Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN)

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN)

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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Sing-Shong. 552 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Only I know the end of this world.

One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around.

His edge? He knows the plot of the story to end. Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Read his story to see how he survives!

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  • jinn

    wow this was amazing, best webnovel i've ever read

  • lnwUser40629

    One of the best novel i had read, i stan!!! kim dokja!, the plot is very nice i love it

  • filbert1346

    This is the best novel that i read, The character development in this novel are incredibly good, character doesn't feel like like a side character, they have their own purpose, and the world building or the story of this novel are phenomenal. Even though i already know the ending of the story when i read the story around chapter 300. This novel make me keep hook up and read the story until the very last chapter.

  • ProbablyNotHere

    This is too date, my all time favorite novel. The camaraderie, the loyalty, the love. Absolutely wholesome. Have not been able to find another novel that has equal parts action, friendship and teamwork.

  • lnwUser29296

    tem romance nessa obra? tipo, não precisa ser o foco não, mas tem uma heroina q o MC gosta ou algo assim?

  • lnwUser43360

    How many scenarios are there?

  • lnwUser39763

    Does anyone have the discord's server for orv?

  • Hmmm

    I really love the concept of this entire story. This, is truly a beautiful work of literature. (Some Spoilers) --------------------‐--------------- I really like how, throughout this entire story, they made the use of "outer gods" or lovecraftian concepts and shone an entirely different light and perspective on it. The purpose of lovecraft's creations is to induce fear by the fear of the "unknown". But what if the "unknown" became known? What if these tentacle like beings aren't what they seem to be, as others portray it? And this is what this story beautifully expounded on along it's story. Also, "The Most Ancient Dream" is a reference to one of lovecraftian's monster's called Azatoth, the one who dreams about the universe's existence. And with all that, the author made a butt-clenching, very depressing, heart clenching, yet heart-warming story.

  • Isekai_guy

    anyone know what chapter is when kim Dokja like ally with underworld guy and face poseidon? yoo jung hyuk used a branch or something dropped it for months and lost where i was

    • Archan

      It's chapter 335, where the branch mention. But I'd recommend you to reread it from start of giganthomachia

  • Archan

    Man, this novel is truly a blessing to humanity.. As like Kim Dokja that sneaks his work time to read Ways od Survival, I also sneaking myself to read this. Sometimes I have my eyes blurry by the almost dropped tears in my eyes. The amount of times my heart goes sad happy and went to roller coaster of emotions, I really lost count of them. The 0th regression really makes me cry like a newborn baby. . . . I really wish Yoo Jung Hyuk could fully remember that regression time, and (spoiler) as for the promised Yoo Jung Hyuk's sponsor I really wanted to see it accomplished and could be told in the novel. That the only thing, i feel lack in the ending. But overall this novel really makes my day feels special. Also I think I really relate to this story motee than any literature ever

    • Isekai_guy

      wait wait wait is kim dokja the regressors sponsor? that would be a plot twist? don't answer this I don't know

      • Archan

        Hi! How much currently you read this novel? Haha I think you shouldnt see the review discussion or wiki

      • Isekai_guy

        chapter 321

      • Archan

        I wonder.. Hahaha you should go to epilogue to know that

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I don’t know where to start this review, but I just wanted to state one fact that I think everyone whose read omniscient readers viewpoint has and that is that this book is one of the best web novels to exist. Each chapter had a plot twist that filled me anxiety, fear, anger, and shock. It had me constantly questioning their actions. I kept on wanting to know more about Kim Dokja and his companions. I especially loved their bond, which is something I’ll never get to experience. The way I felt like I was there with them on their journey just made the ending more painful for me, because like Kim we all have ways we escape reality and for me this book was my escape for a while. I was there with Kim in the first scenario and I was there with Kim at the end. I’ve never felt more compelled to push people to read a book before, but this one is truly a diamond. There’s more id like to write, but I’m still distraught over the ending, so for now that’s all I have to say.


Even after reading this countless times I still feel the excitement through these words that made my imagination vast and wide. I'm proud to be a dokja!


Easily the one of the best novels out here, Its such an amazingly good ride, and I didn't know what to do once it was over. I would recommend you to read it if you're on the fence about it.


Amor da minha vida em formato de novel! Nenhuma chega aos pés do meu amor por ela, acho que vai ser minha eterna favorita!!!

Super recomenda


Despite the ending, I love everything. It's full of stories, laughter and tears. The bond between the characters, the characters development, the truth about life and even the unanswered questions. I learn a lot while reading this book, shed tears & cracked often. It is a great story indeed. Thank you for translating and thank you author. What a beautiful ride...


One of my new favorite books, sure it is quite long but in the end it feels as if it was all worth it. Highly recommend to anyone willing to read a webnovel with a level system


Probably the best Webnovel, even book, I've ever read.
-(no spoilers in my review)-

-All the characters are really fun and their conversations are always enjoyable.
-MC has a realistic backstory and all of his actions make sense.
-Story setup is absolutely amazing.
-Always something interesting going on, always makes you want to read more.

I have to say, I have always hated endings, but the ending of ORV fits perfectly with the premise, the paradoxes fit everything together and the story overall makes you see the story from the characters' perspective.

I thoroughly enjoyed this webnovel and I highly recommend reading it all the way through.


10/10 no doubt. was really enjoying the first to middle stories, got me crying laughing and all that stuff but when it was nearing the end man i just felt so empty with all that's happening but i still continued to read it for the sake of relieving my curiosity and MAN im glad i didnt stop. the authors did such an amazing job on this esp the ending that would get you wracking your brain a lil bit and i just loved it so much, its a heart wrenching, enlightening story (it doesnt make sense lol but yes) and its worth the read! hope you dokjas out there would seriously love this story just like how i and the fellow readers did bc kdjc's journey is worth all the love, laughs, and tears :D


I love the novel but I have to say that the fact that
Spoiler Alert
The main character keeps dying can get a bit annoying

But overall I think it is an amazing novel and one of my personal favourites


Was put off by the novel cover before. Saw this again when I was looking for something to read after finishing another. This was a surprise and I never imagined to like this. My criteria for an enjoyable was when I searched for the Author's other novels.