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Chapter 365: After The Battle, The Cruel Reality

"No one else made a move?"

After major festivals were held to celebrate humanity's victory over the savage monsters, the atmosphere quickly got awkwardly quiet as expeditions hunting down the monsters' remnants slowly spread through Murim.

Despite having been raided while they were outside 'saving the world', the reaction of the Ten Great Sect, Nine Grand Families wasn't as harsh as one would expect. While waiting for one of them to be the guinea pig, all of them remained silent.

Not only was the enemy behind this offense not unclear, but no organization on its own could move against them in their current state. War was usually a profitable business as the winner would completely devour the other side. However, the war with monsters was nothing but an endless resource-consuming pit...

Even now that monsters could now be potentially eradicated, the involved sects and families needed to truly wipe them out before they could cash on some benefits, but sending out people to ensure that only stretched out their powers more.

Although they were the ones that lost the most, the original behemoths of murim once again hoped that everyone would stay silent just like them, that or...

"Heavenly Strength, Heavenly Demon, the name doesn't matter! We should just use this opportunity to take down this thieving cult now that these monsters are gone!"

Another united strike to take down one more potential tumor wasn't unacceptable for most leaders. However, they couldn't be the ones that started it!


"No buts, find those who are likely to move and send more people to urge them."

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Most intelligence departments inferred that it was unlikely for the Society to be behind the heists, but it really didn't matter. They had an excuse to destroy a common enemy, and they could also use him as an example for the actual masterminds who are throwing the blame.

As a win-win situation, it was only a matter of when, but there was one particular leader who was impatient about it.

'I thought this was my blessing in disguise!'

The descent of monsters was a disaster for the entirety of the human race. For Namgung Jang, however, it was an opportunity to step up and achieve his life-long dream...

On the first day the monsters made a big scene, the biggest obstacle in his path, his father, valiantly died and left the Family Head's seat open for him! He had to give up taking revenge for his son, but what was a tool that had lost its breath worth?

The only reason Namgung Jang had supported his son so much was to appeal to his father about their faction's promising future, but there was no longer any need for that!

The fight for the empty seat was chaotic since several Elders had eyed it, but after framing the Grand Elder and making an example out of his death, Namgung Jang finally attained what he desired, he had become the Head of the Noble Sword House, the Namgung Martial Family!

'This wasn't how things were supposed to go!'

Yet, how could his sole goal in life turn out to be nothing more than an additional dose of suffering in disguise? Hadn't he suffered enough thanks to the great sister and father pair that he had?

Namgung Jang believed that the monster's invasion was just a tribulation that he had to weather, a piece of history that would solidify his position and cause praises of him to be recounted all day long, but why did it turn out to be the exact opposite?

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Starting with the destruction of several family branches, the damned Murim Alliance Head just had to make use of public sentiment to get his dirty hands on their treasury. The grand plans Namgung Jang had for the resources that were uselessly piled there were suddenly gone with the wind!

Reality was simply too cruel, the constrictions that he had hoped to get rid of by rising to be above everyone else were not that much different from the perspective of a head, only that it rose to a much bigger scale.

Rather than having to be wary of other elders or promising descendants, he now had to keep the other giant forces in check and he couldn't fight back if at least a few others didn't support him. It felt funny that he sometimes fantasized about going back to the small troubles that came with being an elder, but it was only a fleeting thought!

"What are you waiting for? Go!"

"Right away!"

'There is no way I would give up to the pressure!'

The casualties of the war followed by the heist had brought him down even harder, but giving up just wasn't in Namgung Jang's dictionary. He would realize his dream no matter what it took!

Although there was no way that he would let himself be the scapegoat and take the lead, he just had to instigate others good enough to do it. As long as they all made a move with everything they had, everyone would get their own share of the pie, and he would be right back on track.

Knock! Knock!

"What is it?"

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"Family Head! There-"

Even though he had just left, the logistics department member came running back into Namgung Jang's chamber.

"What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you what would happen if you delay this any further?!"

Just why was this world always against him? Even his subordinates were incompetent!


The subordinate wanted to speak again after Namgung Jang had finished scolding him, but he was quickly interrupted once again... This time from outside of the room.


An arc of blood flew through the half-opened door as it spread open, looking at the change that happened out of nowhere, Namgung Jang's eyes widened in surprise.

"What kind of intruder-"

The new Family Head drew out his sword as he stared at the familiar face going through the door in surprise, words freezing in his throat.

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"You let me go easily last time. How is it, missed me?"

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