Number One Dungeon Supplier
Chapter 1383: MIlitary Impacts of the Raid Instance

As ironic as it was, the introduction of Jin's monsters somehow increased the streaming viewership as they finally started to see more action in this current situation. Perhaps, the streamers would want a more exhilarating battle rather than seeing the Pandarens cowering behind the walls waiting for the right opportunity.

Yet, it was still perfectly understandable that against overwhelming odds, there was nothing much they could do. No matter what, the debate about being able to stop modern projectiles such as bullets was something that had been long contested for a long time. Should cultivators go towards the magic route and learn some magic skills or stay true to their roots and attain enlightenment through cultivation?

Magic had no doubt evolved in such a manner that it could stop bullets and even missiles but cultivation was still the same centuries ago. There might have been the introduction of new techniques and methods to cultivate even more easily but other than that, the fundamentals were still the same- for the betterment of oneself.

To modern society, it felt like enabling cultivation among their citizens had its strengths. To be able to live a little healthier while stretching the amount of time they can utilise compared to magic.

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Sure, magic had its perks like telekinesis and being able to conjure the elements at their beckoning, they were more widely favoured by the Westerners. This was mainly because it made use of the surrounding energy, an external force to aid them with whatever they were doing.

But for cultivators to do the same, they need to use their internal energy to conjure it up and that requires a higher grade of cultivation to do so. Thus, in terms of energy output, cultivators will lose if they were in a mana rich environment. That was one of the reasons why there were more dungeon supplier shops in the East compared to the West so that the cultivators had a chance to increase their experience in manipulating the chi within their body and fighting was the shortest route to do so.

Therefore this raid was an indicator to not just the cultivators themselves but to everyone in the world. To most people, it was mere entertainment but to the governments and intelligence agencies that were watching on the sidelines, it was an eye opener on the current level of cultivation most of the Chinese Citizens were at.

Some of the Chinese officials were appalled by the number of low grade cultivators that the Dungeon Supplier had to resort to using NPCs and allied monsters to help with the fight. However, a minor few, especially those with military experience, were actually quite delighted that this particular Dungeon Supplier is giving their own citizens a taste of war.

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Those officials who monitored the stream in intervals were pleasantly surprised that those 'players' continued to stay within the raid despite overwhelming odds and it showed them that the Chinese people still had tenacity. Still, the military command was concerned that even the Royal Zodiac Armies were having problems fighting against these monsters.

They knew that their Generals had forced them to seal their abilities and fight with just mere guns and fists (*Cough* In short, keep their cultivation grade hidden as much as possible except for what they were famous like how the Battle Alchemist was an open secret.) but it was saddening to see that when their elites were restricted, they were not capable of miracles as they thought they would be.

However, compared to those who did not join Jin's dungeons before, the military command could see that there was indeed an obvious increase in capabilities among the Royal Zodiac Snake's army during their previous friendly military competition. In fact, it was so apparent that the Snakes who usually got 6-7th in placing in these war games had shot up and raised themselves to the third, with only the Dragon and Tiger at the front.

That was the reason why the Royal Zodiac Heads had also previously decided to accede to Jin's request to enter the Raid event so that they could see what made the Snakes become so powerful and coordinated in such a short time. Jin knew that information beforehand from Hou Fei since he was the Supplier's insider info when it comes to military stuff and the gamble paid off when he was able to use the Royal Zodiac Heads just as how they used him to see the event for themselves.

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But even after seeing the event, the only one who took action was the Tigers who reluctantly sent a small scouting group party as well as the Sheeps and Monkeys. So far, the daily reports were promising to the Royal Zodiac Heads as the various teams reported the high level of difficulty in the raid that Jin had to supplement monsters to help because the Pandarens were not able to hold the line.

All those Heads were probably sadistic in nature but at least they know that their money was well spent if their teams were struggling since that showed them that their military exercises were insufficient to pull more of their potential out of them. But even with the monsters' appearances, the Demon Rats were fighting even more fiercely, and this prompted a few of the Royal Zodiac Heads who were initially contemplating to finally sending a token force of their own anonymously to Jin's Dungeons and Pandas.

Some however wished to stay in their speciality whenever possible such as the Rooster Head, Mu Ji personally requested Jin to allow her 'cultivators' to have access to planes. And to keep the anonymity, she signed her forces up under the Rooster Flying Academy, an organisation to train budding pilots privately at a rather steep price. This way, the Rooster pilots could stay anonymous while joining this one heck of a crazy battle.

There was no doubt that Jin approved of her request and requisitioned a fleet of World War 2 Supermarine Spitfires with modern controls attached to them so that the Rooster Pilots did not need to worry about flying old school. Some were delighted that they get to fly an infamous model from World War 2 but others were annoyed that they did not have the speed and prowess like the Nerodias that the Royal Zodiac Snakes were flying.

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"Then we have to prove to them that we do not need speed to defeat those rats." Rooster Lead, Zha Ji, said to his fellow pilots. "Let's score some kills and show that we are still the bastards that rule the skies no matter where we go."

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Number One Dungeon Supplier Chapter 1383: MIlitary Impacts of the Raid Instance
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