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The Encounter (2)

It may seem like she was telling him, but it was more like she was reminding herself that. How she cannot fall into this or else she wouldn’t be able to climb back out!

Hearing Ye Mu say she wanted to leave, Mo Linyuan showed signs of extreme displeasure but within seconds he hid it with a smile. He simply continued to lie on his side while he said in a seductive voice,

“What can’t I do? He asked softly, “I can’t kiss you… or I can’t use terms of endearments with you? But it is quite unfortunate that I have already seen your body and have kissed your lips many times before. Wouldn’t it be too late to say that we cannot do that now?”

Ye Mu was dumbstruck and simply glared at him.

That’s true, she had never refused his advances before. Which meant she had accepted his presence in her heart. She had been enjoying the tenderness and love he gave her. She had already fallen…

Ah! No, she won’t accept this fact!

As Ye Mu was running away fearfully, the group from the Zhao Country had already settled themselves into the imperial palace.

The palace was mostly empty with not a lot of people around. After settling down, the Zhao minister said with a headache,

“The Mo Country’s emperor truly doesn’t want any money. He simply wants one woman… or could it be he thinks we have ulterior motives…?”

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At that moment, only the Zhao Princess was in the room with him. She was Zhao Minyu, a princess known for her intelligence and talents in martial arts. Yet, Zhao Mingyu had a perplexed expression then.

“I feel, he probably simply only wants to marry one woman…” Zhao Minyu frowned in displeasure, “I don’t think he is lying…”

“How can there be such a person!” The Zhao minister exclaimed furiously. He then sat at the table and poured himself a glass of water to drink.

“If he continues to refuse to marry you, what are we going to do?”

Zhao Minyu remembered her current situation and gradually turned pale. She contemplated Mo Linyuan’s god-like appearance, his gentleness, and his deeply ingrained nobility… Finally, she gritted through her teeth,

“In that case, let’s refuse his proposition of exchanging the City Boundary Map! Just give me a few days! I don’t believe that there truly isn’t a man in this world in which his heart cannot be swayed!”

The minister replied, “Yes, let us refuse him. But Princess must act quickly! There isn’t much time left for us…”

Zhao Minyu nodded. She got up and walked out the door.

“I don’t think the guards are very stringent around here. I will check the perimeters to see if I can find anything.”

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The minister nodded, “Please be careful Princess.”

While Zhao Minyu headed out, Ye Mu on the other hand was also just arriving at the place where the Zhao minister dwelled.

Because the City Boundary map was very important, Mo Linyuan didn’t let them stay in the hospitality section. But rather, he let them directly stay within the palace to “show sincerity.”

She kept wandering outside, not knowing what exactly made her head in this direction.

Could it be her desire to steal the map? But they wouldn’t have any of the dowry treasures with them…

Just as Ye Mu was about to turn around, she suddenly encountered someone ahead who demanded, “Who’s there?!”

Ye Mu raised her head and saw that it was the Zhao princess dressed in men’s clothing!

Zhao Mingyu was always someone who remained alert. However, this child held such a soft expression…

Ye Mu looked deceptively innocent and cute then. Even if she was already fourteen years-old, she looked more like she was twelve years-old at most. That was also the reason why Mo Linyuan was patient waiting for her to grow up…

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