One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love
Chapter 4284: The Other Side 253

Chapter 4284: The Other Side 253

His hands were really cold, probably because he had just been given two bottles of drip, his temperature was frighteningly low. Yun Shishi tenderly pressed the back of his palm to her cheek, trying to warm his tiny hand with the warmth of her own skin.

In his lightly comatose state, Gong Fan’s fingers curled subtly. She thought that he had woken up and immediately leaned over nervously. However, he didn’t move and his eyes were tightly shut, showing no signs of being awake.

She dropped her gaze in disappointment. How could she have forgotten? The doctor had said that there was a sedative component in the infusion. Therefore, he wouldn’t wake up for a while. He would probably sleep until tomorrow afternoon. He would have to rely on the nutrient solution.

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Yun Shishi leaned over and gently kissed his forehead. “Gong Fan, you know…” she choked, “…If there were a quid pro quo to trade in my life for a lifetime of peace for you and Youyou, I’d be more than willing. You’re important to me, and I really… don’t want to let go of you.” She pursed her lips together and looked up, forcing back the tears. She had to stop crying. If Mu Yazhe and Little Yichen saw her with bloodshot eyes this early in the morning, they would be worried sick again.

She pressed her face against the back of his hand, quietly gazing at his sleeping face.

The next day, Hua Jin woke up feeling cold.

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The morning breeze was cold. Despite the tightly shut windows, the early morning chill made the room seem frosty. Even though it was already the spring equinox, the weather swung between cold and hot. It might be cold in the morning, but by noon, it could feel like high summer. Then at night, it might be winter again.

Given this weather, Hua Jin would go out wearing a thick coat. When it got hot, he would take off his coat. When it turned cold, he would put it back on. However, he had obviously missed something. The thin blanket and the chilly morning worked hand-in-hand to wake him up now. His limbs seemed to have stiffened and he was trembling unconsciously.

He sat up in bed and sneezed several times in quick succession. Sniffing, he realized that he had probably caught a cold. Feeling a throbbing headache, he scratched his brow.

The temperature at night was actually adaptable, but he did not expect to come down with a cold in the morning. His clothes were all in the master bedroom. He wondered if Gong Jie was awake.

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According to Yun Shishi, ever since Gong Jie was a child, he had always been a serious grouch in the morning. Hua Jin was curious if he would be blasted out of the room by the Demon King’s morning temper, if he were to take the risk of sneaking in to retrieve his clothes. It was frightening to think about.

He had drifted off to sleep the night before as his mind wandered. When he woke, he had been dazed for a moment. Then he remembered Gong Jie’s strange behavior, and it irritated him all over again.

The actor lazily lay back down on the bed again, rolled up the covers, and miserably confined himself under the covers. He rubbed his left foot against his instep, trying to warm it in the most primitive way.

Damn it, the blanket was natural silk. He hadn’t been able to warm it up at all the whole night. His toes were almost numb from the cold. His expression turned resentful.

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To think he’d found Gong Jie’s hasty return for Natalia’s sake so heartwarming. Now, he was the one who was suffering. Why did he have to invite this Demon King back? Wasn’t he just shooting his own foot?

The actor muttered something petulant and closed his eyes again for a moment.

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