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Chapter 1378: Pandaverse Third Day Morning Report

Gnawbones was in total shock when he saw his precious planes disappear into the gigantic flying sea monster. What's more, was that there were enemy planes in the air fighting against his as the monster continued to move further north nonchalantly.

Hou Fei was taken aback by the development of the current situation considering that if he knew Mr Derpy could have been reliable, he would not have taken the time to make anti air defences and focus on gathering strength to clear the Inner Town properly.

After all, the more time he had to clear the Inner Town, there would be fewer avenues for the Demon Rat to attack while the Pandarens gained more confidence to proceed with their individual assaults too.

This was because the majority of the customers would not find it too fun when the difficulty level was hindering them. Despite it being ultra realistic and full of surprises, if the raid was not handled well to cater for the group, people might stop participating once they tried it once.

That was also one of the reasons why Jin had decided to bring in the monsters on the third day because with their aid, the Pandarens would now have an easier time fighting while having an adequate challenge when the Demon Rats threw their rank and file against them.

In any case, when Hou Fei saw how the enemy's air force was decimated, he decided to leave it to Mr Derpy to find the air base and destroy it once and for all while the Royal Zodiac Snake General continued to take charge to clear the Inner Town, inch by inch.

With the soldiers at the forefront, the participating Pandarens joined as auxiliary support either by giving extra firepower or providing logistics support. It still gave them raid points as advertised and some of the Pandarens especially the Snake Cultivators even tried to use this opportunity to see if they could catch the eyes of Royal Zodiac military officers.

Some were blatant in their actions but the Royal Zodiac officers were also rather selective of 'secret' recruitment. That was also one of the reasons why the other Royal Zodiac clans that were currently here were doing as well. As much as they were training their own soldiers in the raid, they were taking this chance to find out whether they could find any hidden talents as well.

This was also mainly due to the fact that both the Monkey and Sheep Royal Zodiac clans were lacking recruits with battle experience which was why they decided to use this opportunity to find more. The reason behind the lack of battle cultivators is that the clan usually accepts more academics who could further their clan's specialities. All those academics needed was to adopt a basic monkey or sheep cultivation and even using them as secondary cultivation was allowed if the academics/doctors were reluctant to change.

But the recent attacks by the Banned Emperor had forced the Royal Zodiac clan's higher ups to think more about their security. Sure, they could get help from the other Royal Zodiacs such as from the Tiger Clan since they owned a big pie of the police and are obligated to help but there was a certain limit on how much they could assist.

Not to mention, some secrets were best to be kept within one's clan than asking for the protection of the others and so they were keeping their eye out for the best within this raid.

However, let's not forget that the Tigers were here as well despite their small group but their objective was purely dedicated to the raid itself. Even though there were some cultivators trying to brown nose the captain in charge of the Tigers, Hu Chun Hua would not even bat an eye at them at all.

Her team's objective was very clear to improve themselves and increase their grade if possible. So, with the current chaos created by the Zombie Horde, they were finally able to wreak havoc freely without thinking that they could get shot from the back now that the kill zone was officially broken.

The WARE events were also done, allowing Jin to push the next wave of soldiers out to annihilate the artillery that was set up to counter the zombie horde. It was none other than Wyrstriker and his trusty Wyvern riders. Ayse and her science team had once again improved the mana thruster engines that the goblin wyvern knights were using, allowing them to exit the portal the System created at top speed and zoomed towards the artillery encampments.

The sound of the mana thrusters was satisfying to hear as they dived through the broken magic barrier that Mr Derpy left before intervening the Demon Rat's air force. It caught everyone's attention including the Demon Rats as they had no idea how fast those goblin wyverns knights were moving.

There was no time for the defences in the artillery encampments to react as the wyverns dropped cluster bombs, a devastating missile made up of several smaller explosives. This instantly crippled the encampments allowing the zombie horde to run and invade the undercity.

Everything seemed to go smoothly until the System and Jin heard something from the Demon Rat Command that retracting their orders would be a difficult thing to do.

"Derek! Pull your zombies back immediately! The Demon Rats are going to-" Before Jin could finish his sentence, Derek could already see that the Demons had started their counterattack. Explosives were detonated, causing a certain row of houses to explode, impeding the zombie horde from moving forward. The cloud of dust that emerged looked as if the Great Wall of China had been erected right in front of the invaders.

Even with the System's omnipotent map of the undercity, they could not predict that they had planted that many high grade explosives and waited for more of the zombie horde to cross until they detonated it.

"Holy shit…" Jin said as he saw the scale of destruction with his two own eyes.

Chapter 1378: Pandaverse Third Day Morning Report
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