My Wife is My Life!

Chapter 189

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“Did you tell anyone?”

“No! How can I tell others about this? People in the entertainment industry like us highly value our privacy and marital status. Some fans don’t like their idol to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you never know, maybe Sister Jingyun was planning a surprise for her fans.”

“People in the entertainment industry highly value their privacy and marital status…” Lu Lixing mouthed those words back and forth. “Do you see these as important too?”

“Of course! You have no idea; some fans are so extreme. If they are boyfriend/girlfriend kind of fans, they will immediately stop supporting their idol when they find out that their favorite idol has a boyfriend/girlfriend.” Ji Qingqing pondered and continued, “Although I don’t have many fans now, I think I will eventually be popular one day!”

“Nice idea, but still requires diligence.” Lu Lixing then decided to test the waters. “Grandpa asked about something today.”

“What was it?”

“He asked me about our wedding.”

Ji Qingqing blinked.

“Do you have any thoughts?” Lu Lixing asked gently.

“Wedding…” Ji Qingqing hesitated for a moment.

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In the past, she did look forward to having a wedding, but that should be on the basis of two people’s love for each other. She and Lu Lixing didn’t have much feelings towards each other yet. By holding a wedding, everyone will know that she is the wife of Lu Lixing. Would Lu Lixing want that to happen?

Ji Qingqing watched Lu Lixing with her narrowed eyes as she gazed at him. Since he brought it up, he should be willing right?

Seeing her hesitation, Lu Lixing too felt a little regretful that he brought the matter up.

Holding a wedding would be equivalent to publicly revealing their relationship. Ji Qingqing highly valued her career in the entertainment industry. Why would she be willing to hold a wedding?

What was on his mind when he spouted those words without thinking it through? Lu Lixing wondered and seriously questioned himself.

“I don’t…”

“Nevermind, we will talk about this in the future.” Lu Lixing interrupted her.

Ji Qingqing swallowed back her “I don’t mind.” “Then when are you sleeping?”

“What about you?”

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Ji Qingqing pretended to pick up her script and flipped through a couple of pages. “After I finish reading this part, I’ll sleep.”

“I’m also going to sleep after looking over this document.”

The two of them looked at each other, then lowered their heads simultaneously to look at their respective documents.

As if their minds were in sync, they didn’t hang up the call.

No one spoke and for a while, only the sounds of pages flipping could be heard.

Ji Qingqing looked over her lines for a while. Strangely, the script she memorized so well in her eyes now became barely understandable Chinese characters. It was as if she had never seen them before.

Forcing herself to continue reading, she flipped a page. Then as she heard the sound of Lu Lixing flipping pages, her unsettled heart suddenly started to calm down miraculously.

Lu Lixing focused on reading the documents. But for some reason, the English words that he used to be able to read at a pace of ten lines in a glance, had now split into separate alphabets, and he couldn’t translate a single word.

Hearing the occasional sound of Ji Qingqing flipping through the scripts, he felt like he could hear her breathing and feel her existence. It was as if she was sitting right next to him.

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Lu Lixing lifted his head and gazed at the Ji Qingqing on the screen. She was looking through her script diligently. A few strands of her hair fell to the front from the back of her shoulder, coincidentally landing on her tiny and straight nose. Raising her hand, she tucked the hair behind her ears, revealing her small ear that frequently turns red from blushing. Then she casually turned to the next page.

Lu Lixing leaned back and closed his eyes for a short nap.

Time flew by and the clock turned to 12 am. Ji Qingqing yawned, feeling rather tired. Glancing over at the video call, she saw Lu Lixing leaning on the chair with his eyes closed.

“Lu Lixing?”

No reaction.

Ji Qingqing pondered and cautiously tested. “Bastard?”

Still no reaction.

Ji Qingqing put her script down and traced out Lu Lixing’s angular face on the screen. She sighed and said, “Actually, I don’t mind the wedding.”

Lu Lixing’s eyelid twitched and he opened his eyes. Looking at Ji Qingqing with joyful eyes, he asked, “Don’t mind?”

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Ji Qingqing thought he was asleep. She didn’t know that he was pretending to sleep!

Knowing he had heard all her words clearly, her face instantly turned red. She reached her hand out and repeatedly tapped on the phone screen, flusteredly ending the video call.

Watching the video screen go black, Lu Lixing raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

——“Video call for an hour. Life point +2. Current life points are worth 527 hours.”

The next morning, Ji Qingqing woke up at 7 as usual and rushed to the filming site at 8. Although she made a fool of herself last night, it also successfully helped her to fall asleep in five minutes. She slept smoothly all the way till 7 and was fully recharged for the day.

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