Omega Summoner
Chapter 1940: Trial of the Fae IV

"Based on the fact that she barely holds her entire form in a detailed manner, she must have been dead for at least three hundred years." Adrian stated.

Adrian can clearly see that the soul of the dryad has been dead for too long, but he also knows that dryads normally do not become ghosts. Dryads are beings that are also spiritual in nature as they can also be called as nature spirits. When they die, the souls of the dryads are turned into life energy which will empower the life energy in the area where they die.

"Dryads that die do not produce a soul because their souls become life energy itself. A new seed would be produced instead. This is also the reason why the dryads and leshy do not fear death as they know that they just become one with nature in the end. This is the case of what happened to Levin Cloud as he became a leshy in place of the Dryad Makiling that died." Adrian mumbled as he observed the soul of the dryad.

Adrian made sure to look carefully at the behavior of the soul. The soul itself was already a few meters away from him and he was looking directly at it, but the dryad soul did not even register him. The dryad soul only responded to Adrian's aether mana wave because she would have been destroyed due to it. Seeing that the dryad soul is making it look like Adrian was invisible to her, Adrian tried poking the hornet's nest.

Adrian released a powerful wave of aether energy, and the dryad soul suddenly looked at him menacingly. The dryad soul that was calm and just floating there suddenly turned towards him and changed its appearance. The previous appearance that was almost a featureless soul suddenly became dark and demented.

The forest seems to also respond to the dryad soul as the atmosphere became heavy and dense. The aura of life that filled the forest was suddenly changed to an aura of pure death. Adrian instinctively changed to his Nether Demon form as a result.

The energy of death that the dryad soul released met with Adrian's nether energy and it somewhat resonated. Adrian did not expect something like this to happen as he has never met another being that has nether energy. The most shocking thing is that it was also a being that has both life and death energy in their bodies.

"I have never heard of a dryad that has both life and death energy before?" Adrian muttered as his entire body responded to the violent death energy that was released by the dryad soul.

Levin Cloud finally finished his first round of training that he was given by the World Tree. The World Tree basically gave him a task to be able to move natura energy in the area. He was tasked to be able to manipulate a forest by himself without losing too much mana. As he finished his meditation, Elder Danaya came to him and asked his progress.

"So, can you now feel the countless life energy around you?" Elder Danaya asked.

"I can feel it for at least ten meters around me. I have yet to master the fifty-meter range that you have given me as a benchmark." Levin Cloud stated with a smile because he progressed a lot.

"That is good. Also, your friend came here a while ago while you were meditating. He is probably lost in the Forest of No Return about now. Although… I have faith that he can clear it within the given time limit that was given to him." Elder Danaya stated which made Levin Cloud ask for more.

Upon knowing the reason for Adrian's escapade in a forest that even the newborn fae are told to not go in, Levin Cloud could only sigh at the hardships that his best friend encounters. The Forest of No Return is safe for beings that have already matured their minds, but it is dangerous for childlike minds. It is also a reason why a powerful spell is placed there to deter fae with childlike minds out.

"Do you think he would encounter the Evil Maiden of the Forest of No Return?" Levin Cloud asked as he has heard the stories of some Fae that have traversed there.

"The Evil Maiden of the Forest of No Return is just a legend that was created to scare the child and childminded fae. I think you know that children tend to stay away at things that they find scary or terrifying." Elder Danaya stated.

"I see. If it was a made-up story, who created it though?" Levin Cloud asked.

"The one who created that story is. Huh… that is quite odd. I do not know who created the story as if a fog is in my head. Have I basked in the morning fog too long that it also entered my mind?" Elder Danaya stated as she cannot recall who made that story.

"If you forgot it then it might not be true. You are the Elder of Knowledge in Alfheim after all. If you do not know it, then it is safe to say that it is not true." Levin Cloud stated but he has this nagging feeling that the story might be true.

The Evil Maiden of the Forest of No Return was not really a created story by a single faekin. It was born due to the numerous sightings of fae that ventured inside the Forest of No Return. She was a real spiritual being sealed inside the Forest of No Return. The only reason why she was barely seen is due to the fact that the Faekin are not that in tune with real death.

There are Faekin that can utilize death energy, but they have not visited the underworld or death realms. Also, the ghostly maiden in the Forest of No Return is sensitive to energy. She would usually hide if she senses another's presence but her reaction to Adrian's energy was different.

Chapter 1940: Trial of the Fae IV
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