Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death

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Imroseapple 1
Chapter n/a 13 hours ago

The​ mc​ is​ cute​ as​ he​ trying​ to​ keep​ his​ character​ but​ also​ lowkey frustrated​ at​ times. Light​ plot​ and​ very​ easy to​ read. ​ It's​ the​ type​ of​ novel​ that​ you​ will​ read​ to​ pass​ time. ​

Reformed_Potato 4
Chapter 38.2 one month ago

This is slow as hell, but in a good way. Top tier tsundere, romance is very good, character dynamic is perfect. Some smut, that makes you scream "LETS GOOOO!!! " whenever it happens, just look behind your shoulder before you start reading. My biggest complaint is that the novel is slow as hell. There is a direction the story is going, but it currently still focuses more on their relationship. The plot should start kicking in later when the hero's journey starts, but i don't really see much action yet. So right now it's 4 stars, might go up to 5 later though.

GimeMeMore 1
Chapter 17.1 2 months ago

i love this novel, it is very fun to read and i dont get bored of it like i do with other books. never read guy on guy books before so this is a first so i dont know what is good or not but all i can say is that this book is amazing. i hope it starts updating again

Ilikecoldplaces 3
Chapter 38.2 3 months ago

It feels slow burn but it its because the one chapter is split into many sub-parts. Its fun too see a tsundere MC. I really feel that the ML feels too uncontrollable and no sense of distance towards the MC, I can feel why he sometimes feel embarrassed and calls him an animal. I don't like the MC's naivety and no sense of crisis at all. He knows his own beauty, he knows that some people get creepy with him and his body yet he keeps saying it's alright to go alone in the middle of the night. Due to the chapter cuts the novel feels very slow and the "disaster" is kept very near and close at the same time. I hope it updates more

Mandya2zm 0
Chapter n/a 6 months ago

Slow burn. I'm caught up with the published chapters and they are still in the beginning arc at chapter 38. 2. The seme and uke of the pair is clear and they don't switch. It's a cute and relaxing story line with mature content when the characters get older. It doesn't have to much drama compared to other storylines which I appreciate. I did enjoy reading it and if more chapters update I'll read them as well.

HollyBird 1
Chapter 31.2 10 months ago

li̇ke i̇t verrry much im sooo happy for them but i̇n the last cp i was really confused i̇ts getti̇ng more i̇nteresti̇ng i was so frustrated i̇ wi̇sh to see not frustrati̇ng parts i̇n the future

PseudoBitch 1
Chapter 31.2 one year ago

so good :(( i really really like this story, there's this new feeling you can found here. and i love the interaction Lian and Alfred had.

this is worth it guys! read it! i promise you that even though our baby Lian is always crying and acting like a kid (why not, he's my baby) you will find yourselves loving him and symphatizing with him. totally worth it.


and also the bed scene, uwu, i can totally imagine myself havibg a nosebleed and dying out of fluff and cuteness

Meltedlilith 0
Chapter 31.2 one year ago

I really like this novel i wish it had more chapters thanks uploader, the romance scenes are chefs kiss. I've rarely seen reincarnation bl stories before but I hope they make this into a webtoon or manhwa~

Bluejen 0
Chapter 31.2 one year ago

Started out really good. But sorry you literally turned him into a pansy. Cant stand up for himself and just rolls over when anyone dose anything. So frustrating.

lnwUser14355 0
Chapter 31.2 one year ago

💖💖I love the way of this story going! Thanks for the author and the translator! I am so happy while reading it! 😍 I didn't even realize the time pass by while reading! 😚