Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?

Chapter 996: Battle of Gods

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Opening her eyes, Shiro felt her body tense up for a moment.

Remembering that this was just an avatar and that her real body was next to Nan Tian, Shiro sighed in relief before looking around her.

She expected to see the familiar landscape of Tartarus but all that she saw was countless craters in the ground and large fissures stretching as far as the eye could see. A malefic aura shrouded the skies as it gave Shiro the chills. Looking at some of the fissures which she recognised to contain the aura of the watchman, Shiro's breathing hastened.

Taking a step back, she wanted to find the table where all the gods were sitting around but nothing of the sort could be seen.

"Chronos! Nyx! Gaia! Ouranos! Tartarus!" Shiro shouted out their names as she couldn't see any of them.

Right after she called out for them, she felt divine energy spike behind her as a portal opened up.

"When you said that you were coming I thought that you'd make an avatar next to us but it seems like you appeared at the old meeting spot instead." Chronos chuckled as Shiro could see that he was injured. His aura was noticeably weaker than before.

"What happened?" Shiro asked with a frown as this looked nothing like the old gathering spot.

"Come with me first. I'll tell you what happened once we're away from here. Even if you're using an avatar, if this avatar is killed, you'll take a bit of damage." Chronos ushered her towards the portal.

Hearing this, Shiro furrowed her brows but nodded her head regardless. Stepping into the portal, she saw that she was brought to a mirror realm of sorts that's a reflection of reality.

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Within this realm, she could see all of the gods that she was familiar with but their state was not good.

Nyx was currently laying in a bed with a pale face. Her wounds were healed but a dark aura seeped out from them. Hemera was next to Nyx and she was in a similar situation.

Tartarus was missing an arm as runes could be seen trying to spread to the rest of his body but it was being forcefully restrained by Ouranos.

As for Gaia, she was the most injured. Half of her body was being hidden by plants but judging the aura being emanated by the plants, Shiro knew that it was trying it's best to heal Gaia's body.

"This… what happened?" Shiro asked as she couldn't believe that this could even happen to the primordial gods.

"Hais. Let me explain from the beginning." Chronos sighed at the sight of Gaia.

Just as he sat down to explain, Gaia's eyes twitched open as she saw Shiro standing in front of them with a worried expression.

"Seems like we've let you see a shameful side of us despite our boasting ahaha." Gaia forced a smile.

"Don't talk, old woman. Save your strength. Keep going and you'll die for good." Ouranos snapped as Gaia shrugged.

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"Alright alright. I was just going to tell Shiro that she doesn't need to worry about us since we're gods." Gaia chuckled before flinching.

"I'll let the others explain." She smiled towards Shiro and closed her eyes once more.

Seeing this, Shiro glanced towards Chronos who gestured for her to sit down.

"Right then where should I start. Hm… How about when the watchman returned with Isilia and Edvimar's soul?" Chronos said as Shiro tightened her grip on her skirt at the mention of the watchman. If Chronos wanted to start from there then Shiro knew that this was probably her fault. Knowing Gaia's nature, she probably charged head first after she saw what had happened.

Opening his mouth, Chronos started to recall the events that happened.


"Nyx! Tartarus!" Gaia shouted out as a vein was threatening to burst. Her aura was completely wild as the two gods could see that she was completely furious.

"I know." Nyx nodded her head as her face was cold. Hemera was next to her as Nyx couldn't forgive the watchman for both harming her daughter and Shiro.

"I'll try to wrestle the souls from his grasp, don't worry." Tartarus reassured as he had already donned his war armour crafted by Hephaestus himself.

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Without a moment of delay, the three stepped out as a portal opened in front of them.

Seeing the figure, the three furrowed their brows.

Hades stood in front of them with a smile.

"If you don't mind, I would love to join." He offered as Gaia nodded.

"Alright, the more the merrier. Chronos, Ouranos, you two protect this place in case some little sh*ts. Decide to attack. I need you two to protect Hemera." Gaia ordered as the two nodded their heads.

Slamming her hand down, a giant tier 8 magic circle opened as warnings blared across her system interface.

"Piss off!" She howled.

Suddenly, stars lit up as the magic circle started to twist and turn.

Recognising it to be a kind of divination, Hades watched as he summoned his spear.

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Slowly, vines started to burst out from the ground as they weaved together to form a portal of sorts.

Stepping through, Gaia teleported everyone to the watchman's realm as there was a glowing Sigil above the watchman's body.

"You do realise that by doing this you are bound to suffer a great backlash. I am protected at this moment since I am completing a mission." The watchman narrowed his eyes as he realised what Gaia had done back on earth. She forcefully used her divinity to make him forget his hostility towards Shiro which in turn caused him to spare her.

"So what? Does this face look like it gives a single sh*t? All you need to know is that I am absolutely livid right now. Now come here and present your head to this goddess!" Gaia retorted as she immediately charged forward with Nyx and Tartarus covering her flank.

Stomping down, a tier 8 magic circle appeared as a forest immediately sprouted around the realm.

Jumping back, the watchman summoned his weapon and opened his mouth.

"Wither." Destroying the plants around him, he furrowed his brows since they were more resilient than he had expected.

"You're against four gods. Don't think you'll have an easy time." Nyx's voice whispered in his ear as his senses were immediately cut off. Losing sight of his enemies, he widened his eyes as Tartarus and Hades threw their weapons towards.

Piercing his body, the watchman could feel the weapon hooking onto his soul as blood flowed out his mouth.

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Taking a deep breath, he stabbed his sword into the ground.

But before he could activate his spell, roots pierced his arms as divine energy drained from him in an instant, cancelling his spell.

Gritting his teeth, he could only sense his soul being dragged away as he tried to bite his finger.


Kicking the watchman in the throat, Hades prevented him from doing anything as he pinned him against the ground.

Scanning the flasks on his body, he quickly spotted the two that housed the souls of Isilia and Edvimar.

Reaching towards them, red lightning suddenly flickered off the watchman's body as both Hades and Tartarus were repelled.

"Enough of your insolence." The watchman glared, cleansing himself of any negative effects.

Feeling her spells being broken, Nyx narrowed her eyes and slammed her hand down.

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Black mist erupted out around her as her figure became blurred.

An array of tier 8 magic circles appeared above them as it blocked out the skies.

Narrowing his eyes, the watchman slammed his sword down as he was about to cast a spell but his movements were interrupted by Gaia once more as she provided support from the backlines.

However, before Nyx's spell could activate, countless motes of light appeared in the sky as they shattered her magic circles to pieces.

Ripping apart the realms, a wave of light cleaved towards Nyx as both Gaia and Tartarus activated their spells to help her.

Plants and darkness weaved together as Nyx managed to dodge the attack at the last moment. Materialising next to Gaia, Nyx glared at the sky and saw two figures that she knew Shiro detested to the bottom of her heart.

Both deities ruled over light as one had betrayed Shiro before.

Seeing the two, Nyx realised that the system probably offered them a mission since they were the ones that broke the rules first.

"Now isn't this just perfect. If I can get rid of you now, Nytri will lose a few of her major backers." Aekari narrowed his eyes as he could feel the hostility of all four gods, but he didn't waver at all.

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"Shut the f*ck up you boot licking piece of sh*t. There's no spot for you here." Gaia cursed out towards him as tier 8 magic circles appeared around Aekari.

Since they were both deities of light, she was the best to deal with them since light will only empower her divinity.

But before her plants could reach them, flaming swords slashed apart her magic circle as more portals appeared.

Realising that more gods were being summoned, Gaia glared towards the watchman.

"This seems bad but let me give you some words of encouragement I suppose." Gaia forced a grin.

Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth.

"F*CK! SH*T! UP!"

Rallying to her call, all three gods charged towards their enemies, breaking the rules and forcefully unleashed their true form.


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