Omega Summoner
Chapter 1151: Escorting A Goddess II

"The Void?! I suppose you know of that place because you are a Daemos. I suggest that you never become interested in that place because even the gods of Pandemonium do not like that place. I have never been there but the gods that tried to traverse there became insane and became Distorted Gods." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated.

"Distorted Gods?" Adrian exclaimed.

"Distorted Gods are gods that have turned their divinity into something that will corrupt all those that follow them. All their negative emotions will be transferred to their followers and will make them no less than savage beasts. Do you wonder why some of the followers of the dark gods become grotesque monsters while some retain their human form?" The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated.

"You mean to say that the Dark Gods are different from these so-called Distorted Gods?" Adrian asked.

"The term Dark Gods was used back then to describe us gods that came from beyond the darkness of the universe of Pandemonium. Although, it is not wrong to say that a majority of the dark gods are Distorted Gods. Some of the Dark Gods were unlucky enough to traverse the void when they traveled between universes.

The Void is like a nexus of some sort where it is the in between. A place between different places which can be a shortcut to other universes but dangerous to traverse. It is not a place where even gods can safely travel beyond. Those that were unlucky enough to survive the journey became Distorted versions of themselves and what they represent." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated which made Adrian's jaw drop.

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He could not believe that the Void is actually that dangerous, but the inhabitants actually welcomed him. If the world were to know that the Daemos are actually welcomed there, then would the view of the gods about their race change. Will the Daemos be treated as the ultimate evil because they are said to have originated from the Void itself.

"Come to think of it? The Asmodian progenitor of the Daemos was rather strange as well. He was rather lonesome and just by himself, but he did his duty perfectly. Strange...why can I not remember what his name is or what he looks like?" The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated which made Adrian tense up a bit, but Sirius suddenly alerted him that there was company.

"Master, we have company." Sirius stated.

Adrian and the Goddess Bastet were not flying or riding Kanlaon. They were actually just walking on the cold sand of the desert night. Adrian wanted to fly but the Goddess Bastet wanted to enjoy the scenery of the western continent as she wanted to personally experience what her followers are experiencing.

"It seems that we are surrounded, Goddess Bastet. Please do not stray too far from me." Adrian stated as he is ready to cast any type of spell should the people be hostile.

Adrian is currently using Polymorph to look like a human that lives in the western continent. He did not want to go with his usual appearance as that would be too eye catching. It was better to blend in the surroundings as even the Goddess Bastet is covered with a veil to hide her immense beauty.

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"We know that you are there. Show yourselves!" Adrian stated with a calm and cool demeanor.

When Adrian said that he already knew that they were exposed, a large group of individuals suddenly appeared and surrounded them. They were all wearing cloaks and have their faces covered with scimitars or daggers on their hands. They were definitely not a friendly group which means Adrian already expected a fight.

"Children of the Sands, calm yourselves because this is not a fight that you will win." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated which made Adrian frantic as that might infuriate the ones surrounding them.

Adrian thought that there would be an aggressive response, but the cloaked people are actually talking to themselves. The cloaked people suddenly felt something inside them spur the moment the veiled woman spoke. It was as if a very special being spoke to them personally which made a few of them started tearing up.

"Why are they crying?" Adrian suddenly stated loudly as he did not expect this reaction.

"This should actually be the normal response from believers, Champion Equinox. In fact, even non-believers but want protection would still feel a bit grateful to me or any other god of protection. You not reacting is the strangest response when you actually met me which is why I became curious of you.

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Even some of the residents of your territory cried before me when they saw me. Some started to pray which I am grateful for since it restored some of my powers." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated as she quelled the hearts of the people crying.

Adrian did not think much of gods at this point because he had already met the current pinnacle gods. His very soul has already been tempered by meeting the Twin Gods and the energies present in his body that is very unique that even gods do not possess them. If strange is the way to describe Adrian, then that is the perfect description for him.

"Why are they crying though? Do thugs worship you?" Adrian asked.

"To call us thugs! You must not be from around here. We are the Sand Guardians. We are people that escort and help people that do not have protection in the deserts." A rough female voice stated.

The one who spoke seems to be the leader of the so-called Sand Guardians. Adrian does not know of them because he is not that familiar with the western continent. What he did find out is that there is actually a player with them that is affiliated with their group.

It seems that the player also noticed that Adrian is a player as well, but he could not see the latter's status. If that player actually saw Adrian's status instead of question marks, then he would surely faint in shock.

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Omega Summoner Chapter 1151: Escorting A Goddess II
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