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Chapter 12 6 months ago

MC's power is my dream power. Amazing novel. We get to know new story in every world. Though not much progress in main world but after this world he will go to conference and get to know main world's situation. I hope translators speed up uploads.

Fruton 0
Chapter 12 7 months ago

One of the best one i've ever read. The pacing is good too. The reader gets involved with multiple stories so a little pacing is required. But the author has done a good job regarding that.

SlipperyNipple 1
Chapter 12 9 months ago

Ive read so many novels and grew tired of same plot but this is abit refreshing thats all. It have too many information dumping im currently in chap 71. I dont think id read futher if im not bored enough Few points that irritate me Repetitive mention of the novels even if its irrelevant. Info dumping is way too much. You read more information than the actual plot while the plot is so fast paced we dont even know the mc personality much. I dont know if it will stay the same way in later chapters but ive grown sick Overall writing is really good which is why i gave 3 stars World building and story looks decent but they way you put them needs improvement

lightningAsura 0
Chapter 12 10 months ago

Hi, author here. So yeah, for those wondering how to read more of my lacking book, you can still read for free using fast passes at webnovel. I know this isn't optimal for a lot of people, but I hope you can continue to enjoy the book that way. >. > Cheers! As for those wondering whether to read this or not, it's basically an infinity version of novel-insert novels. The pacing can be slow or fast at points, but I at least try to keep to the concept of a relatively smart mc. For those who like that kind of novels, feel free to give this a try!

  • Shadown 1

    I think, so far, you have succeeded in doing that. I just hope you don't abuse the "hidden pieces".

MedievalTurtle 1
Chapter 12 10 months ago

Really good novel, fresh plot, not cliche, the story keeps improving every chapter that you find it really hard to stop reading. I recommend it to any1 that likes fighting/action novel, no romance yet, no tag either so if you like action novels give this a read

alohamigos 0
Chapter 12 10 months ago

I really am liking this book so far; the system the main character has is very good and different from the typical fantasy system. The side characters are well made and actually show emotions and personalities(I especially like Crane) the abilities the mc has are very cool and not extremely overpowered and I like how Leo gets to other worlds.

Zen_Lynx 2
Chapter 12 10 months ago

Actually so good. Grammatical error - I haven't seen any major errors so far. Pacing - The 'real world' is slow. The 'stories' inside this novel is fast though. It's fast that author only gave wholesome moments, important parts, and the last fight scene. I like it tho. I read a similar novel like this and they gave to much detail for a 'fiction' world. All i can say is it's boring as hell.

boopy 2
Chapter 12 10 months ago

Some might knock it because it's following the 'reader pov' trend but I can say it's done decently here. As another comment mentioned it's rather fast paced and MC doesn't seem to have any emotional attachments to the worlds he explores, purely speeding through them to reach the epilogue - but to an extent (and only so far) it makes sense since this novel centres around his reading addiction . OC missed out on this aspect I think, with the mc being emotionless in inconsistent ways. Regardless, I like the world-building and slow pace of the real 'story'. Real appreciative of the lack of cringe tropes I keep seeing elsewhere mostly :p

BlackFlame7 0
Chapter 12 10 months ago

I suggest everyone to start reading this, slow at start but definitely worth your time also the MC's system is a bit unique which honestly suprised me.

lnwUser32174 1
Chapter 12 10 months ago

The idea of this story is very unique and I love it. Also the process of which is author uses information is pretty good. Currently I am on chapter 5 and am looking foward to the progress of this book alot.