Night’s Nomenclature

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5 users have written reviews for the Night’s Nomenclature novel and rated it with an average score of 4.8 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 765th among all the novels in the Light Novel Pub platform.

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IceCold01 1
Chapter 133 2 months ago

Story line good, character development is present, people around MC are cool too, clan names sounds a little odd though, all is good if you can ignore clan names

DrunkenScholar 1
Chapter 5 7 months ago

Will write a proper review as story progresses, solid pilot chapter that hooks you to the story and keeps you wanting for more. Read the first few chapters is all

Chapter 5 8 months ago

Overall, the story is decently developed and the main character is very smart and won't frustrate the readers. The theme is mainly about robot body parts and some magical artifacts. If it suits you, you will keep reading on until the end. Personally, I liked it a lot and cannot wait for new updates.

dhp72477 1
Chapter 5 8 months ago

Intriguing story. Different from the usual transmigration story where the MC is stuck after moving he is allowed to move freely from one dimension to another. Reminds me of how 'I Have a Mansion in the Post-Apocalypse'

Bog_Fog 1
Chapter 5 8 months ago

Level headed mc, interesting plot, slow at start but it does pick up pace. Characters are interesting, mc is smart and not naive, and the cyberpunk vibes are interesting. Overall good read.