My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Cabbage Flatbread. 1882 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


A 23-year old man who graduated Harvard flew back to his home country to sell fried goat meat in his self-made small stall, representing a conservative generation of youth. He went to a bar looking for a girl to settle his lust and found a drunken beauty.

They spent a wild night with each other, and the girl coldly and silently left in the morning in front of the guy’s face, leaving a small red stain on the bed sheet. After a few days, she forced him to marry her for 2 years by contract, and after the contract expires he’s free to do what he wants. She later revealed to him she’s the CEO of one of the biggest corporation in the country.

Will a girl with the burden of a giant corporation with her own emotional scar be able to find love and to share the person she loves with other beauties?

Will a man who lived to kill his entire life, with the burden of being Hades, one of the 12 gods of Olympus, be able to set aside his responsibilities to live with the girl(s) he loves or to improve his godly skills to protect everything he cares for from an unseen threat?

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  • Sheeza 32

    F*ck*ng harem

  • RiverShen 1

    If you came to die of anger from the stupid drama between MC and FML then your welcome to stay This bs is literally not about his "beautiful CEO" Its more of a manchild "god" that has 3 million excuses to fvck every decent looking female he sees and then go back to his legal wife, act dumb and confused on why the hell she is disappointed on him then go fvck another woman after an argument with her and repeat the same sh*t all over again ( I AM NOT EXAGGERATING, HE ARGUES WITH HIS WIFE, HIS WIFE GETS SAD THEN HE GOES TO F*RN*C*T* WITH ONE OF HIS 10 MISTRESSES AND THEN REPEAT) Am on chapter 300 Absolutely nothing of importance has happened, F*K*N NOTHING. Its all dumb drama. No advance with his wife in relationship since all he does is on a goddamm loop. All i can say is am still reading to see how his power as a god develops. I dont know how this nonsense has a 4 stars rating btw. There has to be an error or something, there is no way people find this garbage drama enjoyable.

  • DarkTh 9

    Synopsis took one of the biggest left turns of all time. wtf???

  • World_serpent 6

    Mc has no brain here. He thinks with his d*ck.

  • ZalomicWulf 3

    The MC is just a s*x crazed hound. The alien sh*t was too confusing. The author generated the most retarded ways to keep the MC away from his wife. Even though the MC is smart as hell, he turns into a complete regard the next second which is contradictory. Hades, the king of hell kills the least amount of people even when they deserve to die. If I rate this I rate it a 2 out of 5. And that's barely a 2.

  • JlfnvPajelL 12

    Why do romance novels/manga/stories have to drag their two MCs' love progress on for so d*mn long, only to have them finally confess to each other near the end and only a few chapters of them being a true couple? That was just a rhetorical question anyway, I ain't reading this sh*t

  • Twilight_Flame 4

    Cap 680. The relationship between the mc and the fmc continues without showing progress (it gets worse again). I already understand the reason why this novel has so many chapters, the constant push and pull of the relationship with the fmc is somewhat predictable at all times. They reconcile one chapter and the next everything restarts and so on over and over again ad nauseam. Worst of all, the author does it on purpose. Every time mc and fmc reconcile, the author can't wait to find a way to separate them again. The author is very restless... almost as if he has an obsessive compulsive desire to harm the main relationship.

  • DragonGodEmperor 9

    For me this was the first novel of its kind that i read with the whole urban setting with wars between cultivators and the olympian gods. The MC was both the olympian god Hades and a cultivator. For me it was good and very enjoyable, If you have the patience, I enjoyed the whole process of Yang Chen and Rouxi gradually falling into love despite their differences and Yang chen being very trigger happy with his d**K buh otherwise it was okay

  • I_hate_math 1

    *English is not my first language* Yeah... Happy ending💃🏻 I was scared for a second that it will have a sad ending, but nah..immediately I remembered it's a chinese novel Will...for the characters Yang chen is such a simp rouxi is ab*tch Jane and cai ning are the best girls I love rose character Am I the only one who hate yang lanlan?🤔 Not important, anyway, It's a good novel , I really like it 👍🏻 If you feel boring just read it

  • 7Eaves 1

    The mc is only thinks with his third leg and don't even get me started with the idiot "one look=fall in love" girls! Good read if you can filter away some of the boring acts but that obviously uses a lot of brain cells