Ye Mu’s words made Zhao Mingyu dumbfounded.

She nervously asked, “Is it that easy to stir up a fight between the royal court and family?”

Ye Mu said, “The matter is on humans. Everything has to be done first to know, and I really believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?”

Zhao Mingyu wryly smiled. Right now, what was there to hesitate about?

Then, Ye Mu quietly said beside Zhao Mingyu’s ear:

“The power of the big aristocrat families is very frightening. They can ally and overthrow a whole country, but right now they’re not willing to do so because they think the alliance of the five countries will succeed. So, even if your father imprisoned the aristocrat families, they will momentarily suppress their anger, will only rescue in secret, and will not oppose your father.

“But if they see that the alliance of the five countries can’t beat Mo Country, they will resent your father’s decision! By then, if you want to stir up internal conflict, it’ll be very easy.”

Zhao Mingyu wryly smiled.

“Then what should we do to make them understand that the five countries’ alliance is not enough to beat Mo Country? After all, the situation right now is disadvantageous to Mo Country.”

Ye Mu said, “You don’t have to worry! I’ve talked with Yue Country, let Yue’s and Mo’s remaining forces counter Wei Country! As long as Wei Country’s main forces lose, it should scare these people of Zhao Country!”

Zhao Mingyu froze. Does Mo Country have any energy left to attack Mo Country?

Ye Mu smiled. “We definitely can’t just rely on Mo Country, so long as Yue Country can handle the matter according to my plan, then Wei Country will for sure lose! And once Wei Country loses, it will make some people anxious, then we can start moving!”

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Zhao Mingyu asked, “Then when will the defeat of Wei Country reach Zhao Country?

Ye Mu revealed a faint smile. “I’ve already made arrangements there. What you have to do next is, with those officials you saved, reconnect with them! Make them support you.”

Zhao Mingyu recalled those who went out together with her from Taihe Prison, and faintly smiled.

“Alright, let me handle this!”

Things went smoothly on this side. When Zhao’s monarch found out Taihe Prison was raided, he couldn’t do anything because they couldn’t find where those prisoners were. On top of that, the most important thing right now was the war. So after Zhao’s monarch heard the prisoners couldn’t be found, he only frowned and didn’t utter a word.

He even suspected the aristocratic families had cooperated to break into prison, but right now wasn’t the time to deal with them.

On the other side, Wei Country borrowed Yue’s route. 150,000 army set out from Wei Country, passed through Yue country, and soon would reach the borders of Yue Country!

Yue Country and Mo Country were waiting for this opportunity, but Wei’s people were unaware. They even thought they would win for sure. Even Wei’s general said with a smile:

“Yue Country really is foolish! Such a good opportunity to swallow up Mo Country, he actually doesn’t participate! Does he think he’s safe like this? Little does he imagine we’ll attack Mo Country first before going for Yue Country!”

Hearing the general’s words, the commanders all laughed aloud!

At this moment, they could see the frontier already, and the frontier was between Mo Country and Yue Country. So long as they passed the border, they could attack Mo Country.

But what was unexpected was, at this moment, a batch of troops suddenly poured out. It was as if they had long lain low here, attacking Wei’s people in surprise.

Wei’s people suddenly panicked. When they looked back, they realized those Mo’s people were only a little, roughly only 10,000.

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These people should be Mo’s frontier army.

Wei’s general coldly smiled. “Only these little people to stop us? Men, kill them all, kill every last one of them!”

When the others saw that Mo’s people were small in number, their spirits immediately rose, pouncing one after another. And at this moment, when those Mo’s people saw that they couldn’t fight back, they began to withdraw.

But how could Wei’s people let this pass? As if pursuing their prey, they unrelentingly followed behind them in hot pursuit. Soon, they were led into the mountains.

One of Wei’s commanders said, “General, they’re avoiding like this, could there be a trap?”

Wei’s general coldly humphed. “What’s to be afraid of? The majority of Mo’s military strength is now with Mo Linyuan to fight the allied Zhao Country and Yan Country. How much more military strength do they have? Even if there’s an ambush there’s nothing to be scared!”

When everyone heard that, they also reached the same conclusion, so they followed Mo’s people closely behind.

But those Mo’s people were indeed too cunning. They kept hiding in the mountain as they didn’t dare to clash with Wei’s front army. In the end, Wei’s general became impatient and said, “We’ve chased them for a long time and still haven’t caught them. Forget it, we have better things to do!”

But just as Wei’s army was about to leave, they were suddenly met with an ambush!

Numerous rocks and logs* rolled down from above the mountain slope, barring their way. The 150,000 army was trapped in the ditch. The path ahead had been blocked.

*a large log that’s pushed from a height to hit the enemy in acient times

When they saw there really was an ambush, Wei’s people quickly began to retreat.

But they didn’t expect after a few hours of walking back, they actually encountered large numbers of Yue’s army!

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This time Wei’s country was excessively furious. The leading general yelled, “Who’s your commander? Call them out! Yue Country actually goes back on their words! Is it that you want to fall just like Mo Country?”

From among Yue’s army, a person slowly walked out.

He was Zhao’s emperor’s elder brother, the second prince. It had always been the second prince who garrisoned the frontier, so this time it was also him leading the group.

He smiled. “You said Yue Country goes back on our words, then I’d like to ask you, after Wei Country attacks Mo Country, will you really not turn back and lay a converging attack on us? So we deployed in advance, paying you back in your own coin. What’s wrong about that?”

The second prince’s words made Wei’s people at a loss for words.

And the other party didn’t give them any time to respond. The next second, Mo’s ambush troops and Yue’s moved together! Both sides attacked together, attacking Wei Country!

A fight suddenly began, but the most important thing in marching in a battle was the momentum! Once Wei’s people saw that they were surrounded by both countries in the mountain, and they were also clearly a lot more in number than them, they all became panicked!

So, soon, they were slowly pushed back. In the end, the troops fell apart.

But Yue’s and Mo’s people were aggressive. After they defeated all Wei’s people, they seized the remaining survivors as captives!

A great war went on until late at night, until it completely finished. This time, they attacked Wei Country by surprise. From here onward, if Wei Country wanted to escape it would be hard.

The person who led Mo’s troops over here was Ye Xiaolang.

After he had everyone count the captives, it was already dawn of the second day.

Seeing Yue’s second prince, once it was over, he walked over to talk with him.

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