Only I Am a Necromancer
Only I Am a Necromancer

Only I Am a Necromancer

나 혼자 네크로맨서

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Only I Am a Necromancer novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and School Life genres. Written by the Author Jijumjang. 519 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


It was just one of those ordinary college class sessions when all of a sudden, texts and quest cards started popping up in the air.

While everybody is flustered by the strange situation, all the lights go dark and the lecture room is engulfed in pitch darkness. Panicked, everybody is afraid of reaching out and taking the quest cards, but not the main character, Seong-woo: He instinctively realizes that he has to pick a card to survive, and he chooses to become a necromancer.

Soon after, a tutorial quest appears, and the entire school turns chaotic. Suddenly, goblins pop out everywhere and start slaughtering people. Survivors find it hard to adjust themselves to all the sudden changes, but Seong-woo overpowers one of the goblins by using his necromancy skill and starts to complete the quest given to him.

Seong-woo continues to grow his power and so does a number of his followers. He is surrounded by the forces of death that vow loyalty to him, as well as talented followers and trustful colleagues, but he is challenged by numerous villains in addition to a system that threatens to degenerate all of humanity.

In a world that is facing a change that it has never experienced before, a necromancer destroys everything with his committed forces

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  • Benslayer_12
    Reader KP:0

    Guys can you spoil me please, does the MC have a lover or at least a love interest?

    8 days ago Reply
  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:286

    Where to start after chapter 58 of manhwa?

    9 days ago Reply
  • DavidSa
    Reader KP:1

    An excellent work, although it leaves something to be desired in some moments, such as the story of the devourer of Worlds and the relationship of the characters, the stories of the worlds that the Demon King player destroyed, but apart from that it was an excellent story with a beautiful plotTwist. It's a shame we couldn't see other chapters and digging a little deeper into what happened afterwards with the characters, like what happened with Mir? Or if Orun finally got a new arm? Anyway it was an honor to be here with you see you around. \_"°w°"_/

    12 days ago Reply
  • AbbyGalleros
    Reader KP:1

    At last, another story that is completed. It is very hard to find story with a lot of actions and no romance. Can anyone recommended other story.

    15 days ago Reply
    • Sliced_Strife
      Reader KP:51

      These are just a few I’ve read. Little to no romance. The hero returns I came back and conquered it all Dungeon predator Auto hunting Master of the end times Nano machine Decent of the demon god The void wolf (I don’t remember on this one)

      Edited: 21 Sep, 12:59
      11 days ago Reply
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  • VarunKumar
    Reader KP:19

    Idk about the novel but the manhwa is currently running good with around 60 chaps even tho the art is lacking.

    21 days ago Reply
  • LyricLys
    Reader KP:3

    I actually really liked how this story went. It had no meaningless drama and politics. Mostly action scenes that leave you at the wanting more. This type of overpowered MC is the type I like reading a lot.

    1 months ago Reply
  • RLiem
    Reader KP:0

    at ch 120 and decide to see the comments coz its more hard to continue and i am embarrassed to drop my read... thank you Zlysium

    1 months ago Reply
  • Esteldobaronia
    Reader KP:5

    Im quite satisfied with how this novel ended. now i can't get the word embarrassed out of my head.

    Edited: 29 Jul, 07:09
    2 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser55482
    Reader KP:0

    Can anyone recommend me novels that don't have romance like this?

    Edited: 19 Jul, 11:59
    2 months ago Reply
    • kougat
      Reader KP:0

      según escuche, 'regrese y conquistare todo' (algo así se llama) tampoco tiene romance

      1 months ago Reply
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    Reader KP:0

    Can anyone tell me if our main character will have any strong friend and can you plz tell me about about the person who is ranked first in korean server

    2 months ago Reply