful vampire leader should be able to do such a thing with their influence skill.

Other than using the influence skill to remove one's memories, there was another way other than using the influence skill to remove one's memories, and that was with the Second leader's ability. Although according to Cindy herself, this was impossible. She was only able to reverse time so far back, it was different for body parts as well, or so she claimed. This would mean with her ability, it would be impossible to remove every single memory about themselves.

The power of the ability varied from leader to leader. Some were better with it, some were weaker, but leaders hardly ever got into scuffles to test such things. Leaving the other leaders to rely on only their word about their powers.

Every leader knew the other ones were hiding their true strength.

If Cindy claimed she couldn't do such a thing, then the others would just have to believe it as there was no evidence. There was no way for them to force the other.

"I think it might be time for us to head back," Leo suggested. "There is nothing left to explore here, and based on what we have found, it looks like some type of BloodSucker and Subclass breeding ground. Hiding this away, they must have bad intentions."

What was more concerning for Leo though, was the connection in his body going wild. He could tell something was happening to the Tenth castle at this moment, and they needed to return; they needed his help.

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"Wait, shouldn't we get rid of these guys? Right now, they're trapped behind a cell. We can kill them so they can't be used to attack us. I know they will find out about this place was discovered, but they won't know who discovered it." Said Nate.

It wasn't a bad suggestion, but Leo was against it.

"Even with our strength and numbers, killing four hundred of these guys won't be easy. Can't you see? The bars have been made of the same material that they create the castles out of. Making an attack through these bars would be difficult, making the task take even longer."

"I also think knowing about this place can be used to our advantage." Silver agreed, "We stumbled upon this place by accident. The enemy probably thought we would never find such a thing, but knowing about it can make it clearer for us to know their goal. Finally, we can be one step ahead of them rather than always one step behind."

There was another person that didn't want to kill them, and that was Fex. These people had been turned against their will. As he looked into one of their white eyes that did nothing but stared right back at him, Fex didn't feel scared. Instead, he felt sorry for them.

'I wonder if there was a way they could be turned back.

Before leaving the place, Silver did one more thing to those vampires that were saner than the others. Just in case, she used her influence powers on them to remove any memories they had of them in this place.

Usually, she wouldn't do such a thing, but they had already lost their memories, and the one she was removing wasn't one that was particularly meaningful or long.

Doing such a thing, as long as she was able to, should have been an easy task.

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"We must move as quickly as we can!" Silver shouted.


"And that's what we discovered while being away. It was what held us up for so long." Silver said, having finished explaining what herself, Leo, and the others had gone through.

"All of this was reported to Bryce?" Sam asked. "Which means he knows about the bloodsucker and the other blood fairy which would have been used to kill Dwight?"

This was the proof they had all been looking for. The only bad thing was, that Leo and Silver didn't know Quinn had been framed using the blood fairy.

"It seems all the signs are pointing to Jill and Cindy having worked together." Said Paul. "Yet somehow she had convinced the other leaders that she was the better one compared to the other leaders."

Layla, upon hearing Cindy's name, clenched her fist tightly. She couldn't believe for a second she had trusted her and thought she was a good leader. She knew how the other leaders must have felt but she had also seen her dark side when Cia had been killed.

"What I'm worried about, is after learning all of this, Bryce has decided to continue with the execution," Sam said. "Why not delay it until he finds the other blood fairy so it can be used as proof? Do you really think he won't kill Quinn just because he thinks it isn't Quinn?"

"No," Paul answered. "If we know Bryce, which I'm not sure we do, he will use this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. He'll get rid of Quinn first, and then get rid of Cindy second, but if Bryce doesn't act soon, then the army of Bloodsuckers could be used again."

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"So we are back to where we started," Layla complained. "The story was nice and all, but it still doesn't guarantee that Quinn will be kept alive. It just means we have ways to prove Quinn's innocence and know who the real enemy is. Tomorrow we have to act."


Down in the king's castle, unaware to everyone something was going on. Quinn was cooking up his own plan. He never did want to rely on others.

His arms had grown slightly in size, his hair had partially fallen out, and his fangs had winded. His arms were shaking, and the cuffs connected to the walls were starting to rattle.

"Quinn! Quinn, are you still there!" Alex shouted. "Come on, you're not going to turn and eat me, are you?!" Alex screamed.

There was a manic wildness in Quinn's eyes, but hearing Alex's words, they had disappeared. His transformation was still the same though, with his bulging muscles still on display. When cancelling his transformation, his hair started to grow back slowly, and his muscles shrunk smaller.

"That was good, we were almost there, but I would have lost it without you. Let's go again!" Quinn shouted.

Ever since Alex had joined him, every day, Quinn had been trying to learn how to become a Bloodsucker to utilise its extreme strength without losing his sanity.

Luckily, Alex was a great help as words from the outside while he was in the middle of losing his place, helped get him back on track and he was making progress faster than ever. Quinn could turn but would begin to pass out, hearing Alex's encouragement would kick him out of that stage, but his body was still that of a Bloodsucker.

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However, he felt it was risky having to rely on Alex every time he wanted to transform safely. They did the test again, and this time, there were no words spoken by Alex.

"So let's see what you do now," Quinn said with a smile. "Now, all I need to do is wait, and there will be a big surprise for you."


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